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June 08 [Sat], 2013, 16:02
The 106th chapter, dangerous time when the morning, Yang Zixuan specifically told Secretary Hu Kai to call the Xu Jing that come from the Baiyun Hotel. (vertex novel hands dozen novels) Xu Jing nature, this time in addition to encounter very unpleasant things in the Yellow Lake Leisure, most of the time while filming while enjoy the lake in a landscape of lakes and mountains, early in the morning went to the south near the town of lake to go running, Hu Kai received the call, just slow leisurely eating breakfast, drove up the Yellow Lake party and government office building. Xu Jing is now in the home also is quite well-known, starred in a drama recently in CCTV top hit hit, so Xu Jing to always wearing sunglasses, because after the development zone near Lake humidity, autumn,Coach Sunglasses Sale, weather is relatively cool, so make a scarf wrapped between cyanine in the neck, it is very a big star, wearing yellow bottom surface of high-heeled shoes, a into the party and government buildings, it has become a beautiful landscape, attracted around the party and government staff, frequently notice, is wondering who the hell is this young woman? What party run dry? Development zone inside know the true identity of Xu Jing, is a group of people only Baiyun Hotel, even the Yellow Lake Leisure that many people did not know the true identity of Xu Jing, did not say first a cyanine dress and the difference is very large, even if the recognized also dare not believe,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, how can the CCTV famous star above to the South Lake the river inland city. Hu Kaizao is at the door the get-away,Totes Coach Sale, leading the Xu Jing walked into Yang Zixuan's office. After the party and government's departments, many staff are probe out a peek at the tall dress fashion elegant Xu Jing, see Hu secretary is leader, hastily head back. "This girl is very pretty ah is really beautiful ah, if the party does have such a seductive beauty, estimates that our work efficiency is several times more." two small, see Xu Jing and Hu Kai in the Secretary office, to depress voice whisper to one another. "While wearing a pair of sunglasses, scarf wrapped around half of the face, but I can see is a big beauty, body, the skin is the first men, our development zone when there is such a figure?" Another little clerk said with a smile. "Our development zone is such a person, but you can't eat it, tourism bureau that Zhang Bixiao is a little better than the poor. But can you get?" "This is very difficult ah heard someone hands want to pursue a Bixiao, but suddenly Zhang Bixiao was rebuffed. Again, this woman really into why Yang's office?" "Should be in business, since a big beauty unexpectedly dare come swaggeringly into the Secretary office, obviously is not afraid of our organs of these people out, mostly is in business, if is a private matter how could put up a pageantry to Party and government office building, Party Secretary Yang privately and secretly to discuss the big beauty won't do?" Actually this kind of put up a pageantry swagger through the streets of things, these organs are small, but dare not privately chew what tongue, if it is in a sneaky way secretive, but will be ignited the crowd curiosity tattle and prate sky >
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