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September 12 [Thu], 2013, 17:39
() Qin days in prohibitively Challenge suddenly plunged into epiphany, that he rose again the strength. Not only for the future of the practice guidelines with Taoism, and reading ability by leaps and bounds and advanced decision mysterious star, plus the art of character pattern into the imperial symbol habitat and have the ability to void draw characters. These are so Qin days for his orders to obtain Dragon confidence. Skillfully adapted to have the power yourself just after he started again Hyun Sung decision cultivation, north face sale waiting for the arrival of the next game. Second day of competition, Qin days still in accordance with the order in the first appearance. After appearances, Qin days and did not notice the opponent's strength, it is looked surprised a middle-aged man behind the podium extra guards. Because of this guard appeared very irrational, it prohibitively Court Arena was originally heavily guarded, and all the elders of the podium is a human soul division and yīn soul of the division for the repair, all without guard bodyguard. For the most Qin Tianqi strange is that this security guard did not have any soul power fluctuations, but rather exudes a vaguely obscure atmosphere, the atmosphere Qin days never felt before. As the host continues to release announced that sound sweet and greasy, Qin days to focus on the top of the stadium. "Climb Challenge second round of preliminaries first trainer, teacher Jiang Tian against feeding cattle fed through the division." Watching the tall strong build body, Qin days is actually very looking forward to his Beastmaster array, because they have two did not really fight with the Beastmaster array. Moderator announced the beginning, do not know if this Han played by David Blue recognize the negative impact of the release of the ten direct animal soul, and said: "Ling-feng Island North City Niu Niu Tong, geese array surprise" Qin days This also seemed surprised to see no technical content echelon matrix. This array is similar to the flying geese herringbone, was surrounded by a trend towards Qin days around over. But this can never be like geese array more money that what House of Flying Daggers array, but does have its unique office. This is Han's ten Hunshou, turned out to be a clear order of five peaks sè ground rhino horn. The soul of the angular gigantic beast, the shape of a small mountain so called peak angle, ten peaks horned rhinoceros raid up extraordinary momentum. This array can actually geese all ten rhino soul force fluctuations are linked together. That is, once a peak-horned rhinoceros attacks. So he has suffered damage will be ten peaks horned rhinoceros balancing. This way if you intend to peak this ten-horned rhinoceros each break, then it is very difficult, unless you are able to link these geese ability to get rid of the array. Released in cattle through this overbearing impact matrix, and let all the peaks horned rhinoceros attack time. Qin days is frowned gently Sumeru bead in the hands of a bomb, the three head out Banhu finally appeared in the stadium watching the three head out on top Banhu weak body and huge peaks across the ten-horned rhinoceros strong contrast, the audience laughed at the cries immediately. Even across the cattle pass is smiling at only star Banhu. "Jiang Gongzi, thou Star Banhu not adult, right? Even if all this is that the speed and strength of three times more powerful head out Banhu, can not with my powerful echelon array confrontation, you might as well throw in the towel bar directly" cow pass also forget some sarcasm. Teachers can only control a feeding animal soul which is we all know, it is released in the Qin days trinocular Star Banhu later, we are all one-sided that the cattle pass can certainly win. Quickly. Trinocular Star Banhu got orders Qin days, like a meteor flashing starlight directly opposite as ten thousand cattle Looking a Pentium general echelon matrix. Everyone is worried, this weak peak Star Banhu will not be stepped into a meat-horned rhinoceros. Finally, the three head out Banhu that thin body and finally across the flood to reach the peak horned rhinoceros together, like a pearl instantly across the waves engulfed generally disappear. However, soon the entire arena became silent, all gaping at the venue surprise ending. As the waves like peaks horned rhinoceros after crossing the star Banhu. Even collective arrest down. Huge momentum or let these peaks horned rhinoceros staggered and fell after a few months rolling to hoist a time venue dust everywhere. Opposite the cattle pass. Like sculpture generally watching everything, can not believe staring at being walked slowly to the Qin days trinocular star Banhu. When viewers see when cattle through empty hands, immediately understood what happened inside. The original three Star Banhu project handover and peak time together horned rhinoceros, star Banhu did not attack the meaning of peak-horned rhinoceros, but suddenly played a fast and agile expertise, even in a sudden moment of contact outbreak of rhino horn directly from the two peaks between the peak angle to wear in the past, went straight to the back of a cow waiting to enjoy the victory through. Do not look at it through this cattle Beastmaster array have more momentum, people look Bangdayaoyuan. However, the strength of its own sun barely reached the soul of the division. In the three projects under Star Banhu surprise attack, even directly in the hands of star Banhu ten Sumeru bead all knocked to the ground and quickly with the tail all the Sumeru bead drop all rolled up, they easy to return back. Sumeru bead out of the cattle through the control of the natural peak horned rhinoceros immediately stopped, resulting in a chaotic scene. Qin days watching still can not accept the fact that cattle pass, said: "You This is indeed impressive array of geese, all Hunshou connected together to share out all the attacks, but the soul of the beast you will do so airtight defense , but forgot to give yourself the means to prepare some strain, so I did not intend this peak horned rhinoceros and you recklessly, but a direct attack on you, "cow-pass then he looked frustrated Qin days, said:" It was careless , did not think you'd have a high feeding division tactical ability, I lost in too underestimate the enemy, I throw in the towel "This cow pass pretty happy, lost is lost, and his Sumeru beads have let people take away, what kind of strength is also playing in the host announced the results, Qin days all the Sumeru bead returned to the cattle pass, and intends to take a look behind the game. But he inadvertently glanced to the podium, the mysterious guard does not know when to leave, that kind of vague breath naturally disappear. Qin days can not help but frowned, then in the stands to find a place to sit down. The next game is indeed relatively jīng some color, such a division is feeding the same player, obviously not with the enemy across the farming division, even simply let his silver tail Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka spider silk wrapped up himself to become a huge round cocoon, with its silver sè spider spit to defend, he just let him hang on until the end of time ruled a draw. There is a breeding division, even with three cast out of the soul of the beast called Lieyang array matrix, three huge body of flame turtle actually constantly under attack throughout the arena map out a huge flame symbol pattern. Exactly opponent is a good use of metal xìng Hunshou breeding division, in the case of xìng total restraint situation, the final three metal xìng Hunshou completely excited character array in Lieyang power lines, it actually completely lost while fighting and failure. Qin days after the game, thinking to watch a variety of fighting techniques and Beastmaster Hunshou array, and they can draw on aspects slowly return to the training room. Half-way, Qin days suddenly felt again on the podium in his strange guards found the time that a trace Ruoyouruowu obscure atmosphere. However, in the vicinity of Qin days after carefully check it and did not find that the soldier, all without any strange. Cautious jǐng sleep habits immediately let him up, is not that what Diao elders use special means, he still intends to finish the game when no shot? However, if able to shot Diao home long shot, no need to have to wait now and then shot ah, is it aware of its own strength is not general, so changed his mind? Thought here, Qin days begin rapidly walked forward, and then suddenly still down. Because if there is something in your own words along with their subtle shift that will change the atmosphere, there may be in this changing yourself discover clues. But the result has forced Qin days a little surprised, that kind of veiled Ruoyouruowu breath even without any change, just like it is everywhere the same breath, does not seem directed at him. Qin days again under careful exploration, or simply can not determine the source of breath, he also somewhat confused atmosphere in the end this is not about him, just as is the general feeling throat after eating fish a bit uncomfortable, but it is not there fishbone stuck in the throat, he was not sure, so Canada Goose Foxe Qin days was very irritable. Just do not ask to Lin Feng Qin Tiansi island, giving it a breath of master shots, when it actually breath again without warning suddenly disappeared. Careful in their exploration inside the body once again after the Qin days they put this thing behind us, although this mysterious atmosphere made him feel uncomfortable, but we always thought it could not have been, anyway if you really someone to deal with himself, that he would show up sooner or later, or the first to complete this challenge, to strive for the opportunity to board the Neptune Island is the top priority. Expect this new reward challenge, Qin days is a great joy. Because of this Challenge declared the throne under the East approach trainer group intends to enhance the absorption strength trainer training group, so if the excellent results achieved in the Challenge's trainer, will have the opportunity to recruit into the trainer group. And if we can get the top three trainer will not only get the trainer officer positions within the group, and have the opportunity to go to Neptune Island to accept the gift of mysterious water palace. If Qin days to get the top three, then there is the advance on to Neptune Island to explore opportunities. After all, this is too Neptune mysterious island mysterious water palace, if it sits there day divisions of the soul, then, not to mention the strength of Qin days to get dragon orders, even xìng life can not be guaranteed. If you can get a clear idea in advance of this mysterious water palace defense system, and that I myself can try to sneak into the mysterious water palace, steal dragon order. (To be continued.) Ps: recommend seeking monthly ticket, your support is my greatest motivation updated
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