Coarse and thick bottom and thick with great popularity

July 15 [Mon], 2013, 14:22
Coarse and thick bottom and thick with great popularity in the last few seasons, there is a part of the fashion house also improved the agitation, christian louboutin discount shoes took it to a new season of autumn and winterHigh heels for women's importance lies in: a woman may be careless about one's dress to wear shoes, slippers, but the woman absolute spirit to wear high heels Once, he saw the female assistant to toe nail polish, red color once stimulated his inspiration, will be red on the sole, unexpectedly, surprisingly good, at this point, the red color is erotic duopo becomes Christian Louboutin, let him in the limelight

" Kelly said: "love will be gone, but shoes are forever That is my ultimate idol So, wear red shoes woman always from a bundle of no personality of women heap emerge, absolutely stand head and shoulders above others Any one through his making shoes woman would fall into a comfortable feeling, and he used the design with sharp contrast to express their ideas

This shining metal with fine, hard texture, some fine even more than half a little finger is thinner, and some metal is fine christian louboutin discount with the heel end especially fine can even be sharpThe iconic Christian Louboutin red soles is derived from the accident But the shoes, very strange, is a can give a woman is confident elements"Usually only the Paris Show Room will merge so delicate background and product exhibition, Wang Yinan try to the tone of Paris copy to Beijing, let the customer can see the CL most valuable creativity and core creative visual experience

Christian Louboutin in 6 years, with amazing speed about 10 times in the global sales channel expansion Common height is generally women are generally shorter than male, high heels can effectively from the impression the lengthened beauty figure, tall stature makes women with greater charm In addition to all kinds of leather, people in the pursuit of high heels elegant luxury, expensive metals and jewelry used in high-heeled shoes fabric This is not to say that they had gone before, but this time, they again occupy T, end of the rough with the revolution
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