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Only to find themselves in the hands of brawny bald serrated machete out of her as if to uncontrolled glide toward the side, just to be Tang lifted his right hand caught. Tang three forced forward a pull. Shoulders sink, directly toward the opponent hit to the chest. Foot ghost track fans, Tang three degree can be described as fast as lightning, coupled with his bare hands into the knives to seize each other's arms for a moment appeared opponent's flaws,Oakley Sunglasses HOLBROOK, smooth movement suddenly prevail. But brawny bald actually very fast response, the first time release of the hands machete, the other hand holding the cup directly toward the side door smashed Tang three years, while the body Feitui, stand in the chest with both hands. Body half turn, Tang three pediment abruptly relieved of his potential, his left hand flick, it has access to the hands of the cup, wrist strange trembling a few times, there is not even a drop of blood spilled from the inside out. "Thank you." Got a bloody Mary, Tang three nor more than words, and turned to walk inside. Although there is no hit on brawny bald, but Tang broke the power of the moment but still make him jump. Hideous face full of color, but the strange thing is, he did not want to regain their bloody Mary mean. Walked away, not to stay. "Mercy of the enemy, that is, for their cruelty." Tang walked side, mouth murmured. Hold the serrated machete hand wrist flip, finger shaking a few clever, Nabing machete has quietly fly. So great a weapon even silently. At this point, brawny bald had got to the other side streets, from the Tang three positions can not see each other. However, Nabing serrated machete had eyes like a general, to draw a beautiful arc. Just listen to scream sounded dark. , You then no sound. "Let's go." Tang three girls to some sluggish crape said lightly. "You" This is the second time I saw girls crape Tang hands, and the first comparison, this time brought her even greater shock. She knew that bald brawny, the killing fields in hell, has insisted that bald seven games. In other words, he was out to kill seventy men from the sole survivor. Feel in front of the youth do not seem much stronger than the opponent. Can kill each other, but like crush an ant so simple. Killing fields of hell inside. Looks even worse than outside shabby. No isolation. Periphery is around the enclosure stands upward. Below this is a diameter of hundreds of square meters to huge empty field. At this time. Not a lot of people watching. Snow earth venue just sit less than two percent. Venue. Cries screams are constantly ringing. A total of ten people. Have seven bodies. Leaving three people in the last battle for survival. Started in time. Tang took Medina cup Bloody Mary was poured into a hugely containers. "Can you sign up for me and I want to participate in the next tournament venue." Tang said to the girl crepe. At this time. Crape girl is no longer considered just this young man is an idiot. Tang three to strength. Give birth to her involuntarily trace of fear of the heart. Nodded without hesitation. Tang holding identity cards handed to places to go. For the killing of all. Tang three uniquely feeling is nausea. So. He did not want to stay here even if it is delayed one day. After one hundred victories won. Re-challenge hell road. Will be able to get out of here. He has decided. Fighting from today. From now on. Far. He felt his eyes on a bunch of concern. Turned and looked. I saw that the man was looking at his land Hu Lena. Killing trip. From that day began. In this darkly world. In this way the world is full of bloodshed and depravity. He has to get a victory. Must also be alive to go out. Into the killing of all three days later, Tang three killed had fallen after three digits. And he took part in the tournament. Only two only. Spent three days, Tang Sanming plainly, in this place, really scary than hell killing floor enemy. But after the game, when in their weakest continue to face attack. No wonder the time of year it is only Hu Lena had sixteen games. Since then, Tang learned cautious, careful and more forbear. A month later, Tang three wins in the killing fields of hell has been increased to nine sessions. Now dare to attack him, have fewer and fewer. But getting stronger. With the winningest promotion, he did not know of another rule. That is, in each new game. Their opponents faced participate hell killing game five times less than their own can not. Unless it is less than their own land all over this figure. A year later. Cold atmosphere suffocating. Hell killing floor, a total of ten people slowly into. Tang three in ten people walking in the third. But he is the focus of another nine people. 67th competition. Also naturally sixty-seven wins, this is Don three current results. Hell killings throughout the venue, better than his score only two people. One of them is to get a seventy-two victories Hu Lena. Each person participating to this, in addition to the killing of all the powers of survival beyond the most forward to is one hundred victories. With the 100th race win to the title, it can become a permanent killing all the inhabitants. In addition to not leave here, the authority here has absolutely Highlands. Even become the king of killing a visiting. Sixty-seven war, Tang three men has long been the appointment of thousands of people. However, the past two months, even after the game, no one has dared to attack him. Tang is not the end of one hundred battles do not want to hurry, but because when he becomes more winning sessions after he was involved in the killing dare game played fewer and fewer people. Ten days to cobble together often. But also the killing fields of hell beforehand that he would not disclose the specific time participating in the case. Over the past year, Tang and Hu Lena became the killing fields of hell star general character. Especially Tang, only a year to get such a result, he was able to be discharged into the killings have been established since the top ten. And initially came here as compared to Tang look more than a layer of cold, even the body are released with a layer of faint bloody atmosphere. Cold, bloodthirsty, cruel, he had already become synonymous. Not a soul will be able to beat strong, and in the hands of Tang, has died a few soul force over eighty opponent. Do not blend into the soul of the division, like a tiger lost minions. Moreover, Tang itself, it is like a killing machine of terror. The most dangerous time, just the two in the race to destroy the soul of excessive force eighty three weak opponents Tang hell out of the killing fields, when hundreds of people was immediately besieged. Chop wounds in his body do not know where. May be the final outcome, but it is that one hundred people are all dead. And vanish without a trace. The Tang three black gas just braved the body, muscle rolled forward to climb out from the dead heap. Three days later, he seemed like nothing had born again into the killing fields of hell. That day, no one dared to play. Hell killing fields of twenty-four hours, a war are not. He has a common soul of the division does not have Tangmen secret, hidden weapon, toxic, control crane Qinlong, mysterious hand, ghost fans trace. There is a solid Haotian hammer as a weapon. Tang never used blue silver grass. Have not used eight spider spear. SG Purple level only in the most dangerous time consumed once. Not what he wanted in front of Hu Lena hide anything, but he left his life insurance means. On that occasion, Tang War fame, he is now in the killing of all the nicknames are: Shura together at this time and Tang admission nine individuals, of course, impossible, and his winningest only a thin five games, because now Tang, winningest already leading too much. Italy Hu Lie Nate do not know to avoid the killing fields of the arrangements or hell. From beginning to end,Oakley Fast Jacket Online, Tang three have not met her. Therefore, they are also still alive. Here,oakley sunglasses store, also nicknamed Hu Lena, her nickname is hell messenger. At this point, and Don three together into hell killing fields of nine individuals, three have been in the body shaking, and the remaining six are full of ass. When nine people detained after admission to. Almost Don measurements will be the first time in the central. Because they know that if you do not kill Tang, they say it will not survive. Dark blue pupil, more than a hint of blood red. Icy murderous bloodthirsty, almost instantaneously from the Tang, who spread out. Close your eyes, he seems to enjoy a bit around these fallen trembling feeling. This year, Tang progressive soul force is very small, only enhance one. But he believes that now, he can beat a year ago while three of your own. He also increasingly aware of his father discourse chill. The only constant in the verge, in order to understand the true meaning of combat. Roar, cries, nine sounds almost simultaneously around nine from the Tang three directions sounded. That nine opponents, while toward the Tang. Meng opened his eyes, Tang was not looking in front of opponents. But in the dark corners of hell at the killing fields auditorium stood Hu Lena. Year, where there are games Tang, Hu Lena almost have seen. But she has now that he can not see through this man. From this man who, she even felt an unprecedented fear. Not because Tang endless murder means. But because of the man's fortitude.
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