Henan daily: guozu deficiency not mental

November 20 [Wed], 2013, 11:54
Fu Bo is how to be "temporary"? "6·15," after the defeat, guozu nationwide castigated, Camacho was out, the Chinese position vacant, even football association with "paid workers" perks invite anybody. Why? Because no one dared to take over. At that time, the fiasco of public condemnation after guozu troughs, and after 30 days the Chinese team will play the East Asian Cup, used to be a "regular workers" the foreign man, no one would dare put their reputations at stake, because once guozu rout the East Asian Cup, they will become scapegoats. nike blazer low womens "Regular workers" IQ is so high, against external insults that score when self-preservation more than anything else, this image quite a few traitors. Smiling Chinese Football Association had found Fu Bo, and the Northeast man first set off the bloody East Asian Cup.

Kramer said: "only happened eight years ago, no one will forget or repeat, this lesson also helps the Club to rise to the top of Europe. Taking history as a mirror and even more and rashness. "In the past three years, Dortmund made the Bundesliga after two consecutive championships, and break into the Champions League final last season, marketable great promotion in the Club building, the team had a similar" within five years to win the Champions League, "hard yet? Kramer said, "including head coach has been telling fans, we will make every effort to achieve greater success, this also includes business and marketing, team building requires a long-term and stable development is not scheduled for a 35-year timeline. "Because next year is a World Cup year, as large international China at the Dortmund could not immediate plan of competitions, the Club will have the possibility to introduce Chinese players did? "We have a worldwide Scouting system, but not to importune for markets in China or India to introduce the players, because Dortmund was first and foremost a football club, football is the most important business. "Kramer said," as Kagawa's Division first was a remarkable player, we observe him for a long time, knowing that he can contribute to the team, after introducing him, started the second and third steps, obtaining commercial sponsorship contracts and open up the market. ”

This Xian (Xinhua Li Yue) while the battle for China and Saudi Arabia may Agency Manager Fu Bo coach the final battle, but for their own future, Fu Bo still choose not to. In a news conference on November 19 after the game, a reporter asked if he was invited to teach about the Liaoning team, said Fu Bo, his current focus is the national team, coach of Liaoning, did not think too much, because no one has talked to him about it. Currently sitting on his position in the national team, Fu Bo, of course, performance reviews to be his disciples, womens nike blazer high he thinks everyone's play was wonderful, only small regrets is that I do not score goals. "The game came up 4,141 formations, tactics changed no problem, corner chosen to dilute zhe Zhang, the effect is very good, several players like Sun, Bowen in the race have all demonstrated a high level of competence. "In the face of the next to die together Iraq's situation, Fu Bo said:" from the perspective of history, the Chinese team has a lot of regrettable moments, how we try and turn advantages into power, but all rely on these advantages, and to rely on their own strength and mental. ”
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