hundreds of millions of earth road

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Beginning of the world, Yuan Hongjun deification, the soul into three clear, jīng blood become sorcerer. Taoist certificate days to go, from the rules set, prehistoric chaos points, four circles together the universe. Road origin natural, yīn seroconversion tai chi, fairy magic to be shipped raw, disputes can not break. Heaven and earth have a set number, Ming Huan three thousand world, hundreds of millions of earth road, fairy magic to make battlefield. Prehistoric World in pregnant God, Sin, and the devil, who in addition to the four main sector ancient demon, jīng created spiritual, ancestral witch Houtu created nether world, created by Buddhist Buddhist community, caught in four boundary between good standing upon a time Hongjun beheaded corpse of the transformation to the rising dawn of the clear air of thirty days for three days outside the foundation to build upon a time. Zu Dao subject to three, the highest God as "three-ching." "Three clear" refers both to the gods reside three shengjing: Yuqing Celestine, on Muslim territory, too pure in Wonderland, collectively known as three Chingjing; also refers to three door supreme God: Yuqing Great Yuanshi Senior supernatant Great Lingbao, too pure moral revere the Great. Yuqing God, the supernatant was God, too pure Great, Haotian Supreme Jade God, hook Chan Palace on the Great Emperor, the Great Arctic transit Ziwei, East Pole Tai revered revere (ie blue Hua Dadi), Antarctic longevity , Houtu Huang ground only. Under five Fangtian Ting, zhōngyāng is: too much on the opening day of the calendar with true executive body breaks Royal Road Jinque cloud dome calendar Imperial Palace nine ten thousand inaction brightly lit hall Queyu Huang Hao Tian Jin Hyun large dome Senior High God, also known as the Jade Emperor, governing ten thousand days, on palm thirty-six days, three thousand world, ministries deities, administered the 72, four state department in charge of sky gods, immortal, Buddhism, as well as hundreds of millions of mortal creatures, known as the Jade Emperor so large revere Yuen Ling High God. . (Three thousand world actually endless world, a small world in thousands of sets, thousands of the world to form a small, one thousand small integration thousands of the world thousands of the world, thousands of the world in the integration of one thousand worlds, worlds cause this small, medium and large one thousand integrated world, it said three thousand worlds. called three thousand world, but in reality for one billion small world, and the three thousand worlds in fact, hundreds of billions of the world, it is also known as an infinite world, The vague concept of the whole universe is indeed gap.) Oriental East Pole Green Hua Dadi, also known as Tai revered revere, folk called Taiyizhenren, governing million class. This call is too a saint in heaven mascot, called for the Daci benevolent living in hell called for rì Emperor Yao, the heretics photo call for the Lions Yamashina yeah, the government called for the hole in the water Chau Emperor. "Wonderful road Mami, Zijin Rui phase", sitting in the forest of nine Ama Fang Qian sè lotus throne, surrounded by nine young lion vomit flame, surrounded the throne. Senior heaven surround nine sè SG, put shè dazzling. Southern Antarctic longevity, aka Yuqing true king, the immortal God is Nanjixianweng, governing Souls. Nanjixianweng, also known as the Antarctic zhenjun, Great longevity, because he Lord life, so called "birthday" or "Canopus." Western Great Emperor Tai Chi, an acronym for "Great Emperor Palace on the hook Chen," governing Wan Lei. Great Northern Arctic transit Ziwei, called "Arctic transit Ziwei too Emperors", governing Wan Star. Nether ghost sector sorcerer Houtu flesh the transformation, and attached to the fairy, who between the two circles, set up six reincarnation circle. One, Heaven, two, Shura Road, three, earth road, four, beasts, five, hungry ghosts, six, hell. Herein the three for three good way, because the job (good and evil two industries, namely causal) representing excellent so; under three for the three lower realms, because of its relatively heavy and therefore all operating segments of life and death of sentient beings perish in their cycle approach, no six. The so-called reincarnation: that describes their feelings like, go to the back and forth, like a wheel maneuver, in which six of the cycle, there is not no time, named six reincarnation Nether ghost sector offers jobs in North yīn Feng Feng Caesar Caesar, also known as the Great Northern yīn , North Pacific Emperor shall rì born September 9, whose term of office is three years toward a term one to which he was named. Five parties Ghost Emperor: the East Timor Cai Yu Lei ghost, god Tu, rule "Peach Hill ended" the gates of hell and Western ghost Emperor Zhao, Wang reality, governance 'bo mound mountain "Northern Ghost Emperor Zhang Heng, Yang Yun, cure Luo Feng Shan ; the South Ghost Emperor Duzi Ren, cure Luofushan; zhōngyāng ghost emperor weeks begging, JI Kang rule "Bao Du Mountain" Jizo ten Yama: Qin Guang Wang, Chu Jiang Wang, Song emperor, Wu officer Wang, Underworld Wang, equality king, Tarzan King, King City,Christian Louboutin Men's Flats Sale, Bian City Wang, Zhuanlun Chief Magistrate Cui Fu Jun, Zhong Kui, black, Bai Wuchang, Ma Tau face, Meng Po God, the Devil, also known as Ashura circles, according to legend is the originator of asuras Stygian ancestors taught, in fact, evidence sanctuary cut Hongjun incarnation of evil dead to Pangu yīn blood to the part of the nether sea of ​​blood as the foundation into Asura Devil. Styx leader for the Devil first to Asura king, the king of the devil, are born per carcass, Abi two swords portable, with 12 power comparable ancestral witch, who rates the devil attacking heaven Asura congregation, and the Wu family have a more intimate exchanges. Beelzebub Boxun: Stygian ancestors to teach men the first war, but also the first of four devil, he had 72 daughters (known as Ashura 72 princess), Boxun have Asura innate treasure which 3 - Nether sickle, Shura flag, but since Kyu. Boxun tyrannical power, but together with his wife Goddess Wumo has been one of the incarnations of Buddha five Liming Wang Kundalini feet on the first, pretending to surrender. Large burning days: three five-sided, head for the square, personal tail, riding a huge python deterrence world. Has Shura umbrella, two swords and blood mesh Shura legend treasure. Strength behind Boxun. Famous men with Indra, Lu Tuo Luo et. yùsè days: one of the four devil, the devil in order to yín into strength, their word is being realized from the road, so as to achieve asuras highest level - Omen no phase boundary. Shiva: the three major Hindu gods,Oakley Sunglasses Store, the god of destruction, the predecessor of the Indus civilization reproductive God "Beast Master" and the Vedic god of storms Lu Tuo Luo, both reproductive and destruction, creation and destruction dual xìng grid, showing a variety of different looks odd deceitful grotesque, mainly Linga phase,Oakley Sunglasses Hijinx, horror phase, gentle phase, Superman-phase, three physiognomy, dance Xiang, glass gamma of the main phase, half female equivalent of the Lord in disguise, Linga ( male root) is the most basic symbol of Shiva. There are also Luohou meters are also known as the spirit world Protoss witch family, but born of the family supernatural, prehistoric Heaven established, Heaven for the Xing Terran and setting Lich amulet, ancestral witch ghost sector in the soil behind the incarnation of the nether build six reincarnation , Heaven read their merit, a lifeline for the Wu family leave. The remaining eleven ancestral witch re-fit, in order to control the space velocity of the body of the river god of the emperor, by virtue of you ancestral witch supernatural talent, the fairy, magic, human realms beyond independence into a spirit world. Once upon a time relative to the spirit world, the Devil is small, the god king called Zeus, there are many other supernatural God has gifted heir, the spirit world in order to extend the Wu family was originally established by a clock, and therefore would not join the six, not easily accession to the WTO, otherwise it shall be Heaven kill, because that ancestral witch's powerful, almost can be regarded dúlì a community. The spirit world, also known as the demon jīng community, and said the demon animal cultivation, plant cultivation and said the jīng, and the spirit world, just as after the Lich amulet, and ancestral witch was able to confront the demon jīng, to escape the doom and created a dúlì world. But these spared catastrophe demon jīng created spirit world, it is only dependent upon a time, under the Devil's a small world, is far less than the god of ancestral witch built community, nor into six reincarnation, the spirit world nor demon jīng easily WTO. Buddhist community, also known as the Western Paradise, Chuan Buddha lotus with its inherent Lingbao Nine as the base, congenital Lingbao Qibao wonderful tree for the body of the Buddhist community into the Western Paradise, Buddha are all born from the lotus. Buddhist community also exist independently a profession, would not join the six reincarnation, but Buddhism is not Heaven restrictions, you can send three thousand disciples into the world preaching, escorts souls into the Buddhist community. Perhaps this is another hidden yīn plan, Bliss is like a deceptive argument. "Bitu why called bliss? Their national beings, without a congregation bitter, but Shouzhu music, named Bliss. "" Land of Ultimate Bliss, seven heavy bar followed, seven heavy snare, seven rows of trees, are all four treasures, Zhouza surrounded by virtue of his country's name is bliss. "" Land of Ultimate Bliss, there Shippo pool, eight merit of water, which is full, the bottom purely Jin Shabu ground. Four sides of the stage road, gold, silver, glass, glass synthesis. There are castles, were also gold and silver, glass, glass, Tridacna, Chi Zhu, and Yan ornaments of agate. Lotus pool as big as wheels, blue sè, glaucoma, yellow sè, yellow, red sè, red light, white sè, white, delicately fragrant cleaning. "Refers to the human world who lived precinct, is six, five fun, one of the seven circles, also known as the human world, the human world, human interest, humanitarian or known world. Person's residence, which is called Sumeru four continents, the continents as they face each terrain, while life expectancy with mutually different continents. About Yan Futi of Life, Volume kosa robbery twenty twelve have lived in the robbery argument. But also by students of human industry because, miscellaneous Agama Makizo 17 years, if the line ten poor industry is born of hell, though born in the Shouzhu difficult; if OK Treatise industry is born of heaven, if people are born can avoid all difficult.
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