Popular carefree king Michael - the Jackson

November 05 [Sat], 2011, 14:42
Popular carefree king Michael - the Jackson moncler vest for women cause of death document investigated yesterday (4) date to finish, by the jury which 7 male 5 female were composed in the Beijing standard time approximately 11:30 starts to adjourn court the discussion last night, will decide the Jackson personal doctor Mowry's destiny.

According to Hong Kong "Wenhui Daily" moncler boots reported that the public prosecutor described Mowry boast serial, is the greedy opportunist. Once Mowry harms the crime punishable by beheading to become, the highest penalty to sentence imprisons for 4 years, but because the American jail is crowded, he needs to complete the entire prison term not necessarily.

Trial lawyer Chernoff in settles a moncler scarf lawsuit in the statement to indicate that Jackson must be responsible for his behavior, Mowry does not have the reason to want to undertake the consequence. He requests the jury to forget that the dead is a Son of Heaven giant star, the emphasis case is not honorable person Xiu, but is the reality. The defense has asserted Jackson relies on the strong effect sedative third to anchor the phenol, and under Mowry does not know the circumstances of the matter injects the anesthetic voluntarily, is fatal finally. The public prosecutor Wallgren ruthless batch of defense's view, straight refers to the defense expert witness White's confession “the idle talk”. He indicated that Mowry that early morning shed which died in Jackson he goes, the delayed alarm, and concealed the medical care personnel he once to use the sedative. Mowry has violated between doctor and patient's trust, for this reason Jackson pays his life. Wallgren pointed out that the case evidence is obvious, Mowry's obvious negligence causes Jackson to die, makes his 3 children to lose the father, but the defense never questions Mowry's error. Judge Pastor guided the jury the day before yesterday, if they thought that Mowry inactivity Jackson provided reasonable nursing, even if Jackson possibly caused himself to die, still might rule Mowry to be guilty. If the jury believed that death of the Jackson is purely an accident, then may rule Mowry to be innocent. Wallgren reminds the jury, demonstrated according to the telephone record, Mowry starts out the few sedative latter 40 minutes for Jackson, is busy with handles individual business. Chernoff said that Mowry at that time in the Jackson bedside supervision, the line of sight also not has left, discovers the Jackson asphyxiation until him. Jackson died in June 25, 2009 in its Los Angeles big dwelling, died at the age of 50 years old.
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