North Korea to refrain from further

March 22 [Fri], 2013, 15:23
Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a nike air max 2013 mens sale
statement on the nike air max 2013 mens sale 6th, accused the foreign ministerial level meeting of the Arab League held destruction of the Arab League Charter and the principle of Syria on behalf of the seats awarded the organization of the massacre of innocent people. The statement condemned the stance taken by the Arab League since the crisis interference in the Syrian crisis, favoring some countries to pave the way for external interference, disrupting the process of political settlement, firmly rejected all its partiality decision made in Syria. The Syria "revival 7th editorial oil Mu brother alliance" complete disregard for the bloodshed and political reconciliation in Syria, to make a decision is tantamount to declaring war to Syria. The editorial accused, Egyptian Foreign Minister's speech at this meeting like Doha Union had been given to the opposition flowers rather than weapons, "the early Arab League incitement to the Syrian crisis and fund the armed opposition and to suspend Syria way of membership in the League of Arab States to give the green light for the West to intervene, and now with a new way to please the West to suppress the Syrian regime and the people ".

A welcoming attitude to the opposition for the Arab League's decision, said the opposition people Shifawozi to Libya, Qatar and other countries armed Syrian opposition process has long been the secret to open, the Arab League's stance symbolism is huge, it is in opposition to send long-term requirements of the armed cheap nike air max 2013
assistance to the background, finally have support from the Arab League official institutions.UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2094 on the third nuclear test in North Korea problem. The Korean diplomats resolution for the first time to engage in illegal activities, banking entities, as well as illegal cash transfer included in the range of sanctions, and further increase the travel restrictions. This is the United Nations sofar the fourth round of sanctions against North Korea, the most severe sanction.

The newly adopted resolution requires North Korea to refrain from further nuclear tests, to give up its nuclear weapons program and return to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons ". The resolution also promised to take a peaceful, diplomatic and political means to resolve the current situation, and reiterated its support for and called for restarting the six-party talks.The resolution calls on countries to take measures to prohibit the Korean banks to set up new branches, subsidiaries or representative offices in various countries; provision of financial services, in order to prevent cheap nike air max 2012
and prohibit the Korean banks with new cooperative banks within their jurisdiction, access to the equity of these banks or with the establishment or maintenance of an agency relationship; prohibit financial institutions in North Korea to open representative offices or subsidiaries or bank account.
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