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December 17 [Mon], 2012, 17:05
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe go will go, since Lee from and his men had arranged it all ,God never to stop their steps ,the entire South Korea when the weather is coming .
( read the novel to the vertex novel network ) or the sun according to that time ,people still follow the normal time going to work to go to school ,Li Yan is also in accordance with the established time arrived at the airport ,take the energy group director plane back to China ,prepared from the group within the secondment of refined Bing Qiang will receive the Korea national oil corporation .
Korea Seoul time eight thirty ,each big website published energy group sued the Korea national oil group of articles ,and in huge letters show the Korean Supreme Court has accepted the case ,but there are a lot of Korean big lawyer stood up, said energy group odds had reached ninety percent ,and even some South Korean prosecutors also ran out talk a lot of nonsense ,all this situation is not conducive to the National Petroleum group .
Korea Seoul time eight forty ,National Petroleum Group of the other seven private shareholders came to Li Cong office ,ready to transfer their hand the price of six billion $ fifteen percent stake in peacetime ,the absolute can reach the billions of dollars ,but Li Cong ignored them, just for a delicious drink ,all have to wait these shareholders ,also understand while stocks would be in the hands of the stock even $six billion not to have, but now people Li Cong is Lord ,they want to see us any time when ,knew that it had sold ,originally thought that countries will stop ,look now state with energy group to wear a pair of pants .
Korea Seoul time eight fifty-five ,most of the senior stock economy entered the trading hall Canada Goose Palliser,most of them face the heavy ,their employers give them only one task ,must first opened half an hour left hands all the Petroleum Group shares, if see Samsung Group fell more than five percent of the time immediately sale of Samsung group major shares of a listing Corporation ,after all, the Samsung Group is a listed stock .
Korea Seoul time nine o ,South Korea stock market opened ,the next half an hour with the Southeast Asian financial crisis when the Thailand stock decline compared ,Korea national oil group fell ten percent in half an hour ,in the industry was in the port of Inchon is the United States tanker three are water ,or even get out of hand ,this is what Li Congsuo did not think of ,really doubt yourself is it right? Wrong Canada Goose D Alpago Bomber Sale,the cliff like index line straight let people feel this is the financial crisis came .
Korea Seoul time nine fifty ,Korea index tumbled four percent ,it is oil group ,was close to the maximum annual one-day fall day ,each big securities firms with crazy crazy to sell ,but South Korea and China are not the same, there is no limit or stop ,so after ten percent or later on in the fall, Samsung Group shares by the oil group drag also fell more than three percent ,if this time again that Jin Yongnan was seriously ill .
So, I am afraid of SamSung group decreases with the upper oil group .Korea Seoul time ten ten ,the special representative of the president of South Korea presidential residence in Chong Wa Dae speech ,said the South Korean stock market concern Canada Goose Down Hoody Outlet,and on the Korea national oil group of some performance expressed great dissatisfaction ,intends to use the government shares initiated the new session of the board of directors ,elected ,and the SamSung group expressed distrust ,which in for many years, was the first time ,the Korea National Oil Corporation stock fell more powerful .
Lee from the securities department begins in the morning at different price batch purchased nearly $four billion in stock ,if placed in a month before the four billion stock can buy around four percent ,but has now purchased all the Korean market, the current stock ,after all, oil group originally only has one hundred and five billion capital ,now after a two decline ,has shrunk to 1/3 of the original ,along with the government is also lost a lot ,but Lee has to hand in the report from the past ,can to the original purchase price government in the hands of nineteen percent of the shares ,if all the success, Lee from absolute can completely control the whole petroleum group ,now Li Cong had a staggering eighty percent of the shares ,the other fifteen percent outside the six shareholders ,the remaining five percent is out in the small hands .
Although the government agreed to Li Cong ,but they put forward a very let Lee from repulsive to requirements ,that is must let Jin Meiren become the company name holder ,and not Li Congshe not these shares ,only in the home of the woman did not name hung company antecedents ,here ,there are two it is really a headache ,but ,in the spirit of all for the final victory principle or first took it, it is a nominal .
Seoul time at 2 o ,basic have drop ,due to Li Cong to buy ,National Petroleum Group shares last or fixed in seventeen percent ,when Li Congyong a lot of money to hold the city or no ear ,but as long as the new board of directors held ,then announced that environmental protection oil to supply news ,although cannot rise back to the original state ,but absolutely can use less money in exchange for today .
South Korea at three p.m. Seoul time ,the stock market closed ,the energy group overall victory ,the oil group ,and a small part of the shares of SamSung group were Lee from into the pocket ,some international hot money is to understand who is in control ,so there are no entering the fray ,Li Congying must now can meet the outside a few shareholders .
The six shareholders from morning till now came out ,also know what is going on ,but their hands are not in circulation stock ,can only watch their assets in a step-by-step shrink ,a few days ago still received Li Conghao hundreds of millions RMB gift and secretly pleased ,now almost Li Cong father had eight people to call back ,it is too much ,the morning also have four billion dollars ,is now on the left with $three billion ,$one billion ,which is how large a sum of money ,if you want to buy twenty million yuan worth of Rolls-Royce Phantom heads version of the world car.
You can buy more than 300 ,whole yard of a year . Sorry you ,always some things ,snub you ,do not know to what can I do for you? Usually you seldom come here tonight ,I treat, everybody is not drunk do not return ,that is how a company .
Li Congfeng wind fire coming in ,not to the people opening or give place to say something nice ,after all the hand not playing smiling people .They listened to the words of that gas ah ,feelings on purpose ,but now form than one strong ,a few days before you ask us, these days we had something useless, must ask you .
Mr. Li ,we all know that you are busy, so we didn bother you ,but today we will indeed have something important ,we all feel in our oil group it on oil group development is not little resistance ,so we decided to give our shares to you .
Cui Xiuer is the third large stockholder of Petroleum Group ,behoove becomes so spokesman .( read the novel to the vertex novel network ) 16977 game update everyday fun little game ,you
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