December 28 [Sun], 2008, 2:28
that stupid fucked windows ...
i lost everything again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i reallly reallly had enough!!!!!!
what the fuck i should do now? my porn collection , my music collection!

oh and about friends ... i had enough from them .... maybe its becuz of my grandmother, but i know i'lll be asshole with everybody at this time.
if you dont like that then please dont talk to me .... and dont dare to say other's have problems too, cuz i dont care about others ... its my fucked life with my fucked problems .. and i will fucking care about MY fucked problems!
others shut up!

blog no.2 

December 27 [Sat], 2008, 10:26

read read .. or just check xD

somebody told me 

December 27 [Sat], 2008, 9:00
i should make a hungarian blog .

what a great idea (>O>)" all hungarian blog portal kick me off ... (o_O)~

i know i didnt post for ages ... but i dont know what to say...

somebody added me on myspace ! ...

my grandmother cant stand me ... and i cant stand her.

and fuck your idiot x-mas .. that was the last x-mas in my live (ô-ô)

Kaoru <3 

December 19 [Fri], 2008, 7:01

my b-day cake :3 aaaw .. i didnt eat this cake!!
i couldnt cut Kaoru's beautiful body with a knife. i didnt eat from this cake D: xD ... hehe


Happy b-day to me !! 

December 18 [Thu], 2008, 3:02
(^o^) <3


December 17 [Wed], 2008, 6:35
i cant stop coughing !

my chest and my throat hurts again ...

but i finished the book!! :"D

i go and search a cool outfit for tomorrow and i'll watch South Park and SLEEP

good night!

the most slow days in this year 

December 17 [Wed], 2008, 5:37
2 stupid day and i'llbe on my holiday ....
but how slow 2 days \(oOo)/

yesterday i couldnt sleep too much ... i coughed really hard.
now i'm really tired. i rested all afternoon, but it didnt help

today i started to read a book

~ Guillaume Apollinaire :Les onze mille verges~i think i'll finish this book in the next hour :"D

And today i watched Akira (*O*)y



December 16 [Tue], 2008, 5:19
i need SLEEP!!
i'm ill. again ..

.. i'll have a hot bath and try to sleep... or rest.. or something ~(>O<)~

but tomorrow i can sleep in the morning , i wont have my first 2 lesson :3
so school start for me at 9.35 am y(*O*)y
good night ~

ooh noo :[ 

December 16 [Tue], 2008, 3:23
my mom bought me 2 new top---
its not cool , cuz i felt so fat and ugly in that tops
... i feels so bad , i think i hurted her with this. ....
sorry mom D:


December 16 [Tue], 2008, 2:28
i want a tattoo like think. Its beautiful and sexy!
but if i wanna be honest i would like my back like this This tattoo is more me! :"D This dragon is really erotic cuz it covers her ass also.
i dont know what my parents would say , but i know i really want it for ages!!
the only problem i have with this .. i dont have money D:
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