Guild Wars 2, an innovation

August 14 [Tue], 2012, 15:18
I think everyone has already heard one day the famous buy Guild Wars 2 Gold game, Guild Wars. Since 2007, the sequel, Guild Wars 2 was announced. After an extended beta test, and a release date has not yet been revealed, this game is the black pixel for some months, including through a variety of videos and some news spread across the canvas. ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 position as a innovative game in its genre, the MMORPG. A new system? Like its big brother, Guild Wars 2 Gold will be a MMORPG, which involves several changes: * Most of the game does not take place in instanced but in a persistent world. It will be possible to fight in an open environment while meeting new players. * Ability to swim, play solo, jumping and sliding. It was confirmed that the underwater environment will be searchable. * A mechanism to live differently the same mission. In a way, a choice of running quests. * The level cap will be increased from 20-80. * A system of representation for the current force will be added in real time, set the time zone selected by the player. Guild Wars 2 picture 2Mais, there or Guild Wars 2 seems to be an innovation is in its combat system. Management skills, weapons, skills, care and death could be a "new experience". A file describing all this is available on the website of Guild Wars 2. Another point is the history of the character played. Each player could change depending on the choices its history, thanks to social classes, or Guild Wars 2 Gold a biography. An innovation or future disappointment? Currently, I find that ArenaNet is quite "aggressive" in communicating on their unborn child. They reveal little by little the elements, but they are often big news of the game management history of the character played, and the combat system are bluffing. The videos also. However, despite these, I'm not packed flat and the same question: "real novelty or just once?. A big question? The big thing I regret is the lack of real video "in game" where you really see the game's interface some videos showing the new proposed system (weapons, biography etc. )#). Finally, apart from a few videos of 10 seconds showing on skills already encountered guild wars as well as places or characters unveiled in the cutscene so we only have nice words (interviews). I regret that the release date has not yet announced. I would so for the moment a mixed opinion on this game even though I know I get it when GW2 Gold it becomes available on sale! Guild Wars 2 may be a future favorite, or next big disappointment. Your opinion is welcome.
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