actually go to the market is a very significant thing

October 08 [Tue], 2013, 15:10
go to the market if the sale goes well, sell more with the spirit of the movement Lianhan bigger than before, if the sale is not good, when virtually no one to sell, even himself discouraged, and even do not want to shout shout, Sell ​​a while, wanted to go back. Even worse is that go to the market is not easy, especially as we do belong to current army, who was chased caught, not a meal is kicked while kicking, doing such a small business also really easy. I go to the market when it encountered this time, I feel comfortable and they are doing business, when suddenly, someone shouted: ;wholesale mlb jerseys Run it? That fool came. arrived here because I was near, yet experienced. I see they have picked up their stuff and ran, I was followed. But running slower, and were then chased caught, according to that basket, baskets, etc., is a burst of Mengchuai pity those fruits and vegetables, are kicked all over the floor, I saw those pitiful people on a one on on the ground picking up, I have to help them a pick. They can not say anything, just that he put into his stomach bitter swallow. Doing business is really not easy, as they are such a person, it is not easy.

actually go to the market is a very significant thing, I just came in the middle of them, they will see that I'm not making a sale, because of my looks and acts nothing like behavior. One day, at my side a big sister asked me: ; you work in a bank, right?I looked at her, said: ; No, I work in a sales company. She looked at me, and said: ; I do not like to see how you do business, like a work. Another time, I set up in the late stood aside my aunt asked me: ; I see you are not doing business, like a teaching. I looked at her, said: ; No, I work in a sales company. Perhaps, in their view, their identity and I are different, they have great admiration for me, they said I: ; You're OK, even at work also do this, how many people are no less than the waist and Kazakhstan, while you can, still an officer. I enthusiastically looked at them and said: ; then so what? I do not like you cheap nike nfl jerseys china do? Doing anything different. me finish, just with them, to start a business. In this market, there is nothing of the points, just like those people who buy things coming and going, who knows who is doing the? But when you buy something, regardless of status, are ad valorem money. I'm really into this atmosphere of another, to feel the breath of the atmosphere, is so strong and beautiful, although some unhappiness, but also with the vanished.
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