Next thing to do is open up Ninghai

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Section 506 of the Education Mission Township chapters from seagrass for a long period of the mountain, the road has been good repair through now, and everyone drove this long mountain. Book mí group 4 ∴ G 0 (vi) five political fǔ around two SUVs, the middle is two bus, media reporters who sat one, the leaders also pushed a top. Driving is a province where people, even skilled, very careful still open, the speed is not fast, so slowly toward the Mission Township go through. "This road seems to be newly built?" Zhengcheng Zhong look to Ye Zetao asked. "Zheng Shuji, our county through a variety of operational, now basically achieve the goal of the village path, this road is not a long time to repair it." Zhengcheng Zhong respect nodded and said: "very good, the rural population in order to embark on the road to prosperity, you have to have a road leading to the outside, the road leads, see the more, thought to live, but also to be able to let them develop. "Yang Sheng Hydrographic:" Zheng Shuji right, Next thing to do is open up Ninghai Provincial rich way of things, this is a major event. "car moving in the mountains inside, Zhengcheng Zhong sighed:" Many villagers may never have been out of the mountains! "Fang Shun Zhang and he said: "Zheng Shuji is right, I have a lot to this mountain village, some of them have not even seen the car." Ye Zetao said: "Before the opening, it really is so." Zhengcheng Zhong look to us and said: "We shoulders heavy task ah, if you can not make people's lives improve, we sorry people! This requires that we be able to have a large number of grassroots level, solid work comrades! "Here, Zheng Chenggong a finger in front of a fork to ask said: "This road leads to what?" Ye Zetao said: "This is a pine Lam, who is also a poor village, had previously been closed inside the mountain, this time we finally repair the road through the." "go and see bar. "Zhengcheng Zhong then one say it, everyone's idea of ​​the moment has changed a lot. Mission Township decided not to go do? How to change halfway through the trip? Under normal circumstances, the leadership set the destination, you can give the following people to do some preparation, originally given to the regiment Township is now time to go, that group should already various Shan prepared, carefully point Canada Goose Montebello Parka CG55 people even got to meet people who will be leaders met half way, we say what kind of words that are ready for. Not nice to say the words that cajole leaders pleased to coax the media about it. Now Zhengcheng Zhong temporarily changed his mind, which is seagrass County is a big county, the place is not ready for this, seagrass county people can cope over it? See provincial leaders looking over the eyes, Ye Zetao a slight chuckle: "We go to see the changes Pine Village bar!" Rich people from the county General Sun suddenly come up with a package stack of photos and said: "Ladies and gentlemen leadership, I've got some photos, photo pine Village two years ago. "crowd stunned look to the sun and rich people, some people think, it already prepared? Zhengcheng Zhong rich people look to the Sun said: "There really is ready!" Sun rich people laughed: "I know the leaders to go this route, so the villages along the way the photos I had prepared, and you need to behold a photos of the village, I have here. "This is the original! For this you rich people, the more sun glances, this is a very people who will work! Zhengcheng Zhong said: "fully prepared Well, we are used to see." Sun rich people put those photos taken out, all other classes of mén good finishing. See a picture of this photo, Zhengcheng Zhong's face became serious again, for Ye Zetao said: "It did not think that our countries have established so many years, there is such a poor place!" Provincial leaders their faces sè also become somewhat ugly, though not much relationship with them, after all, Ninghai thing. Sun Min Fu smiled and said: "all the leaders, it is a photo of two years ago, I have here a photo just taken over, is the situation now." Like magic in general, in addition to a bag and took out from There is also a village to come up with a photo. Sun we see rich people doing this camp, they all laughed. Yang Sheng Hai look to Ye Zetao smiles: "Your work is made very thin!" Ye Zetao laughed: "Comrades of the work on poverty has been very concerned about." Just two years ago, took the photos, we see have time to record the photo, we see those photos mood is very heavy, but now out of the picture, everyone's eyes is a bright, all content is so fresh. Contrast ah! We pass each other with photos. Sun Min Fu pointed to a same place and said: "Here you see all the leaders of the situation two years ago, when, where lived a poor family, and now here is completely pulled down and rebuild the blocks of neat houses, That poor families also live there. "Zhengcheng Zhong seriously looked at those pictures, his face is not much change the situation changed. In fact, when the Zhengcheng Zhong heart is shaking, and he did not think Ye Zetao work done so out sè. The Zhengcheng Zhong intentionally trying to engage in a large number of difficult, is to do for some people watching, he wanted to come, Ye Zetao development along that not a good thing too, if we can add some difficulty to Ye Zetao, or slightly press down on the Ye Zetao development but effective. However, from the current situation, their own ideas somewhat redundant, this Ye Zetao is really incredible, a year or two so that the whole of seagrass counties had undergone enormous change it. "Then go and see!" Zhengcheng Zhong reading the photo, and said so a. Zhengcheng Zhong did not see too many changes in the expression, although everyone was shocked at the seagrass heart changes, but did not say much. The car quickly drove into the mountains located in the small village. "Hill Aberdeen, your village it?" To see a child in the street, Ye Zetao loudly asked. "Yes teacher leaves ah, great people all went to the village meeting room to go." This child saw Ye Zetao becomes very pleasantly surprised. This is the photo that dilapidated village? Everyone felt surprised. Brick red tiles, willow along the river. This is entirely a good location for leisure. "Walk it off!" Zhengcheng Zhong saw the situation here, and I feel exceptionally good. Have leaders and reporters were under the car. Completely fresh air, walking in this way, a great feeling of one kind of outing, one breath are smooth. Walking in this asphalt paved road, watching those neat houses, look to that growing good crops, media reporters were excited, and there are a lot of people have picked up a camera in the shooting of these beautiful people sigh pastoral heart scenery. In Ye Zetao leadership, we soon entered into a conference room looks great. Already received the news of the mayor and the secretary are welcome out. "Ye Shuji, we are being required to join the party activists for comment." That is right everyone puzzled look to Ye Zetao really very fresh, never heard of such a formal party but also engage in mass appraisal thing . Ye Zetao did not do explain, laughing: "You do yours, we sit look good." Mayor and secretary have no objections, just looked to see these people. Zhengcheng Zhong smiled and said: "Some fresh, we'll do a good observers." Inside, the villagers are to Ye Zetao hellos, shouting what are, see, Ye Zetao and everyone knows everyone else. "Folks, this is passing through here, the thought of a bowl of water to drink to discuss here, I did not expect you run into in a meeting, we sit on the line, do not bother you, right?" Ye Zetao laughing. "Ye teacher, here you are familiar with, like a drink to go find your own, huh." "Ye Shuji, what you say, no you do not have in our village today, in spite of what you need to say." ......... Everyone scrambling and Ye Zetao speak. "You continue it, we have to listen." Ye Zetao busy, said. Hear Ye Zetao so to say, we sat down. Conference room seemed suddenly quieted down inside. A villager said: "Just say the forest old skin application to join the party thing, I do not agree that he was doing the last time the village alive, incidentally repair a bit of his house!" "I think I can, I'm old skin since the application to join the party Since his performance big guy is seen, where there is one thing he did not take the initiative to help. "" I do not agree, he is now the performance is only temporary, I think it should also be investigated. "" right, party on get to work wholeheartedly for the masses, can not have sī heart! "" I think I'm old skin or let yourself talk about the idea of ​​joining the party. "We hear people constantly on the lam old leather party thing to argue when the leadership at all levels were all surprised. Ye Zetao small Canada Goose Constable channel: "The masses Caohai county council is an original, does not have any thing to join the party interference, but if you do not trust the people who party will increase the intensity of inspection nor satisfied with its party. "Zhengcheng Zhong nodded his head and said:" This is an innovative, even people who are not satisfied, of course, is not able to join the party. "Then a burly man stood up, looked at We said: "Originally, I thought I'm done a good old skin, and now the council listened to the big guys just found out that my party members from a standard still very far, I believe I will work hard and I'm old skin did not join the party other ideas, is to see the village Party members are good people, so I joined the party, a Men's North Face Scythe Sale man who will do a good job! "very simple, very straightforward saying come get these leaders who are in deep thought. I'm old skin and said: "At first I'm an old skin are too poor no food, no clothes to wear, is a branch helped me with the branch, our village had a big change, no food , branch in me, there is no room to live, branch in care, and now I'm an old skin had anything to eat, have clothes to wear, more have not thought lived in a big house, this is party helped me realize that I'm old skin has never been what people believe, but I now believe that branch from the bottom of my heart, do not believe our members, they are really work for us, no matter what kind of all of my views I'm gifted believe this old skin **, I believe our government fǔ, which I was sure to enter the party, and now not up to standard does not matter, I am confident will be able to become a branch of a. "Lin old skin Everyone's words were moving, and for a long time did not hear the words of party members say this sincerely, and we could see that I'm saying this old skin, that there are tears in his eyes, he is from the heart, hope to join the party organization . Very plain words, the idea is very simple, there is absolutely no utilitarian mind! ! @
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