Sun Xiang guozu closed training Indonesian striker Hao missed through injury three points

November 16 [Sat], 2013, 12:34
Long vistas look. Go out there and Luneng soccer school is one step ahead. From 2001 to the present, Luneng soccer school team took several trips to Europe of the Netherlands, and France, and Serbia, and Belgium, and Austria, and Spain, and Portugal, England, South America, Chile, Africa, South Africa, Asia, Japan, and Korea, and Australia to exchange game in 15 countries. Soccer school coaches repeatedly to the Netherlands, and Germany, and Portugal, among others, training, improve teaching ability. This year, Luneng Football Club training school U19 team went to Porto two months more substantive step is. In early 2014, Luneng football U15 team will study in Brazil, of the game Brazil football "Canon".nike free run 3 australia Join Indonesia, guozu committed a military taboo--too arrogant. In fact, Indonesia despite two defeats before the game, but two games they lost a ball, it can be said the four teams of the Group strength is at the same level, any opponent that cannot be taken lightly. However guozu one goal ahead, but I thought a shoo-in, wasted multiple offensive opportunities, and finally stuffed effects, equalized the score by an adversary. Guozu mentality to return after being equalized, "fragile", failed to come up with an effective way to alleviate the passive situation, and narrowly escaped being the opponent into a last-ditch winning goals, also was subjected to a lot of questions by interim head coach Fu Bo.

Under the influence of football environment in previous years, played there rarely now, plus taking into account the National Intercity Games, games football games of interest, foreign cities selection team for a good seed and the successful introduction of is by no means an easy task. Some local sports Department and the Club's refusal to let them, and some parents on the fence, if children play not a career way how to solve it? These problems are to some extent limited the introduction of elite prospects player. A team in order to achieve good results, elite prospects player is the key. Selected good seed, lay a good foundation, coupled with rigorous training, and getting good grades, of course, is right. Selected seedlings during Luneng football school in the country to establish seed player single Al-Qaida played a role, base with a lot of good prospects. Parents and players to visit schools, many parents are optimistic about schools and standardized management, excellent facilities and high standards of teaching and training of coaches in order to send their children to school. In addition, the schools insist on holding 51, 11 draft picks is selecting an effective way to seed players. Luneng foot national children's football tournament was held in July 2013, from Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Xinjiang and other 16 provinces and 1440 players participate in the competition. Through Invitational held in schools that form, can better observe the players, at the time of introduction of a definite and improve yield.

It was not long before the end of the season, major changes coming one after another of the Shenzhen Red: Philippe troussier left, the Mavericks capital involved and the outside coated Emperor on position ... ... People focus on this, deep relaxation, greater expectations. Red diamond Group Chairman Wan Hongwei said, their future more will be making their choice of base, youth and other basic work, rushing King cannot be hurried, waiting for a ripe moment. Thematic report: South reporter Huang Rong on the face of it, nike free run 2 australia sz the largest red diamond has recently changed from the name, that is, from "Shenzhen maotai red diamond" becomes "xn red diamond capital of Shenzhen". A lot of people on the understanding that, deep relaxation, finally rich. Here that the "rich" does not mean the deep relaxation, overnight, but at least say goodbye to "wine does not only give money" era of maotai. "When the team is maotai before naming, all forms of cooperation with a single, this time with calves as well as working capital, where they provided the necessary funding, will also be deep enough through their own financial business collaboration business floor plan is being discussed in detail. "Wan Hongwei sponsored did not disclose the amount of some of the most popular version is the sponsor RMB 30 million or more a year. With a registered capital of 150 million Yuan, operation capital of 280 billion-dollar companies, calf capital group should have this power.
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