the control meeting specifications

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 11:16
ore research and grass-roots contact communication

"To improve the actual effect, city leaders research nike air max ltd uk for sale work to closely around the center work and key task determine themes, pertinently arrangement research content, purpose, with the problem of investigation. The provisions requirements, research work both see in good place, also want to see more difficult and complicated cases, contradictions sharp place, know the real situation, solve practical problems.

Strict examination and approval procedures, simplify the reception, city leaders to a primary investigation, all responsible unit shall not be reviewed to research some temporary holiday arrangement, suspension or Posting welcome sign, not laying carpet, put the flowers and plants, put beverage fruit food, shall not organize personnel rank visitors, do not make reception manuals, issue irrelevant material. In the study, the masses and direct contact with the communication, to experience, the place where you have any questions opinions, Suggestions, discuss the development plan. The report will not be read report material, brief and to the point, both speak effective nike air max tn uk for sale practice, also speak problem shortage.

Advocate open short, short words speak, speak words of work

In the cut down the number of meetings, the provisions clearly must strictly meeting for approval, reduce the number of the meeting. "According to close, and, subtract, short principle, cut down the number of meetings. Can open don't open meeting, resolute don't open; the subject is not clear, gassiness meeting open; to have deemed the deployment of work, in principle, no longer meeting special arrangement; for the meeting time, personnel range similar or job content of the same meeting as far as possible integration, can be held merger or set of open, also can take video and telephone conference held form."

On this basis, the control meeting specifications, compression meeting scale, cut down the number of meetings to process, advocate open short, short words speak, speak words of work. Strictly control the meeting time, in addition to the party committees, "two meetings" beyond, all kinds of meeting time not more than half a day. In the name of the municipal party committee and the city government held the meeting noted, usually not more than 3 hours; Department at the meeting noted, generally not more than 2 hours; All kinds of special meeting generally not more than 2 hours.

In addition, the improvement meeting
nike air max uk shoes for sale held form, advocate the club, television will and symposium, reduce and avoid concentration conference, layer upon layer, the meeting with will phenomenon.
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