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August 29 [Wed], 2012, 12:40
White for the traditional Chinese painting, is a kind of art, left? White in where? There are very particular about. Traditional Chinese painting so, life is it not so? Remember last year, when the fall semester, the newspaper several alarming news: earthquakes occur throughout several students jump off building Dutch act events. Why are young children, so contemptuous of his life? Only one answer, that is the study of pressure too expansive, kids fun nature was cruel deprivation, in addition to the school " normal " academic, there are numerous extracurricular " classes", already made the children the fun nature of the " blank " all gone.

In fact, the life of " blank " is not only for the children 's desire, as well as adult who wants. People often say that the relationship between the two HERSHEY'S, love with " close " to describe. In this regard, I am not a cold. Because, the relationship between the two is again good, also are two different people, there must be a personality, interests, knowledge, experience and family, social and other aspects of the differences. This is the " room ", this is their exists between natural " blank ".

One, is the need to leave a little space for their own. As the saying goes, a water overflow, relaxation. Then who? I said, " with " caustic, not only harm others, also harm themselves. Man, once fully satisfied or contented feeling, often have a high opinion of oneself, supercilious. The area of stenosis of the thoracic cavity, will be the desire, who occupy, no capacity to accommodate others Tianrong a space. Thus, even if their love for each other is very good, can sometimes be " dedicated " misinterpreted as " charity ", " Qingyuan " mistaken for " claim ", leading to the final hurt each other.

Therefore, whether it is family, or friends, everyone must retain some of their gaps, as mutual heating of the hedgehog, not too far apart, it can not rely on too close. Leave a blank, a distance between person and person, then there is a buffer zone, avoid or reduce some unnecessary harm.

Blank for people, it should be said is everywhere. In human life, your silence is that of a blank; when greed become people's common problem, you poor adherence is blank; eight hours of work, your leisure is blank; are you sleepy tired then drink red bull, then stopping to sleep is a blank ... ...

Of course, we should understand, the blank is relative, there is no absolute blank, blank is actually another kind of pride. So do not need to go out. As long as the art to live, where the ink? Where white space? Everything will be clear in the chest.
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