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June 08 [Sat], 2013, 16:49
> The F-Y type shuttle ride to the fleet on the way, Caesar is like a knife about to be sent to the slaughterhouse the pigs, hung his head kept muttering something. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm he raised his head from time to time, Zeitouzeinao looked around, but whenever such times, Zoro would look like as a knife pointed at him. Zoro's eyes with the slightest touch, this timid guy will immediately bow, like a child playing with his chubby fingers. Just look at the way he was on pins and needles at the moment, they generally able to guess his restless. In fact, it is no wonder, after all,Oakleys Radar Sunglasses, he was just a little clerk, even illegal immigrants who have experienced a near escape, the process can sneak all actions had nothing to do with him, he simply is being entrained out of the smuggled goods. So, when he saw the F-Y type shuttle cabin filled with all kinds of weapons, this guy on the spot on the bodice. Right now, these people have been Robin in his heart completely branded thugs label, as previously mentioned transaction, and now he has completely do not expect it. And this imaginative guy has even done again when a 'contraband' preparation, kept muttering that moment, that he was praying to God this time there will be a beautiful princess before to rescue him. However, his dream of a frog princess rescue eventually did not materialize. When he was dragged Robin a cabin in the front row, and under the command of Robin looked up, he was shocked to find himself actually saw a fleet, a transport ship has a seven real Fleet. "This ...... This is ......" Fat can not believe firmly rubbed his eyes, even if he can rub eyes are swollen, the fleet is still not disappeared. This is not an illusion, it is true! "This is my fleet, and I said goods in these transport ship." Robin smiled and took hold of Caesar hypertrophy palms, joking, said: "I said, I will not lie to you, this is the beginning of our cooperation, and you will save your company to become a hero. "" Hero? me? "Fat grinning and surprised blurted out:" That lady will therefore Martina marry me? " "......" The Fat Man His words, others in the cabin suddenly 'pop' is heard laughing out loud. "This ......" Robin strong simmering laugh, looked at the fat with compassion askew obvious meaning yin has begun indecent face comfort: "maybe could it ...... this ...... who knows ......" With The fat has been completely active, Angus will stop into the space shuttle space shuttle launch space ship number, and with the door open, face solemn with Cecilia Borg soldiers at the door with a congregation before waiting. "Introduction, this is my captain Cecilia." Robin will be introduced to Cecilia Caesar, Caesar and then pointing to the Borg and Cecilia description: "This is Nishizawa Byron heavy metals trading company salesman. "" salesman? "legitimate and Cecilia Borg salesman in the end is still guessing what position it has been dumped by Cecilia beauty of Caesar, like, like a big meat ball rolled Cecilia's feet, and gave him extreme cupped Cecilia's hand, wanted a classical-style kiss on the hand. "Miss Cecilia, you're the most beautiful I've ever seen Captain, let me on behalf of Byron heavy metals trading company ...... whoops! ~" This guy did not wait to finish remarks posturing with nausea, then Robin then grabbed him by the collar, dragged him to a warehouse in the direction of the door. "Hey, are you so rude, how could you let me lose face in front of a beautiful woman?" Nishizawa wriggled himself struggling with his stout, his mouth never stops protested. "You just want to profane my girlfriend! ..." Robin shoved back, abnormal fierce stare Caesar: "If you do not want me to ship thrown down, and then used as targets by my gunner play it , put away your face askew disgusting! ~ "" ...... "Robin vicious threat to the whole body fat Jiling,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, suddenly recovered dead pigs in the cabin appearance, and no longer struggling, despite Robin dragged him he was thrown into the metal container filled warehouse. One of access to cargo, fat feeding as smell taste like wild boar suddenly revitalized from the ground jumped up and flew extremely dexterous those piles of metal cargo box carefully review. "This is ... there thallium thorium, protactinium ......" Fat Man these boxes filled with rare material eleven checks shocked shouted: "You have a preliminary classification of the mixture?" "Yes, there is also Some mixtures are existing equipment could not be classified. "Robin found a carton to sit down:" Now what you've all seen, my total supply of nearly two thousand tons. talk about the price of it. "" two ...... two thousand tons ...... "Fat gulped hard, suddenly squinting his eyes and said:" Well, that rare mixture of substances according to market conditions, the rare substance per kilogram to 0.5 yuan Our company can acquire federal dollars that so ...... "" rare mixture of substances? "Hear fat raised the price twice Robin gloomy sneer:" Are you sure you're seeing is a mixture? "" ...... "feel signs of right, fat tone quickly a turn: "Of course this is a scenario, while another program is in accordance with the price priced separately calculate a single substance, the specific price and the number of acquisitions and the boss I need to discuss with you which program to use to prepare?" looked fat that innocence extremely clear eyes, Robin is really a kind of mixed feelings. This can be considered a shameless fat rarely found, and not even the presence of surface lie not red face look, have the nerve to ask what program to use Robin. "I have no time and you gab, to go looking for your boss to discuss, let your boss personally take a trip to the specific details of the transaction I want to interview her as well." "Personally take a trip?" Robin requirements to the West Ze suddenly wary up, perhaps thought regarding former boss killed in the attack, which look fat Robin's eyes began to become strange. "This ......" Nishizawa clinched her hand full of sweat,Coach Bags Online, he is like what determined under the same, bite the bullet and bite: "The details of the transaction I think I can call the shots, no ...... no need to let Martina Miss personally come. "" Do you? "" No ...... "That fat man look like a fat rabbit hopped all the way back against the metal container quickly waved:" I absolutely did not think! ... "" line I know how you think, but I can guarantee that I'm not you think those people, and I find it really is your boss come to talk about trade and you can choose to believe me, or ...... abandon this transaction, Only when we have never seen. "" ...... "Robin, then let the hearts of Caesar incomparable struggle, out of love and gratitude to Miss Martina, he did not want Miss Martina in danger. But he was very clear that if the situation can be reversed to give up the bulk of this transaction, then Byron heavy metals trading company will certainly face closure of the impasse, but because of the huge debt owed default, it will instantly crushed like a princess as Mary Miss Tina. Spent five years at the federal, Nishizawa very clear after the huge debt owed to those rich princess what kind of fate, at least in the Hermes Spaceport entertainment, there are a lot of wealthy daughter had fallen in them. Nishizawa not imagine his mind like a goddess-like Martina lady will come as fate, for love, out of gratitude, he hopes he can protect this had brought him in desperate hope that the little princess. Raymond Federation in the interests of the person eating the world, he was just a trivial little nothing, he did not have the ability to turn the tide. Intense inner struggle to Caesar's face fickle, at Ascension in delays in making his decision, and little by little while away Robin's patience. Seeing this fat inner struggle seems to continue into doomsday, Robin began impatiently cleared his throat, cautioned: "Hey, this thing is not your final say, right?'re Just a salesman, as come or do not come, it is your boss can decide things and I think here wasting time on things that are not substantial help, you say? "" uh? "Robin's words like a light suddenly lit like Nishizawa heart instantly disperse confused, let him at this moment a clear understanding that he did not make a decision instead of Miss Martina rights. "Well, I'll contact Ms Martina." Caesar bowed his head with his own personal communications hiding in the corner in contact with the company, and also a variety of samples in the warehouse and the overall number of photographed together after hair back to the company. And when, after completion of all of this, as if Caesar were evacuated effort in general, sat slumped in the corner of silence together. In fact, when he sent this message, he knew Miss Martina after receipt of this important news will be personally scraped. Some of his regret, he does not know he is now doing in the end on the right, so he is like a child does something wrong like hiding, praying things will develop in the direction towards the worst. Sure enough, less than a minute later he received a reply from the company's headquarters, and mentioned Miss Martina will personally come. "My boss decided to come here and interview you." Nishizawa pale, hesitated to ask: "So ...... here's star field coordinates are ......" Robin casually reported out of the fleet currently resides star field coordinates, stretch face cautioned: "Tell your boss, this interview is private negotiations, I do not want to appear on my radar other aspects of the ship." "......" Robin This can be ambiguous, then letting Nishizawa produce a bad guess, the only bloody face are instantly faded completely. "Well! ~ I repeat again, I'm not robbers! ..." Robin can not stand this feeling fast fat rich imagination, roared toward Caesar vent a few times as he turned to leave the warehouse. Leaning against the corner of the warehouse side lit a cigarette, Robin irritable heart began to gradually calm down. He hired the Borg and Cecilia, and charged them to always prepare starting Gejian prepared and commanded Andy cannon set in place immediately, preparedness may occur at any time bad situation. <
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