must also be Hu ā costsa lot of time .

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult It turned out that he was thinking of day ,the mysterious guy managed L ù face leaf at thinking day ,m ō chinsaid .
Ye Wansheng run exit process very smoothly ,his running environment and Chu scene is very similar ,in the first few appearances are crazy to get the highest honor award ,in the whole world is held in the process of constant strength .
Of course ,he won the highest honor when there is the use of the main pet ,that after a few exit to obtain the highest glory is very difficult ,and in his few exit is also very smart choice do not take the highest honor ,but also very successful in the ninth exit .
Therefore ,the ninth exit enter exit team just four ,Chu curtain ,inclination posture ,flexible ,leaf Wan born princess .Ye Wansheng and leaf inclination posture ,is to get the teacher ,other awards and has no interest in ,or say ,just get a reward ,those who simply disdain .
While Jin gentle Princess purpose did not say ,just as the allies .Chu curtain himself only want to win the glory ,not only that ,the next nine titles ,ten titles, elder ,vector under the nomination ,four seats and will last the throne UGG Suburb Crochet Tall,is Chu scene to step by step for the course ,now but second echelon glory ,Chu curtain also have enter into another immortal city area ,his father was sealed h ú npet released as players fight each other between allies agreement ,gradually also have other players team towards the eternal city walk .
However ,they also didn thinking that day alone went in ,it seems h ú nAu Si days not Langdexuming ,from the ninth exit spirit can be seen on his out of the ordinary . Chu scene ,I carefully to understand, your father is sealed the H ú npet seal is called the scattered seal ,the seal can not directly through scattered seal of open ,because the entire seal chart scattered in some other places, this seal is generally long-term seal ,even if people want to solve ,must also be Hu ā costsa lot of time .
Jin gentle princess said Chu curtain .Chu curtain on seal is not very understanding, at present also inquired about the tanuki old about scattered sealed meaning . Scattered seal is cracking difficulty quite high seal ,you ask BELLE PRINCESS that scattered the seal is a few stars seal .
The old man said beaver .Chu act now about Jin gentle princess . Double seal ,there is another two scattered in other regions of the seal must be open ,otherwise the entire seal chart will still be in closed state ,just ,It determine which of the two star position Jin gentle princess said softly .
This question to me ,put your hand on the map for me . Ye Wansheng smiles, a very confident .Jin soft Princess hesitate at leaf Wan students .Although she knew that this looks very frivolous man is leaf inclination posture ,but Jin gentle princess but he is very strange, including leaf inclination posture ,Jin gentle princess is very strange .
I usually idle time of seal chart ,double seal difficulty t ng ì Ji high ,but show the map to me, I still get find the two-star position . Ye Wansheng said .Jin gentle Princess hesitate ,or handle the very old drawings to Ye Wansheng .
Ye Wansheng took the map from the map ,found Chutian awn h ú npet seal position, but will immediately turn to the side of the map .This act lets three people are very doubtful Hu ò ,while Ye Wansheng is laughing to explain : scattered seal is from bottom to top frame ,as we described in days Hu ā panelpainting ,is described as in the house ,so that it will be much easier for scattered point well ,this really is the eternal city a seal of the city ,under normal circumstances, scattered sealed star are few ,the eternal city is full of many suitable star ,be in so many possible positions and accurately find the corresponding binary ,really some difficulties .
Go straight towards several tenths assurance to find ? Chu act directly asked .Ye Wansheng did not speak ,just keep on reading drawings ,and meditation ,and then continue to look at the drawings .
Princess ,you this mark is it right? Second echelon glory blood beast the altar ? Ye Wansheng is pointing at a marked position asked .Jin gentle princess looked at the map UGG Classic Tall Dylyn,nodded his head and said: well .
It really happened ,in which a star in second echelon ultimate glory from position t ng ì Ji far away, at this location Ye Wansheng drawings before three people ,then the finger pointing to the star position continued , but if go to the final glory locations ,back again to find the star ,we waste more time ,it will be multiplied several times .
Under normal circumstances players to find blood beast altar need at least ten days ,reach the star ,and then turned to the final glory in seven days can be completed . Jin soft said the princess .
Then we go to the first star ,then bends to the final glory ,to find second star . Chu said the scene .People are nodded .Call on ,four each summon a h ú npet ,Chu curtain calls is also responsible for the war ,and the enemy front battle ,is the main attack .
Leaf inclination posture assistant ,the call is the nest ling .Immortal city must also making many wood line h ú npet ,so the team must have a wooden line h ú npet exists, can the greatest degree of security and H ú npet safety .
Jin gentle Princess calls is Ling ice :printing kitsune ,speed and attack combination ,can be the fastest to make a direct response team .Ye Wansheng summoned creatures is ice ,one to nine in order for a moderate sovereign class ice element h ú npet ,responsible for remote kill and group .
Into the eternal city ,Chu act four route in a very short time partial Lou all seek position .Perhaps less than a day ,the four of them directly on the first floor engraved red S èpatternedimprint .
Red S èpatternimprinting indicates the wide world tour party division to the players enter the exit area ,the risk coefficient will rise .Four strength is weak, especially the Chu h ú npet tent ,in the weak seal area for the time of day ,encountered by the H ú npet four can easily solve ,after all, no further cases, there are ten sections in D à ngtour guide .
Qiao ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a low monarch landed hard on the black s èstoneson the ground, blood slow incomparable from being frozen frost tusks between overflow UGG Sheepskin Cuff Discount,body and slowly freezing on ice .
Go a little further, is the star . Jin gentle Princess pointing ahead a broken column over the empty stomach . Star must be virtuous creature exists, if the monarch is the peak level of the H ú n,pet ,then guard ring biological for higher monarch with high probability ,to be careful .
Ye Wansheng reminds people . My battle will face against it ,your auxiliary combat . Chu said the scene .The White Devil strength is comparable to ten higher monarch ,but so soon after he called white magic ,many more battles will appear weak ,so we must maximize the save h ú Nand H ú npet physical .
Star seal lifting is not difficult, as long as go to seal in the graph, with strong enough h ú nread power break the seal the energy of a graph ,the graph will disintegrate seal .Chu h ú nscene read but reached seven read ,this star seal strength Chu scene to break very easily .
Soon ,this single seal chart was Chu act break ,at the foot of black s èmasonry flooringappeared apparent fibrillation ,makes those around the cliff ,a broken column continuous collapse ,boom hit the ground .
Chu act quickly jumps to a safe place ,let the war also face the coming from seal appearing virtuous creature . The clouds in the lower pressure ,the air somewhat impetuous leaf inclination posture soon perceived that the climate of the slightest change, make a judgment should be to have mine belongs to X ì ngbiological .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ almost the voice just fell ,low clouds ,a spectacular lightning dragon tore through the sky, suddenly shot down in Chu scene to unravel the seal of black s èstoneground suddenly shattered, numerous flying gravel ,arc energy along the ground to form a Daolei lines ,moving from all sides diffusion four are retreating hurriedly ,to about two hundred metres away .
However in their retreat of this area, all the black s èbrickground appeared a dense cracks ,those who were scattered on the ground of the stone column and cliff was just lightning B ō shockinto powder ,the astonishing power Feng Razer lions Chu act surprised look ,lightning .
But the burly figure ,not realizing that shortly before the and a Jun Razer lions battle ,today has met the ferocious creatures Jiang Yiteng Jun Razer lions in nine higher order medium monarch ,but it only Jun Razer lions is a ten higher monarch ,strength for a difference of 4 grades, is a very good cause biological long Jun Razer lions purple s è crueleyes soon locked to stand in front of it provocative it awesome fighting ,it raised the big body ,like a big channeling lightning raid, moment has to appear in front of battle with claws with lightning and attack speed is fast ,war is even dodge do not have the capacity, is a thunder claw shoot fly out ,fighting capacity does not form a scale and also into nine sections in order ,and also the strength but weak in Jun Razer lions for 5 grade Although the nine stage h ún adefense to make up the 3 grade about the attack disparity ,but Jun Razer lions to outbreak of the attack ,2 grades of the strength of the gap ,the same may also cause trauma to war for other people nine segment high order medium monarch ,a face to face is seckill ah only Chu curtain undead tiger defense and vitality that can withstand the metamorphosis metamorphosis .
Ye Wansheng gasped .Nine Segment high order medium monarch was almost a major strength of the strongest players in the main pet ,even the strongest players in the main pet will be seckill ,ten higher monarch strength dreadful .
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