# 85 

December 26 [Mon], 2011, 21:29
Daddy and Mummy likes love very much.

He's too awesome!


# 84 

December 14 [Wed], 2011, 2:07
I clearer see what kind of friends I need and already have.

Although I can take things easier now, doesn't mean I don't feel the unnecessary emotions.
But it's each experiences that makes such things bland.

Eliminate the negatives.
Positive positive positive.


# 83 

December 06 [Tue], 2011, 1:47
I learnt that when I really want to hurt someone physically, I grab the neck or head. I will stomp and choke.

Glad I think fast enough or I'm just slow in reacting.


# 82 

December 06 [Tue], 2011, 0:49
Things happened for a reason. It's always a good reason.

Why is that so? Because it is as simple as what you want it to be in your mind. How you want to feel.

Negative feeling always exist. But it's how you make yourself come out of it.

As always, it's you.

Knowing this myself is not enough however...


Today, something seemly unpleasant happened. But it is okay. Because it happened for a good cause.

Every experience is precious.So tomorrow I live the day knowing I experienced something like that. I know my words would hold more power to the ones who need it.

Everyone knows what they want, what they are not doing and what they prefer to do.


# 81 

November 14 [Mon], 2011, 0:35
I feel sorry to see you.
I know I must disappear from your life and yet we met.

I wonder if you felt angry.
But I'm glad you're doing well, my ex-best friend.


# 80 

November 08 [Tue], 2011, 1:14
"It is career that turn off your friends."

Hey it isn't so!
The awesome people hear me out and even continue to stick around even after I made clear my intention.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact it is great!

Seems I really love to be of service to people.


# 79 

October 29 [Sat], 2011, 22:40
Sometimes I still wonder if I had completely moved on.


# 78 

October 18 [Tue], 2011, 22:00
I was one of the people who avoided insurance agents.
Didn't knew much about it yet I just avoid them like pest.

Therefore I understood fully how others would see of me if I talk about insurance.

I was reluctant to approach people I know due to that fact.
I do not want to lose any of them or make them change their opinion about me...

I saw what will happened if I didn't miraculously met Floreence and learnt about insurance from scratch.

Then I look around me and saw how others will be in the same state.
I do not want anyone to end up like that.
It's genuine help I want to provide for these people.
Especially the one I came to know in Starbucks with little earning power.

And so...

I shall not feel ashamed to speak freely.
To seek for a chance from acquaintance to talk about the future.

Ultimately, people who turned me away will regret in time to come and suffer terrible lost.
People who gave a chance will start looking into their future in a much clearer picture.
Feel the urgency to make it right today.

Kinda like a battle to see who is sensible?


# 77 

October 16 [Sun], 2011, 7:42
Many thoughts- good and bad.
Mostly about my new job as financial planner.

It's crystal clear to me how everyone is going to live in future.
The quality of life.

It make sense to me how I was behaving and why my pocket is not growing...


The most popular excuse for not saving up to be.
"When I have a proper and stable job, I will do it"

By proper and stable, we meant that it is high paying.
But really, almost none of us who said that have the substance to obtain that.

And by when, we're just waiting. Waiting for miracle? Opportunity?

I know because I made the same mistake.

But really, whichever job they are holding right now, is their stable job and that is their earning power.
Then it goes to how long can they survive on that kind of money...


There are many live examples.
More than enough examples to make anyone who doubt it realise the importance.
I only needed a chance to show them.
I would gladly do it to stuck some reality in their brain even if they're not going to take action.

I do it because I believe it.
And I want to give everyone the same opportunity to break free from future worries like how I receive it on the random day I met Floreence.


Genuine help I love to provide for the ones less fortunate ones.

Till another day I'll write about the not-so-good experience with certain people.
Which happens to be people of better earning power.


# 76 

October 10 [Mon], 2011, 8:49
Back in Singapore.

Managed to leave my love behind without crying.
It's really difficult to say goodbye...
Tried so hard to do it and forgot all the things I'm suppose to say...


When I woke up, it felt like I've been sucked out of a dream.
For a split second when I opened my eyes, I saw his room.
The smell of his shirt made it more real...


Days gonna pass by faster with all the things we got to do now.
Wonderful feeling of having a goal and strength.

Can't wait to see him again and tell him...

"I love you."

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