biting cold let Chen Xuan asphyxia

June 14 [Fri], 2013, 18:18
Standing on the top of the Russian girl in white also saw Chen Xuan standing on the edge of the two peaks, cold eyes seemed to come from thousand years snow, biting cold let Chen Xuan asphyxia, side of Wang Yuqing was actually a each other's eyes and sh è, vomited a blood, with eyes can kill. (Chen Xuan.) once hired, will this icy intended to kill to dissipate, but also made a killing,Oakley Dispatch, killing two shares to air meet, finally issued a deafening sound. "Boom!" A force of wave ch á o in two intermediate form, like a cloud, slowly dissipated. "You are far away, if I didn't guess wrong, this is the way for more than ten years' Jade '' at the back!" Chen Xuan said on the side of Wang Yuqing. "You watch yourself!" Wang Yuqing died of their injuries, retreated to the distant, know ourselves here only to Chen Xuan chaos, their strength is too strong, I even have no ability to resist. "You is what person, why will stand on my peak!" Chen Xuan snapped. Although Chen Xuan had guessed the girl is the jade noodles Luo Cha, or not to be so evil intention, because Chen Xuan had heard the swallow description once, but Chen Xuan was the first to dominate, occupy the initiative. "Who am I?" The girl was questioningly, as if heard a funny joke. Chen Xuan ignored, waiting for his below, this time, the mountains around the station has a lot of son, God knows all over, and some elders are dispatched, but did not act to stop, as if to see a very difficult thing. "The mountain now let your occupation?" The girl did not say who you are, but asked about Chen Xuan, the mountain now is it right? Chen Xuan, the girl who released the cold chill, a chill at Chen Xuan, Chen Xuan had not the strong, even being eroded by the chill in the air, with the cultivation of the cold ice this swallow is not the same, this is a complete one, with icy chill. "You're right,Oakley Probation Sunglasses, now this mountain is my!" Chen Xuan with a playful smile said, because Chen Xuan had already decided, this girl is jade noodles Luo Cha, or can not be so arrogant and overbearing, the rumors are true. "Don't you know that the mountain is my, just dare to enter the mountain one step,Outlet Oakley Sport, all dead, and you are no exception, you even dare to be busy at putting up installations in the above, more can not forgive sin!" The girl said with anger. "Is there any evidence that this mountain is you, where are you when I came, I said it was me, at least for now, all that, and I even met you have not seen, I can even kill you in here, because you're breaking my forbidden, but!" Chen Xuan paused, not to say it. Chen Xuan with the tone of the joke, to prove the jade noodles Luo Cha exactly is a what kind of person, not to know each other in the case, Chen Xuan tried a. But on the opposite side of the white girls can't wait, "but what! Come on!" Jade noodles Luo Cha also listenned to out, this kid is obviously in the test yourself. No.
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