went to the wall in Zheng Xiujing more frightened eyes

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 16:24
431 bastard It all occurred so suddenly that the coexistence of the past Zheng Xiujing think Jiang Junhao is a moist gentleman cat, there was a period of time, Zhengxiu Jing Jiang Junhao this person in private with cat liked to describe, not only because it pairs of eyes, and also because it can not even walk will be revealing to the proud. Whether walking in a flat on the road, or go on the the perilous wall along children, he will remain elegant gait, even if the status quo that mistake will fall down, there is still maintained dismissive easily. This is a proud man, he's a gentleman in the past to get along Zhengxiu Jing convinced. Company rumors she believed that because she was as a facing fantasy the Jiangjun Hao anthomaniac gang woman out, the legend. Only moist gentleman cat from Zheng Xiujing extended his claws, his pride, he is also worthwhile and own a little girl so contests. Instead, Jiang Junhao front, Zheng Xiujing never think that she can whims, and even wanton and is. So presumptuous when she chose because it is facing Jiang Junhao, so she will not hesitate to shot, because even anger in front of people who can give her a sense of security. But now, Zheng Xiujing slightly open mouth open, she saw Jiang Junhao shut the door of the action gratuitous burst palpitations, the corridor lights shot from the side of the Jiang Junhao quickly disappear, just like the cat in the blink of an eye. Incarnation as the darkness 's shadow, which also grabbed her by the collar. Do not know Jiang Junhao want to do Zhengxiu Jing has just freed from doubt felt a pang of fear. Even in the dark, she still could feel the eyes of Jiang Junhao reveals a biting chill in the eyes. Speechless, even if she wanted to apologize, Zheng Xiujing never thought that she would be a look into just such a situation, heart beating fast, flowing over the body's blood was not brought her any feeling of warmth, back cold, she wants unconscious trembling. Felt a thrust, Zheng Xiujing so Jiang Junhao push in the wall. Cold eyes are still stuck in her body, accustomed to the dark eyes so she can begin to see the outline of the front of the shadow, but still not see Jiang Junhao expression. Instinctive reaction made her want to shouting out loud, but still eyes that scared yell sudden encounter the other day Jinyong Xu came to her when she remembered vaguely remind what. Joon-ho state is very bad, these days, do not look for him. "The past Zhengxiu Jing Jiang Junhao thought too weak, she thinks the cat because Tiger did not get the love and self - pity. For the media that Notting Hill reviews her disdain, because she did not believe the kind of disgusting things. Now, she finally know exactly what Jinyong Xu mouth bad means. Time can be patient, the second not. Jiang Junhao This is the bottom line, or say that this is the bottom line now Jiang Junhao, junquillo good capacity he greatly admired, but very boycott, because this ability is the person against whom he Jiang Junhao, perhaps because this case too real, and perhaps Since that time and time again simulated rehearsal him too seriously, Pierce so in his mind. Jiang Junhao are familiar with the script every night, because during the day he need to go to deal with all sorts of things, not a problem to recite lines, he is now the biggest problem is brought under control body. He found Tsutomu Yamazaki, looking to the method is being tested, Zheng Xiujing suddenly came. Body that Pierce seems aware of the danger, so Jiang Junhao usher in the biggest acting outbreak, the body of the little girl in the front. Grasped the hand of the other collar continues clenched, he could feel the fear of Zheng Xiujing, because the other body trembling, and breathing intermittently with a natural fear issued whimper. Her eyes filled with timid, probably because he was too hard. However, at this time Jiang Junhao seemed unaware general, his head began to near, with a pair of Zheng Xiujing felt with terror eyes., Breaking the limits, the Zheng Xiujing only stammer with said insufficiency say, but Jiang Junhao but enough. Feel that the eyes of the left, because Jiang Junhao closed his eyes tightly, he still did not let go of their own hands, totally disregarding grab a place for the ladies very rude. Like a madman with one hand propped on his head, but fortunately, Jiang Junhao enough restraint, he is not in front of himself in Zhengxiu Jing, or performance. Continuous several deep breaths, Jiang Junhao in suppressed constantly filled with that idea, Pierce is completely antisocial personality lies in the body of this personality is really too dangerous, but also happens to be the most dissatisfied with Jiang Junhao reality moment. Jiang Junhao loosen the hand Zhengxiu Jing was still covered with stiff, her instinctive watching every move of Jiang Junhao not rush to go crazy kicking 15-year-old girl, even courageous, but also to make her doing. Want comfort waved like Women's Canada Goose Montebello Cheap, but just lifted his arm Zheng Xiujing sensitive whole body twitched her tightly against the wall, to see Jiang Junhao eyes is like looking at a monster. Jiang Junhao did not speak, he turned toward the sofa, this action to let the girl feel safe, so Zheng Xiujing dare to grow the tone, because too nervous cough twice, but still did not dare to close their own eyes. Followed by the shadow of Jiang Junhao Zheng Xiujing only look to the room. All rooms are dark, only a table lamp lying on the sofa next to the coffee table. Dim light Jiang Junhao mapping against Zheng Xiujing half shot from the side darker, like a friend shine a flashlight under his chin joke to scare you, but this time they were playing for real. She felt for the first time, the shadow is very dangerous. Dim lamp, a carton of cigarettes, Jiang Junhao it open, did not unpack the newly bought. Sitting on the sofa, Jiang Junhao leaned his elbow supporting the body, he had been adapted dim environment, even the thoughts in the mind is confused and emotional fluctuations, but it does not affect his hands. Slowly open the cigarette case, Jiang Junhao and no instinct to look for lighter tube does not know the method of Tsutomu Yamazaki Mens North Face Panther Print Ski, Zheng Xiujing to too is not the time. Drawn a white cigarette, Jiang Junhao light it does not, he will be the cigarette holder in front of their own, little by little stripped the skin that cigarette holder with the right thumb and index finger nails. Very carefully, very carefully, he put all of our energy, ignored also wall relying, that fears that figure. Skin all been stripped, leaving only the inside of the batt, Jiang Junhao seriously stripping for a long time, while Zheng Xiujing also looked for a long time. Both of them did not feel the passage of time, they just do their own thing in accordance with their own ideas, good non-interference, but because the other will be so. Jiang Junhao forehead sweat already seeping dense concentration of effort to make his eyes sour up, but did not dare close your eyes, action husk each under quite careful, as if every step can not be wrong. 'Junquillo good you old bastard. ', One breath, Jiang Junhao finally in the heart cursed out loud, sudden influx of tired let him free to throw smoke in the ground, and then with his hands and his head. Never imagined that some people can control themselves, indeed, junquillo good does not control him, he was just another figure placement Jiang Junhao's heart. Case files is just part of, junquillo good and even took him to the location where the crime, stood before the door that is sealed to the walls, telling him there lived a needlessly. Director are crazy, then Jiang Junhao only felt Jintai are amiable, lovely than the guy who would go to church every weekend junquillo good, he really is too good. Stood too far, The Jiangjun Hao aware that shivering figure, he stood up, went to the wall in Zheng Xiujing more frightened eyes, and then all of a sudden turned on all the lights in the room. The sudden light people instinctively squint eyes, and perhaps frightened, Zheng Xiujing life she never encountered such a thing, the vigilant eyes still stay in Jiang Junhao body, he found that the other party actually holding a cup then a glass of water. Cat bird moist and gentleman turned out to be in the dark is another look, the aggressive and offensive, indifferent eyes reveals full of danger, there is a completely irrational. Deliberately against the hot and cold water, Jiang Junhao one hand and a cup in one hand and shrugged on the front of a schematic front Zheng Xiujing, "I let you drink the water, will not hit you, it's okay." Said finished, he slowly, step by step went to Zheng Xiujing around, as far as possible with a good-natured expression, even at this time he was very much want this girl yelled, this time, you come to me doing here? Hand slowly took the cup, Zheng Xiujing see Jiang Junhao eyes still with full vigilance, warm start to make her feel, in front of the Jiang Junhao is no longer that always makes her feel warm guy, but, and this cup of water, cold and hot against to. . . ........................ Pink curtains moonlight are separated out of the window, only a small room with twin beds, belongs only to the fresh taste of the girls in the room filled with quiet space only the long breathing sound, at this time, this should be no one to disturb. 'Buzzing' shock sound broke the quiet in the room, Zheng Xiu Yan frowned ten thousandth regret sleep when not related to the phone, her eyes closed, hands out that the culprit touch confused half with open eyes and looked to the screen. Jiang Junhao you one.. "Angry and closed his eyes, deep breath, disturbed sleep in such a time really is Jiang Junhao sin. Temporarily forget the recent dispute, her phone to your ear, should be the one gently, "I know what time it is." Bastard "Zheng Xiu Yan wide eyes, she could not believe that Jiang Junhao tell her things , and hurried to stand up out of bed, turned on the lights in the room, the wall clock, and now the early hours. "Who are you?", Kim Tae Yeon asked roommate. "Bastard" Zheng Xiu Yan again to determine the one, she hurriedly put on a sportswear, pants and even fell to the ground too anxious, "I go out and bring the key." Then , Zheng Xiu Yan directly hurried out of the room and ran out of the house. ........................ Dare not continue to stay in the house, and Jiang Junhao accompanied Zheng Xiujing came to the area in the garden, the house is TVXQ five quarters, Zheng Xiu Yan will always go there see if problem occurs. Looked at the watch, and at this time has been more than two o'clock, a 15-year-old girl is not in the dormitory actually not what happened, really do not know Jiang Junhao too lucky, or the management of the company is too loose . Around girls half his head down, she was suspicious and Jiang Junhao maintain distance, Jiang Junhao several drinking water accosted Zhengxiu Jing did not answer completely is a frightened, the results temporarily aphasia appearance. "If you do not want your sister Dear John and I henceforth opening for me to talk." Looked away figure that urgent, Jiang Junhao said Zheng Xiujing so so. See the shadow of the men, Zheng Xiu Yan's eyes filled with anger, her face pale gas right hand into a fist already. Ran a few steps, then switch to walking, Zheng Xiu Yan feel their savings to the point of physical strength. Jiang Junhao the the expression usual, he stood waiting to greet anger Zheng Xiu Yan, Zheng Xiujing sensitive back a small, watch the look haunt sister. To Jiang Junhao body, Zheng Xiu Yan, apart from anything else the leg on the front lower leg of Jiang Junhao kicked that exactly the same action and just standing in the corridor Zhengxiu Jing, Jiang Junhao but also just instinctively dodge. The hearts also cranky really is and sisters, a delicate fist with the wind directly hit the bridge of his nose. Jiang Junhao, Dear John, "the TV drama man leaned over, Zheng Xiu Yan said fiercely. She has been the belief Jiang Junhao, but how dare each other? Direct pull still standing side silly Leng Leng Zhengxiu Jing, Zheng Xiu Yan turned away, it looks like exactly the same and have not sounded in the corridor Jiang Junhao door Zhengxiu Jing, Zheng Xiu Yan became a mother bird protecting cubs leopard. "Hey, you listen to me say a word.", His hands clutching his nose, Jiang Junhao can even feel a hint of the smell of blood, pain, let him say a word strenuous nature can not be a good explanation, "she come to me "hear the voice of Jiang Junhao, Zheng Xiu Yan holding Zheng Xiujing hand unconsciously tightened, turned around, she said a single word," she was only fifteen years old, and this time, I can sue you lift the body to the Jiang Junhao still clutching his nose with both hands, he was surprised Zheng Xiu Yan manifested sturdy side, completely vicious, is not the violence of the past, because the eyes tell him, Zheng Xiu Yan can always come to him desperately. Looked at again turned and took a left back Zheng Xiujing, scared Jiang Junhao put down his hands, revealing a red nose, sore feeling has not completely subsided, whisper the sentence, "they have to be crazy" ............ ............ "Hello." safe passage, Zheng Xiu Yan looked seriously front of Zheng Xiujing, her eyes red, so she casually wipe the two, "that person, and you have to do what?" then to the phone, to hear Jiang Junhao there is still this time Zhengxiu Jing, Zheng Xiu Yan's reaction is not her own. She saw, standing in the garden, Jiang Junhao Zheng Xiujing deliberately kept his distance, Jiang Junhao expression of some guilt UGG Sora Boots, and Zheng Xiujing half head down, silent. Jinyong Xu also to remind her, said that because the state is not very good movies and other problems Jiang Junhao best possible do not contact. In fact, she would have felt Jiang Junhao past this time will be to apologize, because that phone call. "Nothing.", Zheng Xiujing finally spoke, she said, with a choked tone, everything my sister did, she began can not control their emotions. She did Jiang Junhao scared, and past the contrast is too great, each other's every move so she do not understand. Do not know what is the method into the role, do not know what role detachment Zhengxiu Jing is instinctive feel Jiang Junhao reaction too scary. "What?" Replaced by a more gentle tone, Zheng Xiu Yan even squat body, kept on the visual and sister, "I am your sister, you can tell me.", Looking still milli reaction Zhengxiu Jing, Zheng Xiu Yan try to restrain the heart of the anxious, "ah? told my sister, I will not tell anyone." Joon-ho brother, and that before is not the same, and he becomes very scary, and I look for him to you, I know these days are very happy. "never irrepressible emotions in mind, Zheng Xiujing so cry out, she really was scared, but not go so far as silly blankly not see What is the out sister asked. "Then I saw him sit there and do not know what to do, and finally he turned on the lights, and then handed me a glass of water." Listen sister this all his right, Zheng Xiu Yan know that there is a misunderstanding. But that punch she still played peace of mind, because the other almost hurt Zheng Xiujing. "It's okay, tonight and sister sleep, we two together.", Zheng Xiu Yan to help before sister wiped her eyes, stood up and took each other's hand went to the dormitory, along with her. Debut day days, live in the dormitory life is somewhat inconvenient, but also more interesting, open the door, Zheng Xiu Yan did not forget to turn around and put a silencing gesture in front sister, she returned to the room Kim Tae Yeon roommate does not sleep. No one can explain the reason to believe a few, is now the most important thing is rest. "Lights, you can shut it?" Sister proposal, Zheng Xiujing first shook his head and turned to yet nodded. Taeyeon, today we turn on the lights to sleep. ", In front of all reveals a strange, Kim Tae Yeon only stiff nodded, and then looked at the climb into bed, holding her sister's Zheng Xiu Yan," I'm sorry, it is today, Tomorrow I leave to go home, and show crystal together. "Oh, Kim Tae Yeon stiff nodded, but did hear a of Zheng Xiu Yeon Lame reminder," Do not tell Jiang Junhao predecessors, these things do not bother him. " "Oh, Kim Tae Yeon she can only promise. [Www.bxwx.net]
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