beautiful encounter with the hand

July 09 [Wed], 2014, 16:00

Feeling like spring

Light breeze Yang, butterflies, flowers overflowing, the birds singing. The beautiful scenery, the mood, remember not far away, and the handsome you, love long long, emotion. A pool of ink research, laying a pigment, carrying a prime pen, to miss the soul dancing in the text, dancing. V. endless lovesickness, road untold Zhongchang, language is not enough love, hate not helpless, such as rivers, flowing, like a harp zither, gentle melodious, the full and tenderness, melt into the clever words, borrow the wind is blowing, borrow the cloud leisurely, transfer to the street side. Step you, can you feel?

A beautiful encounter, the warmth of the encounter, the warm bosom friend, from now on, write you into my heart, engraved in my dream. Time is very long, let us meet at the right time, with the rising of ideas. Although the world is very small, but let me in the boundless huge crowd and you know, my life is so wonderful, you are my most beautiful encounter with the hand.

Addicted to poetry writing, you have the flat Zeze singing, picturesque dream volumes, lingering and unable to part from you. Always want to immerse yourself in your dreams, always intoxicated in your picture will not wake up. The rotation, so don't change, simple love, happy, is my yearning. This simple love, simple and very difficult to do, because love is not simple, because of the deep love is not simple. Not simple mood, a simple love to pay how much love, "Jane love speaks much helpless acacia!

Not wrong to listen to your words, if wrong, heart will suddenly caused pain.
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