The inventory of 10G SFP + optical module, and here are all that you want to know!

September 21 [Thu], 2017, 14:59
As we all know, because of the small size, low cost and high density and other advantages, SFP + optical module is widely used in 10G Ethernet, and is the current most common 10G optical module in data center, enterprise zone. Today, Cozlink will draw an inventory all of the 10G SFP + optical modules and the differences among them.
First, what are the types of 10G SFP + optical modules?
10G SFP + series optical modules include SR, LRM, LR, ER, ZR, BIDI, CWDM, DWDM and 10G electrical modules. They are LC duplex and conform to IEEE802.3ae, SFF-8472 and SFF-8431 standards. The following are the details of these optical modules.
1. 10G SFP + SR optical module
10GBase-SR is one of the Ethernet specifications. The 10G SFP + SR optical module conforms to this standard specification, and the SR in this optical module model means short range, which means that transmission distance of it can be up to 300m when used with multi-mode fiber. In addition, the wavelength of 10Gbase SFP + SR optical module is 850nm, with low cost, low power consumption, small size, high density and other advantages.
2.10G SFP + LRM optical module
The 10G SFP + LRM optical module conforms to the 10GBase-LRM Ethernet specification, where LRM refers to the long reach multi-mode. 10G SFP + LRM optical module can be used with OM1, OM2, OM3 multi-mode fiber, mainly used for FDDI network and 10G data communication. Its low power consumption and excellent EMI performance can fully meet the MSA SFF-8431 standard. In addition, the upgraded version of the 10G SFP + LRM optical module is the SFP-10G-LRM2 optical module, which has a transmission distance up to 2km and is commonly used for LAN connectivity.
3. 10G SFP + LR optical module
The 10G SFP + LR optical module conforms to the 10GBase-LR Ethernet specification, where LR refers to a long range. Its transmission distance is 10 km at a single-mode fiber with the wavelength of 1310 nm, in fact, with a maximum of 25 km. It also has the advantages of miniaturization, low power consumption and long transmission distance.
4. 10G SFP + ER optical module
The 10G SFP + ER optical module complies with the 10GBase-ER Ethernet specification, where ER is the extended range. Its wavelength is 1550nm, and the transmission distance is up to 40km when used with single-mode fiber. It is a very cost-effective ultra-long distance optical module, currently favored in the data center d enterprise zones.
5. 10G SFP + ZR optical module
The 10G SFP + ZR optical module complies with the 10GBase-ZR Ethernet specification, but this specification is proprietary to Cisco. ZR in 10G SFP + ZR optical module refers to the longest distance (The best Range), it can be seen that this optical module’s transmission distance is very far. When used with single-mode fiber, the transmission distance can be up to 80km. Therefore, this kind of optical module is widely used.

6. 10G SFP + BIDI optical module
BIDI optical module is a single fiber bi-directional optical module. This optical module has SFP and SFP + two packages, and the main difference is that the rate of BIDI SFP + optical module is 10G while that of BIDI SFP optical module is 100 megahertz or gigabit. The BIDI SFP + optical module uses WDM technology and has two fiber jacks that need to be used in pairs to ensure normal operation. However, this optical module can reduce the amount of fiber used in network deployments and greatly reduce the deployment costs.
7. 10G SFP + CWDM optical module
10G SFP + CWDM optical module is a coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) optical module, usually used with single-mode fiber. This optical module saves fiber resources by using CWDM technology, significantly improving the flexibility, reliability and reliability of the networking. The power consumption of this optical module is very small, 12.5% of the 10G SFP + DWDM optical module.
8. 10G SFP + DWDM optical module
10G SFP + DWDM optical module is a relatively rare high-speed, large-capacity dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical module, usually used with single-mode fiber. The transmission distance is up to 80km, suitable for long-distance data transmission. This kind of optical module can meet the needs of large capacity and ultra long-distance transmission for the operation of multiple services and upgrade and expansion of future network to provide a stable safeguard. It also supports a variety of networking modes. The wavelength scheduling can also be made between nodes, with easy expansion of capacity, business access flexibility, high bandwidth utilization and high reliability and other advantages.
9. 10G electrical interface module
10G electrical interface module is in the packaging form of SFP + photoelectric conversion module. The interface type is RJ45, usually used together with Cat6e or Cat7 network jumper. The shortcomings of this optical module are that it does not support DOM function, and transmission distance is 30m, because the scope of application is not wide enough.
Second, differences of five 10G SFP + optical modules
In order to make it possible to distinguish 10GBase-SR, 10GBase-LRM, 10GBase-LR, 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-ZR 10G SFP + optical modules, the following table lists the comparison tables for these optical modules.

Third, Common 10G SFP+series products of optical module

10G SFP + optical module is widely used in the next-generation mobile networks, fixed access network, metropolitan area network, data centers and other fields. Current Cozlink fully meets the customers’ needs for different transmission-distance 10G SFP + optical module through a strong inventory system and perfect distribution services. If you want to purchase, hurry as soon as possible.
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