Sweetens the season long attachment

October 22 [Tue], 2013, 16:18
summer temperatures in the gap between the rippling leaves, autumn, silently stationed in the woods. Wind, only a slight sigh. Inadvertently, tree leaves, just like a fluttering butterfly, swaying in diffuse atmosphere in autumn. like autumn tenderness Feelings, infinite romantic all in his eyes. Autumn even wave,cheap nike nfl jerseys china waves Mist Over Dream Lake. Lotus pool already ruins, a puddle of clear water, sparkling sea. In Shuiyun in autumn scattered cloud atlas, Painting wind Fuliu. So you begin to surprise then that the four seasons are warm wind. Shallow coolness away the residual heat of summer. ascend go. Blue sky, high untouchable. Hillwood Middle forests to make dye, osmanthus fragrance, mountain chestnut trees, fruit filled branches. Maple leaves quietly slightly red, like letterhead, written verses. Large plane trees leaves fall to the ground, step up creak singing. At this time, the forest breeze blowing, the wind overflowing floral, fruity.

Sweetens the season long attachment. love autumn it. Tea candle scissors, gentle night wind beat window frames, such as Xi Murong poetry, naturally into the heart. New CD moonlight, light speckled Yuet Wah. Vain modification, innocent, like a spring. Sipped tea, a myriad of thoughts. Month, quietly, secretly laurel aroma Qinru Heart. Silence the voice of the heart to listen to leaves, warm could not help but want to cheer. month, hazy, trees, hazy, hazy birds. Qiuchong whisper in crushing · night wind. Swirling late to night incense mixing in the wind, soaked dark night. Sparsely fence where roses sleeping. quiet and stately white birch stands in the night. Passing breeze, rustling sounded forest sounds. Sleep like a mother muffled raving. Crescent moon hanging in cheap ncaa jerseys on sale the trees, quietly listening birch passphrase. best part is under a light rain. Like Yilianyoumeng, slanting, thin Durian in the window. Misty rain and fog, blooming fresh autumn air, clean as new-born babies. Rain hit the ruins of banana leaves, dripping like a serenade, gently stroking us into autumn intoxicated dream. attachment autumn nostalgia when in flower flying, like a wizard wind dance, despite the autumn wind in my hair, skirt billowing.
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