Guild Wars 2 Cannot Form a Threat to WOW Which Only Lost by Time

August 21 [Tue], 2012, 15:26
When the new tour listed in the online world, we cannot buy Guild Wars 2 Gold help but to ask: ' May the game can become a Warcraft killer? ' In other words, ' can the game seized millions of players from WOW? ' So far, the answer has always been ' impossible ', without any game can pulled WOW down from the throne for eight years. In fact, till now, the perspective that we look at the issue can be said is wrong. No game will kill WOW, like a large Raid Boss, WOW cannot simply be killed by a five-team. The real WOW killer should be time - those listed online games since the birth of WOW, as well as the upcoming games in the future. It is need to mention that many players (including myself) usually do not just play only one online game. For example, the online games I play are WOW, Crack, EVE, as well as TERA, and I will also pay attention to other online games from time to time to. It can be said that an online game was a great success, not the other online games are failure. We cannot not notice since 2004 the birth of WOW; some other strong games also get some good results. The following are several online games which also receiving more attention in addition to outside WOW since 2004: Guild Wars Lord of the Rings OL Warhammer OL Paradise Cracks Star Wars: The Old RepublicSkywalker Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Guild Wars 2 Gold These are just a few fairly famous online games; there are many other very good games. Of course, these games did not bring much threat to WOW. Among these, the most successful is Star Wars: The Old Republic (the game has nearly 1. 7 million paying players currently). But generally counting, these games are also brought a lot of players away from World of Warcraft. Not the players are leaving WOW gradually, in fact, most players are still playing the game, but an online onsale, players can make choices, the player can see the new features are on the increase. World of Warcraft has no large-scale dynamic world events like Crack, did not have the epic story line like Star Wars: The Old Republic. World of Warcraft does allows players to play the game free like Heaven and Lord of the Rings OL, not to mention the fresh features just as listed TERA and the coming shock Guild Wars 2. If World of Warcraft exists longer, the challenges will face more in the future. More competition is actually a good thing, and this makes Blizzard has a sense of crisis, make Blizzard to continue to innovate, to abandon the once static game style. But even so, the attention of the players will still be scattered by more and more games on the market, which means World of Warcraft GW2 Gold after all, will imminent demise from the throne one day. xiaoqun1010
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