people see bodyguards for the injuries of casualties

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 18:00
When the moon climbed up the night sky around the heat subsided. Summer nights are cool the day the earth was scorched slightly to catch his breath. A quiet patrol sprinkle as silver Wuban moonlight in the villa Chen Tianming inside the villa of bodyguards or feeling very hot. Although the control room someone staring at a villa outside meters of in charge of defending here into wood or feel the need to be more careful so he sent two bodyguards patrolling outside. One is afraid others avoid the monitor came in emergency bodyguard matrix method is also possible in the first time to start. Since the benefits Xi Gama to the villa cloth under the matrix method not so nervous. Matrix method as long as the enemy came in the villa before start is Paul everyone peace. The last President sent a tactical deployment master can not be untied benefits Xi Gama matrix method so they feel at ease to patrol inside. More than two hundred meters of the villa outside local naive people lurking there for nearly two hours. In order to get its job done as naive person when the wizard after all, he had been here Canada Goose D Alpago Bomber. Naive people in front of the villa of Chen Tianming Chen Tianming now the capital not here to over forty bodyguards you must be able in a short period of time tapping into it and grabbed Chen Tianming family. "Said size sound. "As long as Chen Tianming not we more than enough to deal with the people inside." Naive person said confidently. That matrix method in accordance with the kind of moves no problem, right? While we have powerful martial arts but against the law, but not ah! "Naive people are afraid of is Chen Tianming what ninety-nine ** array. Tactical deployment of the powerful is not that they can predict that even if they then powerful martial arts did not crack the method is also not enter. "Naive Do you not believe us? This time we have come a hundred people, we did not dare to open this joke." Large "In a few hours and then hands it looked at the time! Our hands a few minutes there will match our roads plugged with something they want to come, it takes time. "" If only more than twenty aircraft reinforcements we are not afraid. "naive man said. "Until then we will make them of no return Women's Canada Goose Kensington." After about an hour big to see time almost implied it would be for the naive people. They sprang toward the villa. "Ring ring ring" is responsible for monitoring the bodyguard existing invade them immediately sounding the alarm patrol in the villa the bodyguards immediately start matrix method. Full of people to come to the villa a time a lot of them immediately into the matrix method inside people within the building is also being awakened them nervously looking at the inside of the case. Naive people their martial arts high just a while they went to the villa. When they see them into not building the scene could not help secretly amazed villa. Matrix method is matrix method is really very powerful. If not they crack really did not dare to go. All because they saw the scene with do not like to see in the distance the matrix method powerful to go just before they heard the news, people do not find the North to suddenly popped up from the battle. Naive people looked on the big and said: "You hurry me to protect you in the back in front of open array eye broken we can go." Naive people do not understand the matrix method but also to know matrix method to be broken is To find the array of eye or know how to walk. Big nodded to bring everyone into the matrix method. Into the wood to see come into the matrix method was secretly pleased. Attention to the enemy into the matrix method, we see them solitary immediately attacks to kill them hidden inside in battle formation. "Although this attracted more than 100 masked men in black, but into the wood they are not afraid of the matrix method help They can get rid of those enemies. But as wood, when they want to attack now enemy immediately turned and went to the place they hide attack they scared they immediately retreat to the back. Large with naive people viewed the walk to the laps after now appears in front of the two buildings. "Oh, we see that the buildings." Naive people said, pleased. Retreated behind the tactical deployment into wood to see these black people went out of the outer array within the array could not help afraid cried: "bad enemy may know our matrix method of crack rewinds the last if it really was true We had to fight with them. "really not into the wood material when a large array eye to find outside the array immediately put to the ** outer array ruined. Then they went on to beat about the bush want to find within the array of array of eye so that they can be within the array to rip to completely kill go. Zhongxiang Liang did not dare openly asked Chung Ying matrix method moves and array eye thing he learned Zhong Ying tactical deployment comes to an end is how close the matrix method is how to start from the next side. Zhongxiang Liang just tell big that see a certain something that is in battle array eye knocked it Destroys. The specific array eye where Zhongxiang Liang is not dare to ask so detailed. Therefore they find out in battle formation. Because they already know the route east of the matrix method walk west a walk which encountered the bodyguards attacked simply the wrong thing. As long as they do not fall into the matrix method will be able to deal with those bodyguards. Particularly naive person existing bodyguards immediately the palm strike past his sharp edge of the palm terrible. If not to say that the bodyguard in battle now right immediately indentation matrix method escape if not tactical deployment of the innocence of the the palm blade to block the estimated bodyguards dead. See the enemy into a wooden inner casual ease and turn to find the array array eye he knew that people already know the route of the matrix method Destroys a matter of time. And each other so many martial arts and enemy stuck in the matrix method where they simply attacked not. "We retreated to the matrix method outside ready to meet the enemy." Into wood heaved a sigh of relief and then led bodyguards walked outside to the matrix method. They just go out shortly matrix method is the enemy crack all a cover-up. "Hey hey hey this under your powerful not it?" Big 得意地笑着. Into wood they embattled but they are just more than forty large do not see in the eyes. "What are you people? Why come in?" Into the wood snapped asked. They have requested reinforcements to the outside only is the right way to stall for time. Large on the back of the black people shouted: "kill them all one not to stay." And prepare another with the naive person three divisions brothers and their men go upstairs. We must protect the family we have a good head do not let them go. "Into the wood they immediately put the entrance of the main building to the blocked" brothers our reinforcements would soon arrive vow to not let them up. "bodyguards shouted in unison. They immediately surrounded by a small circle of the other people that they only narrow circle close to the building in order to delay a little time. A group of three of them is a triple of the surgery. "Kill" the large waved Betta master rushed up. They really are simmering a belly fire Bevan Fu Chen Tianming kill, they not only can not be too comfortable life as before, but also like a criminal hide. All thanks to Chen Tianming the gift tonight is their revenge. The bloody start which sounded Hansha are earth-shattering. Especially into wood they were too few people simply pressing them to play. Soon they someone injured or even death. "Lovemaking" into the wood by three black people played retreated to the the wall enemy too many martial arts and strong they do not rival. "Fight with them." They pounced on as the Trojans beat up to talk to the enemy he himself completely disregard injury. Naive person they wanted to go upstairs all of them into wood entrance door could not help angrily said: "You called those who to hurry their number is two or three times how people did not fall to?" Large the naive person self-sustaining identity do not want to join hands with the Betta master Canada Goose Expedition Parka Discount. If you make him a person to deal with dozens of people he did not do so, he was urging large. Large sneered "innocent people, you do not rush you look at those bodyguards on dying their number of casualties increased within three minutes, they would be finished." Large wood also admire their bravery change for others now finished can support so long. And the defense of the three of them together can improve their strength. In the upstairs of a woman who may be anxious they can rely Yi Xi Gama's matrix method for security and peace, but did not think he was an enemy to rip each other to a hundred people into the wood they were beaten to death casualties injury originally thought but There are more than a dozen enemies there stood no hands can not go on like this! Xiaoni we going to see not go and look into the wood they will be killed by the enemy. "HeTao worried looking down on Xiaoni said. "We went below." Lillian says nodded. "No, not your powers can not go down." The Fang Cuiyu shook his head. "Well I HeTao, Xiaoni trio go you with the above we waited for our signal." Said Lillian thought: "only so you have to be careful." Fang Cuiyu nodded and ran back to his room took something immediately followed HeTao and Xiaoni went downstairs. When they went downstairs to see into the wood, they fought a bloody war could not help secretly shed the eyes. "" You soon withdraw into wood floor inside do not hit with them. "Xiaoni Zhaoyan cried loudly. Xiaoni you not go down fast up their goal is to you. "Into the wood to see Xiaoni them down not by panic cried. "No, we can not look at you killed." Is also cried Fangcui Yu. She is a bloody people see bodyguards for the injuries of casualties they die they how can I not shot to hide it? So they are the trio flying out of the building and mouth to join the fight. Large them out hastily naive person said: "naive man three women Chen Tianming woman their martial arts high you fast help to seize three women in the past." Big heart delighted to see how Peach tonight even be able to catch the three women can be considered basic to complete the task.
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