that both the release of a sinister

June 18 [Tue], 2013, 12:25
The true spirit in the body, with the "dragon" qigong practice route, constantly running wild, the body that light taste,Oakley Monster Dog Outlet, rapid emergence of his mind, and the strong sense of strength, let him have the illusion trance, that is own to the creation of the world force. Cold eyes, a moment looked toward in order implement place, his pace appears as a hazy mirage, suddenly, his shining, he has the sprint to implement location, hard hit in the order from above, with "the card scratches" crash, on both sides of the wall nail wall, again from the wall elastic sh è out. Wang Ke speed without any pause, almost in the blink of an eye Kung Fu, he went on toward the front dash past. Xu! Xu! Xu! A five Yan six s è viper, spit a red letter, that both the release of a sinister God s è eyes, tightly locked on Wang Ke, continuously from the front and on both sides of the wall and he sh è to. Group dance. Once seen the phrase of Wang Ke, or the first time I saw this scene, suddenly, his heart was twitching a few, the face of the horror of s è is fleeting, rapid advance footsteps suddenly stopped, even with the foot pedal force, suddenly and violently back toward the rear surface of the past. Damn it. Nail wall slows down, his back time, it does not disperse. The thought flashed, Wang Ke immediately behind the nail wall less than half a meter of the local meridian qi, crazy running, he was released for the first time, a layer of invisible waves, rapidly towards the a bared its teeth snake swept away. Those toward the Wang Ke speed lunged snake, in the face of Wang Ke freed J ī ng powers, as if human running in the water like, speed suddenly slow down several times, if not stimulated sh è out too fast, there is great inertial x ì ng, I'm afraid they have fallen off in the ground on the. Occasionally there are a few relatively close distance Wang Ke, has jumped in front of Wang Ke's viper, Wang Ke was also a lightning punches, to hit at about seven inches, struggled to issue "hissing" cries, fall on the ground. .. Wang Ke behind the iron wall, finally slowly separate, jade beauty lightning came, when her hands do not know there has been a sharp dagger, at that moment two rows will not into the wall,Oakley Juliet, her hands dagger quickly inserted in the wall a slightly elevated place, with a spray, things White s è powder immediately, from two layers of walls, sent a low roar. Quickly came to Wang Ke side, jade beauty mouth outline a smile, said: "the nail wall bodies by our broken! Just inside the wall of sound, is the nail wall self destruct voice. However, at present these snakes do? Too many, I'm afraid we will not kill after one thirty!" Wang Ke deeply furrowed brow,Oakley Oil Rig Sale, a moment later, his deep wrinkle up eyebrows will all spreads out, smiled and said: "I have a way! Very easy to put these snakes to drive away. Then, he quickly took off his coat, and then took out a lighter, lit constantly >
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