2007年03月05日(月) 3時44分

went out wif gene and carrie jie!!! suppose to be meeting jill too!!!
but like no yuan fen arhhh xD well...i was, i suppose, kinda emo tat day...
well...went to shop for jie's bikini =x kinda paiseh if i hav to go in wif her alone lahhhhh...lucky gene was there!!! xD so we both went in together wif jie xD
well...walked around tampines xD its like i've not visit there for alot of times lah...
still not quite sure abt the place there lol xD okay lahh...tat day...talked alot...i think xD then seriously alot of crap came out tat day lah xD
talked about alot of things lah (girls, gene's bad taste of girls =x, more outings to be planned, boob ><) well...then ate at seoul garden!!! thou i suppose to have dinner at home tat day...but oh well too late xD after i went in then i told them about my dinner xD end up i also never eat my share of dinner after i reached home xD
then we did alot of stupid things in seoul garden!!! me and gene posed for kawaii no pose de shot! i cant believe i'd ever do tat lah xD well overall it was fun!!!
xD then went to walk walk again...after that we went some nearby foodcourt to sit and chit chat(not enough during dinner at seoul garden =x) and!!! potion!!! finally open le~~~ AND THE CLEAR CARD INSIDE IS PRINCESS ASHE!!!! WOOOHOOOOO
so damn shiok lah xD anyways...the three of us drank the potion...realising tat it had expired only after we drank it!!!! XD BAKAAAA xD well...we didnt drink too much lah..but the drink(suppose to be sweet)...taste awfully sour >< well...thats about it lah! xD
end of friday!
- 2/2/2007 -


2007年02月15日(木) 3時34分
hahahhaa i bought it!!! bought the potion!! xD premium box xD

here's the pic of the box!! =D

other types of bottle~ hahahah all random xD
as well as...

the cards in the box!!! xD i cant wait to see wat card did i get xD day...valentine's day...spent rushin my storyboard cos its due on today...dinner wif pool and such...walk around and talk cock...
nothing else le lah ahahhahaa...haiz...goin off! xD

sunday again x.x 

2007年02月05日(月) 2時46分
alot of things happened!
suppose to meet up wif carrie jie and nan and their fren jill!
budden ah jie fainted and went to the hospital x.x
me and nan was so shocked lah!
so scary lah x.x
went over to SGH to find da jie
reached there...saw her...da jie looked kinda pale x.x
well...then went over to da jie place to play! and to do work too xD was fun lah! learn quite somethings from da jie =D
she taught me quite some stuffs on designin!! ahahah
well...write til here lah...
oh yea! today..i think is only the 2nd time i've been to simei xD


2007年01月29日(月) 2時33分
watched finished suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu!! damn nice lah! =D
then then then...went over to joel's place, slack abit..then went out to eat lah xD....serangoon garden there de western food is seriously nice man!! wooHoo! xD
hahaha then went back to his abt things on him wif some of his work xD those things tat relates to drawin de lah xD talk cock abit..then went back home le...hahah...tats all for the day lah xD


2007年01月29日(月) 2時13分
well...had quite a f-up morning...played tennis for like 15mins and it started to rain...damn f-up lah =.= knnbccb lah!...well i spent sometime in school until was rather...sian arh...hahaha

after that...went home, shower, changed...then i realised tat i shld be meetin up
with my frens at 230pm...and durin then the time was...i think 120pm or so...serious lah tat day really gala gabo sia...=.=...

went out...
suppose to buy shoe for the end...went for dinner empty handed
ZzZZzzZz...lucky dinner was gd...if nt arh...nt arh...nt..=..= nvm xD
well went to swensen for dinner!! xD for the first time lah...i know im kinda suck to hav only been there at this age to eat lah =..= but seriously i nvr really been there to eat be4...always pass by some outlet lor...

CURRY BAKED RICE man its gd xD love it when it comes to curry xD

hahaha ITS STICKY CHEWY CHOCOLATE!!! =D its nice man...shld try =D
hahaha...later on...nothing much happen...go to marina square arcade and walk here and there...then go home liao lor xD tats all i think


2007年01月26日(金) 21時02分
well...had a pretty tiring day today...almost the whole class was worn out lah...
nt jus me...most of them, like me, had to stay up late to finish assignments being given choice for myself...i only slpt for 1 damn hour and i went to school...hahahaha and therefore...i shall slp early tonite xD well...i signin off x.x

lesson learnt 

2007年01月25日(木) 4時20分
well...ah 3rd bro taught me something to stop restrictin myself to think
out of the damn box tat had trapped me from the ideas flowin arnd man....
well...1st...i mus nt care tat much abt wat others think abt me...2nd i mus try to absorb watever there is tat i see arnd me...might jus be a inspiration for me on
my works...3rd...mus think beyond the present...figure it out urself...xD man...damn tired...think i'll stop here...


2007年01月24日(水) 15時23分
hahahah today ended early ^^
10am end le~ WEEEEE xD tons of hmwk to handle lah...sian man!! =..=
nothing to talk abt today lah...jus tat will be busyin doin my hmwks! damnn stress arh!!!


2007年01月24日(水) 2時34分
well...time tat i blog again xD
THE AMK HUB!!! hahaha damn shiok sia...almost done already man xD
and there is a levi's shop in there!!!
well...took this photo wif my phone :D...took it when i was headin for school this morning...i mean tue morning xD...see the building nice nice then i jus took a photo of it lor xD
nvr really tot of puttin it on the blog...well as soon as it is completely up...alot of ppl will hav another new place to explore in sg and to keep them occupied for the minimum and maximum of 1 daY! xD well gtg now! xD jya mata!


2007年01月02日(火) 5時44分
yup its new year n happy new year everyone!!!
its new year and i hav a death nice seh...
fuck man...damn sian...dunno why...alot of things jus remains the same lah...
nothing changed man...
i know i m nt the one to say this but my life is kinda lousy man...
i know people out there are really sufferin of some watever nonsense there is lah..
but i really dunno wats happenin to me man...
i dunno...its jus tat the thoughts of dyin jus keeps coming to me lah...
i kinda like it when it was be4...but now..really really sucky man...
well.. i gt practically wat i wanted...i contacted wif one of my fren before the year ended..had fun wif frens n all those...nothing seem to really interest me anymore man...its gettin kinda boring whereby ur life seems to hav a hole and u hav nothing to fill it up wif...jus tryin to get something tat would really hav KICK lah...
damn sian arh...zzz
shall slp n nt think too much...will try nt to remind myself of this anymore...
its a new year n i shld look forward to least i think this would be right in a certain way...rite?
oh WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL damn tired...haiz...need to search for somemore goals in life~ xD if nt really no kick arh! xD

everything i said...kinda crappy...i mean its crap dun bother lah...
jus writin becos i feel like it...tats all man...anyway happy new year ppl~
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