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September 06 [Tue], 2011, 17:11
1884's "Breitling" Watch, is the world's only able to provide the production of all models

certified chronometer watch brand Breitling can continue efforts to develop technology,

manufacture Swiss Replica Watches of

high precision movement, because of its precision timing performance, the Breitling and the

flight took a close relationship.
Was "fine Swiss timepieces official testing center" Chronometer certification is no doubt

every mechanical watch manufacturer's dream. Because in order to obtain this certification,

required by the watch must meet ISO3159 standards of rigorous testing - for 15 consecutive

days and nights at three different temperatures, the five locations under different

circumstances, Swiss Watches Replica

running watch recorded data. People have all necessary data out of seven independent

conditions, including mechanical watches daily error rate to less than -4-- +6 seconds. Pass

this test, it shows the accuracy of the watch has reached 99.99%, the highest standards of

mechanical watches.
In 1941, Breitling completed a "sliding scale rotating disk" design and trial, and was made

on 30 September that year the Swiss Patent No. 217,012. This invention of the watch brings a

revolutionary breakthrough. Pilots use this watch can not only carry out simple

multiplication and division, metric conversion, etc., and can calculate the closed off and

landing aircraft, speed and time.
In 1952 Breitling introduced the famous "NAVITIMER" table. In addition to timing, we can

also assist pilots Flight preparation, check the flight plan, estimated speed, and calculate

the fuel consumption. "NAVITIMER" After years of refinement, Breitling has become a big

family table, the performance continued to keep up with the development of the aviation

industry, to Breitling Watches the early 1960s, has to meet the target at supersonic

conditions the rate of compliance. May 24, 1962, the table as the U.S. Secretary of Kotka

Negroponte astronauts conducted a second orbit around the earth. , But also equipped with a

"navigation computer" function, measurement of circular sliding scale to control all air

flights, including both the climb time, fuel consumption, and even the sea can be converted

into miles or kilometers. NAVTIME Breitling watch is equipped with excellent functionality

and unique features and the unique technical, needed to provide accurate flight information,

today has been "Aviation and Pilots Association" used. The results, more Breitling watches

lay a solid position can not be shaken, and added a lot of legend.
In aviation history, the 1940s was in many points with a mysterious fighter contending era

of competition. Among them, many second-generation fighter aircraft are equipped with

Breitling replica Breitling Watches manufacturing timer. Breitling and aviation

industry to clear the close relationship, Breitling created the "Breitling fighters team", a

collection of the most famous World War II, six fighters, reproduce wartime "grand", let the

world to list the six stand the legendary fighter's true superhero.
In addition to pilots, the Breitling watch of course, by watch lovers around the world,

love, and Breitling have continued to emerge, a more precise timing capabilities to meet a

higher and more stringent requirements. Such as the 1999 debut of CROSSWIND SPECIAL watches,

Breitling Super watch is the special edition features is the date the table in the 18K mark

just below the wings, is obvious. 3,6,9 position overall on the surface seems very little

co-ordination, showing simple and high-quality taste. SHADOW FLYBACK Series watch is elegant

taste of the masterpiece, black surface with gold pointers and time scale, to show tolerance

noble and Breitling Watches replica mysterious. This watch is simple, just press a

button, can simultaneously zero and re-timing of the action, which is FLYBACK origin of the

name. In addition, there is the famous B-2, CHRONOMAT and COLT OCEANE series, each series is

Breitling years of sophisticated technology and craftsmanship of the crystal. The future,

Breitling will uphold the spirit of excellence, the pursuit of higher accuracy, reliability,

strength and functionality to create "not just watch the watch" for the mission, to create

land, sea and air all-round super watch .
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