since it is illegal immigrants over

December 06 [Thu], 2012, 15:13

This article contents into the chapter, if you like into God 1102 chapter of God 1102 collection into God 1102 chapter! White House Obama thousand U.S. minister is an important meeting at the White House, everyone's face, are extremely heavy, good-looking Fiction: Master online game of legendary TXT Download today's meeting to discuss two question. believe we already know, so, in this case, I do not make more explanation. things in China, but we did not stop living, that will lose a large part of the economy of our country, Obama sighed and said: officially abdicated, president of bit to his son Chu wind, campus almighty master TXT download UGG Women's Over The Knee Bailey. If we want to prevent the Tamron Group to move back to China, the crux Chu mountains, after all, Chu mountains is the the Tamron Group chairman, is the only founder if we can say that the dynamic Chu mountains that is not a problem. looked down, he not seen what! let Chu wind nod, all that can be easily handled. no data found, called us how to contact Chu wind! not to mention good talk! program, that we can do, is pegged to the the Tamron Group headquarters, I believe in the past two days UGG Women's Payton, Chu wind will reach Tamron Group headquarters, at that time, we will be able to see him. copies of the information on the next, Obama picked up another copy of the data, said: Tamron Group things aside. Tangjiashan with Currant family has almost reached the white-hot battle, estimated soon after, necessary to expand all aspects of the life and death battle UGGs Boots Over The Knee Twisted Cable, the nice Fiction: Dragon with the maid TXT download and look at the present situation, Currant family stability * confidence in the victory. good discussion on the multiplication of this opportunity, the Tangjiashan off, after all Tangjiashan from China, we can not let a gang, in our land of tyranny. White House side has been eyeing. Although the U.S. government can not laissez-faire gang development, but also know that the gang is never cut off, in that case, that holding up a local gang, the gang holding up much better it is better than the one from the other countries. It, the White House here, also already begun action, Commissioner relative talked with Currant family over there! , Tang should is waiting for the arrival of the rescue. battle, but that does not mean that other forces do not intervene. allies. East to help, actually China's East to help, how is this possible, Tang when contact with the East to help on, and, in addition to the East to help China's, there is actually an Italian Yeah cold family, which is tantamount to two side reinforcements, but this information is true, Tangjiashan two Fangyuan Bing arrived, the three parties together, a Currant family a bucket over how Tangjia! Obama said: East to help disperse for the seven forces, not let the Chinese government side eyeing nice novel: outsider to take over the world we also are aware, China's Shenzong is a how to the presence of one of the six forces, dignified world were all East to help to destroy the visible East to help the forces of a large, far more than we get. The woman wearing Phnom Penh eyes asked. illegal immigrants from China came to Washington with Tangjiashan side had contact with, I say, we should have understood Lin Shaojun Why would sneak into Washington. the Lin Shaojun simply do not need illegal immigrants here, since it is illegal immigrants over, and the first time contact with Tangjiashan, it is very obvious to support Tangjiashan. two issues has been placed on the desktop, Next, we have to prepare for the arrival of two VIP. Chu family heir, Chu wind; second, East China help mysterious monarch, because I believe that, since Lin Shaojun has come to Washington, then East to help the mysterious monarch, will also be coming soon. actually the same person, then they must be crazy! The fifth day, the highest in the Wall Street building entrance, is the Tenglong Group Headquarters doorway, already filled with people, these people, but also all of the primary person in charge of the Dragon Group in countries, Tamron Group senior. Tamron Group senior all gathered at the headquarters in the door, for only one thing, and that is to greet the arrival of the new president, watching other book club: the endless sword loaded in the the Tamron Group headquarters around scattered U.S. government agents, these guys, and all are waiting for the arrival of Chu wind, as long as the Chu wind comes in contact with it in the name of the Government of the United States, these people are already at the door, waited a long time the Even on Wall Street, the CEOs of other large-scale enterprises with the staff, but also wants to have witnessed the Chu family heir style, all in different places waiting for, but the heir to the Chu family, Chu Dagong child, but up to now did not appear. Toot ...... Suddenly, the sound of a burst of heavy-duty locomotive sounded from the street side quickly rushed towards the the Tamron Group headquarters over, but also whether anyone see God with blocking direct stopped in the the Tamron Group Headquarters door, stopping at the one on top of the red carpet. Everyone is shocked, but now meet the the Tamron Group trust president Yeah, let alone ordinary passers-by, even high officials of the White House to trouble you flash farther away, I did not expect this, actually so driving a motorcycle, directly rushed over. Various international figures in the door, look to this person, this man wearing a motorcycle helmet, but also can not see the face, but the In stature view, this is a woman, a flowing long hair has been through a her motorcycle helmet, a red leather coat, jeans, high-grade, long shoes, she is very good! Everyone now is leng leng, forgot to call the woman walked away, perhaps, is to see her figure after all, both men and women, want to see her face. Result, this woman did not make everyone disappointed, the helmet took down UGG Classic Metallic, one hand gently whisk her other end black hair, superior face, big eyes, willow leaf, cherry mouth, this is a very typical Oriental beauty, age, less than twenty! Tamron Group's top three senior one dish special the first time to react, shouted: you would like to not do it. see: I warlords career chapter several black bodyguards immediately went to the front of the Oriental woman, one said in English: motorcycle, walked directly toward the Tamron Group headquarters door! But people never think of, this Oriental woman dared to fight back, but a shot directly several bodyguards to be brought down to the ground, and a hand down to the ground, with the other hand still holding her helmet, left foot, step on a tipped bodyguards shoulders. to the ground, then, one leg a little, a sign of backflips and snapped, in turn a bodyguard kicked to the ground and see someone behind rushed over, his hands a turn, popping an over the shoulder throw, three bodyguards fell on the ground, while the girl's helmet, bias or partiality, falling back to the hands of the Oriental woman. also did not find out in the end is how is it these people in their own and other for so long, to wait for people who did not wait until such a heroic sough Oriental touches to a beautiful, really handsome! Prone, especially vegetables, jacket grams, three Tamron Group's most senior all ran up the few remaining bodyguards angrily: that such a thing happened, do not want the plan to upset their three other book club watching: Huashan TXT download, Xianmen, oriental woman so many bodyguards rushed up toward you, her mouth slightly to write exposed awesomeness or attractiveness smile after his face is changed, become extremely serious, his left hand into a fist, but that boxing does not break out, but the extended fist-shaped. All bodyguards are stopped, one does not know if this is in the end! Prone, especially vegetables, jacket grams three looked at each other, then stepped forward, carefully looked at the ring on the oriental woman left, scared and said: , in addition to the heir to the Chu family, and others, it is impossible, Dragon Ring, prone, especially vegetables, jacket grams trio have never seen, but the pattern on the ring, they are very clear in the Dragon Group top of the door, hung a huge Tamron Figure ugg australia boots cheap. This ring is the symbol of the Chu family heir, and why, will be in the hands of an oriental woman wearing? Prone, especially vegetables, jacket Keche bottom confused, do not know what to say, what to do, Chu Dagong son did not come, how came an Oriental woman North Face Gore Tex Waterproof Jacket, still wearing the Tamron rings, Oriental woman, who in the end ? Oriental woman hand slowly retracted and another one holding the helmet to a bodyguard who throw in diameter towards the headquarters of the door went prone, especially vegetables, jacket grams trio around, Oriental The woman without a moment's stay, but said loudly: Speeding into God 1102 chapters full text reading, if you like into God 1102 chapter collection into God 1102 chapter!

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