President win Peng Luo, reorganization

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 13:11

President win Peng Luo, reorganization of Peng Zhen Liu Ren former Beijing Municipal, quickly got rid of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to prevent a discount air jordan spiz'ike

coup; gross transferring fourteen hundred officers from across the country, won the dominion. Military leadership any PUC; leadership of the division level and any of

the districts and counties; battalion or regiment level everywhere Division; connected cadres assigned police station.

Luo Xie Hua four Rengong Minister

Throughout the twentieth century, by the Communist Party, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin doctrine guide Eurasian countries, the Secret House political defend cadres most

vulnerable to distress, maiming not in the struggle of the international and domestic rival, but rather senior party leader sectarian struggle between two lines (line

struggle that the white power struggle). Because it is the party and the country of the dictatorship of the vital sector of the machine at the inner-party struggle

wave outlet. Look at the Soviet Union from the Cheka, the political defense of Administration, cells other birds, the NKVD, the KGB ... Lubyanka masters such as Ya

Geda, Yezhov, Beria and generation. By Stalin's decree, the arrest of a large number of party and government veteran senior cadres, Marshal General Polish

prisoners were killed, as well as the Katyn forest, internationally renowned cultural artists, professors, exile Arctic Circle in Siberia, executed by firing squad,

and card kiosks forest to kill the Polish prisoners, no mercy. Shortly after, the partners issued an arrest Laogai order for the execution ground, the officials in discount jordan cp3.iv shoes

charge of the execution of powerful people, has become a prisoner escorted to the execution ground were killed. Then layers of pulling the black line, hold Ya Geda,

Yezhov, Beria's cronies, off, kill, exile. Wave after wave of from Dien Nova to joining the Great Purge of the Republic, state, district; while there are a large

number of people marching with the blood of our predecessors, soaring high-ranking officials ...

My party since the founding of thunder to October 1976, 27 years of four Ministry of Public Security Minister.

The first any Luo, loss of freedom that was denounced as early as in December 1965. Luo suicide unbearable humiliation, minors, and broke his leg. Are in red, Luo is

loaded into the bucketful carried to the station, with Marshal Peng, Peng Zhen together denounced disgrace camera through the media, the world to see. Ms. Luo Hao

Zhiping suicide, was rescued, because you want to get caught, how can you let Hao casually dead. Since then, that is, an operation to heal the leg of the Cultural discount jordan melo m8 shoes

Revolution, to the West, died in Europe away from home.
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