LED Technology

December 25 [Wed], 2013, 16:24
LED(light emitting diodes) flashlights in comparison to the incandescent lights produces a variety and a more wide range of light output. A number of lumens can be emitted by even a small LED flashlight. In addition to that, LED flashlights produce coloured light more comfortably as compared to the latter.

Flashlights with colour have been increasingly been used as a source for signaling, certain inspection tasks, judicial or law related examinations or it may also be used in games. Red LEDs may be used for dark adaption to our vision. Specific LEDs can also be used in night vision devices like security webcams. The many types and specific designs of LED flashlights may include:

A Penlight:

A penlight is flashlight as small as a fountain pen. LED penlights are more commonly coming into use because of its low cost units.

A LED headlamp:

A LED headlamp is usually designed to be placed or worn on the head of a person, consisting of separate lamp and battery components. Headlamps allow its user to move his hand freely with the light focused on the subject. A headlamp can be clipped to a headband belt or a hat to keep the ray of light stable and not shaky.

Non-incendive flashlight for use in inspecting areas with flammable gas:

These flashlights are the ones attached to rifles or other guns. Illuminating the target in focus. They are small in size and can easily be hung about a gun barrel. Non-incendive flashlights are also called Tactical or intrinsically safe. For example,Labour working in dangerous and hazardous areas where there are chances of explosions such as mines or chemical plants

Divers Lamp:

Divers lamps are water resistant LED flashlights that can be used underwater, often used for night diving when the sun or other sources of light cannot reach the surface.

Mostly flashlights are of cylindrical shape and design with the lamp at one of the ends. As mentioned before, with change in technologies, style and need, LED flashlights too have been transformed. Flashlights that you previously used to get in just one monotonous design can now be bought in different shapes and sizes. Flashlights in the shape of lanterns, candles, gun shaped, lamps and many more.
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These flashlights can also be categorized under size, prices, brands and purpose. The buyer is free to choose from amongst the various varieties that suits him the best and at the least cost.
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Another important characteristic that adds onto the quality of the led flashlight is its drawn steel or plastic body. The flashlights of earlier times was made of hard rubber tubes. Generation by generation, specifications were added to make the flashlights more comprehensive and easy to use.brake caliper for Opel

Plated brass, copper, silver, leather, wood, polystyrene, polyethylene, glass reinforced epoxioes, plastic formulation and a few of the materials used in the making of different flashlights, fulfilling your rquirements.