and east of the region

December 19 [Wed], 2012, 12:19
Do not know when to create the main Dragon Temple space can exactly which rib is a problem, should collect refining numerous space debris, they will become the main Dragon Temple melting of such a spatial range than earth but also huge many existence."The domain name please familiar" in such a large main Dragon Temple space, dragon real activities, just the main dragon Dianna a core dragon sculpture around hundreds of miles to a thousand miles.But it is worth mentioning that, the main dragon temple world is round, dragon sculpture at the world in the East, and east of the region......There is a void.At the moment, so the horse with vitality world wings propel themselves toward the destination fly, because individual auxiliary equipment guidelines, he also eliminates the moment map."Demon division they used violent means to forcible tearing the main dragon Dian He candle-long house space between the channel, so to did not directly come to gold s è Dragon carving nearby, but fell in the vast space, some bad guys UGG Roxy Sale, even directly was introduced to space Lu à n stream, or die, or be the space Lu à n flow strength tear into pieces.""For the high force in times of war, terrain, weather changes in these factors basically can be ignored, so from the strategic layout, guarding the three line of the dozens of defense matrix key point is almost impossible.""Because the front the longer, more easily broken, so even if the defense method cannot counter, also cannot support each other tactics of sea of faces.Step back, to throw a huge tactical aside, it has four order force demon division as long as the hand, is enough to detonation broke any defence, dragon Lingsha going throughyourhead?"Shook his head, put these thoughts to exclude cerebral, the air not to think about the problem.The extension of evil stays in the surface, while flying, keep with it through "thorn" combination character under the lines, in order to reach the best level.A horse of air rapidly, but also for Hu ā two days to arrive at their destination -- North thirteen theater.After this and the two day time of flight and observation, he found himself at the outset or underestimate the overall commander Long Lingsha.This road here, combined with fact, maps, data and theory.A horse for the overall arrangement of space thought has been changing, in the end, he set out guidelines, in addition to a location outside the region difference The North Face Greenland Cheap, the other was the Dragon Ling yarn arrangement identical.Such a change is not the reason for the other Jimmy Choo Mandah On Sale, it is he started to ignore terrain and weather factors.Beyond the horse so the surprise, this side of heaven and earth changes extremely strange, some areas of normal gravity.In some regions, gravity will suddenly increased hundreds times, some areas rich in some places lack of energy, energy extremely, some areas up to a temperature of two hundred or three hundred degrees Celsius, some areas are more than 100 degrees below zero......Plus some strange how plants and animals, almost all can form a natural barrier, with individual auxiliary equipment through some data, maps and information the air almost certainly, even if those fortifications breached, these natural barriers and some people can not overstep -- of course.With the exception of four order.Demon division was able to force through, but his one through line, no any meaning."Now the only suspect Hu ò is the third line of defense of the drain of a D ò ng, see the Dragon Lingsha layout technique should not have made such a silly mistake is, she was meant to bring demon division into the array?But......Even if the demon division into, can how?No way will kill the other words, it can only be vain!"But the next moment.The air is no longer to think about this problem.Because the incoming head through the line of sight the bloody one act violently stabbed J ī his soul, he will be from the depth of thought out.The thirteenth theater was sandwiched between two touch the sky Valley, from a very far down the sky.
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