many treasures to you and

August 09 [Fri], 2013, 18:07
; even if you escape me, your friends, micro can escape? Beauty swordsman thousand heavy Kaitian evil, smiled and asked. They are nothing but illusion, mami had already left. Yueyang hand one brandish, Tauren north, four and a short and fat rich some of them, the instant disappeared not the least trace was found., the evil is tiny to knit the brows, this is not the income in object space that a few people or book, but not too much like a mirage. Because, if it is really the phantom, no reason so easily this kid Meng cheat. It is difficult to distinguish true and false. This guy has North Face Apex Bionic Clearance some tricks. The original pay special attention to Yueyang every act and every move of the evil, at this time, in the heart not from again see three points. Not sure if the evil in front of the young man, the strength is still growing, could not produce the real threat to himself, he would use the trick immediately, the brook no delay to seckill spot. Open the demons had side secretly in control of the situation, while still smiled and asked: little friends, can you talk about, who the hell are you people? Although his body has not been recovered to the peak, but since the days of the house out out, there have been thousands of years. He has been in a variety of identity disguised as a challenger, the swordsman thousand, but is an identity which, for thousands of years, he alienate one person from another angel alliance and dark factions both parties to fight, good profit from. Don't leave the valley world, but over time, he also learned that heaven outside many news, know a lot of super strong. For Yueyang, such a young man, he was really curious. Such a young and have such strength of small guy, what the descendants of the family? Say you don't know, lead the way again. Yueyang said he is not the way the party. You and I are not met, the world thousands of years the rare genius, why don't you join? We have appointed Tiange, ghost, North Face Gore golden skeleton and blood shaving they killed, many treasures to you and to me. Friends, if you can and I set a mutual covenant, then I kiss send you to leave the valley, even, also can be to help you through the trial ten. Future if you get the ultimate reward, and I vowed to co sign, heaven, my day, is willing to work with you and your family behind, divides the world, million years, this oath as a curse. Kaitian evil suddenly make a major concession to change his mind, to North Face Nuptse Down join hands with Yueyang. Together is a good idea, you and I, together is the powerful alliances, fighting big loss. Yueyang is a nod to the person's speech, in the evil Lu joy on the occasion, and shook his head and laughed: but, if I promise you that! Sorry? The evil face immediately se Meng on a layer of frost. The evil, you are smart, not frankly speaking! Yueyang haha laughed: firstly, to conquer the heaven is an idiot thing, a warrior can do to demands on themselves, with the pressure and target to promote themselves in the discipline to upgrade. But don't do it, because to do so would come to an end, it is like you, be sealed up, tens of thousands of years shall not be out of luck, like you, to be alive to slip out of a few laps, bad luck may for a lifetime in the sealed space to stay, live as long pain! You know I don't say that, regardless of the celestial.
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