including establish the gulf common market

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 11:30
Basic fare not train fare

"Price adjustment range is less than 1%, is not to force". The new fare is announced, many passengers said look not to understand.

According to the railway passenger accidentcheap nike air max ltd 2 injury forced insurance byelaw "the provisions of article 6 of the" railway, including the insurance premium in ticket prices, according to the basic fare is within two percent fee ".

Cancel the compulsory insurance, why not cut prices of 2%? The railway departments said that basic fare means normal passenger slow train (namely green skin car) hard-seat fare. In accordance with the provisions of the railway passenger transport rate rules, a train ticket fare is divided into several parts, the first is divided into hard-seat, soft seat two ticket fare, and then there are additional ticket fare, including speed up, sleeper ticket fares, air conditioning, etc.

The industry, said an expert with a 100 yuan ticket, basic fare may only ten yuan to more than twenty yuan, and moving car high iron basic cheap nike air max tn shoe outlet fare, remove to accelerate, sleeper ticket, air conditioning and additional fare outside, perhaps only eight, ninety yuan, so the price will not too much, most basic train ticket price to $0.5 in a few yuan between.

The 33 gulf cooperation council (hereinafter referred to as HaiGeHui) summit 24 in bahrain capital Manama opening. The king of bahrain he ? this ? issa ? agri harry method presided over the opening ceremony.

The two-day summit, the HaiGeHui six leadership will focus on political, economic and other problems. As we have learned, the summit the main task is to discuss the gulf economic integration issues, including establish the gulf common market, establishing a customs union, etc. In addition, the country will also Syria, yemen, other Arab countries the situation, the nuclear issue, the united Arab emirates Iran island disputes and problems are discussed.

As we have learned, to attend the summit HaiGeHui the rest of the five leaders were emir of Kuwait (head of state) sheikh ahmed hamed ? ? JiaBiEr ? hamed, united Arab emirates vice President and prime minister, dubai emirates Mohammed ? this ? rashid ? agri mark diagram, Qatar's crown prince tower mihm ? this ? he ? this ? harry method ? agri SaNi, Saudi prince, deputy prime minister and defense minister salman ? this ? abdul aziz ?, sultanate of Oman deputy prime minister who ? this ? mahmoud ? agri sayed.
Some say Vietnam wife will not desire not lazy not literally not proud not material, pretty young industry virtuous, let a person feeling. The rojiblancos Spain reported that China's gender imbalance caused by 18 million men marry cheap nike air max 2013 outlet meet difficult problem, many people start to Vietnam, myanmar and other neighboring countries looking for the other half, some people even at the cost to pay a $6000 ($1 $6.39 yuan RMB) prices.
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