but its main focus was upon

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Jiang jin small topic quickly inserted a discussion going on, Fan Liu Ye have not put the whole case, "worldly, everyone again focused its attention on the Castle and the earth's body, to have spent two days, m Le and Hart two people very reluctantly left, but a good meal go before it touches the exhortations, will allow SHEN good care of both of them, so time to come they will come, just like the Castle and the earth is their child. Fan Liu Ye and Chen Lang is now patrolled two people, two young people make and the earth seems to be the same as the two bodyguards followed the two of them, very conscientious, but two people in order according to the Master earth, degree more freely slow is like taking a walk, like sports teams like the earth is still good, but it is completely Castle acts as a qualified husband's role, now in its reckoning SHEN ground one has not so high, does not mean that he has a drag SHEN, but its main focus was upon the earth. nearly two months time, Hart and Miller two people with a bunch of The guys over North Face Fleece Clearance here do not know yet that it gave birth to what? But this time letting Fan Liu Ye and the people inside the small village a bit SHEN extraordinary insight, Fan Liu Ye taking advantage of the less attention when direct The gave SHEN foot. "do not come the day yet? It should not be so arrogant it is just a dog? You see you get so much fanfare. "" Oh, nothing SHEN habits did not explain too much, in fact, knew his master heart feelings for Castle and the earth no less than himself, but he was in front of other people but also charge a charge that when the master of the face, in order to get even caused so much of the earth people, really let people inside the small village feeling a little fuss, in their view a dog where the need for such trouble. But anyway, we are now all targets are placed in the Castle and the earth's body, but no evening SHEN they lie too long time, and I heard a burst of footsteps ran over, SHEN touches open the door of his house, looking anxiously Miller, to know for sure what's going out. Give yourself to take a piece of clothing after the big step taken directly to the house, walked in and asked: "What situation?." Students do not come out I was just informed that the news network "and SHEN to after place and saw the earth is ceasing crying with paws have some feeling of weakness, Aoyama is very grumpy, with ferocious eyes staring any one want to be near humans, although SHEN walked over, let Aoyama how much some slack, but for other people, not so good mood Castle, and two big eyes Dengqi, paw pawing is not live. SHEN walked the earth side, with his hand gently stroked the earth, nor turned directly asked: "Is there any alternatives? We can not let students do not come out yet born abruptly, so that the earth also finished "Yes, Caesarean section, just when we want hands come forward, but Aoyama seems too violent, did not let anyone else near, but To illustrate that. laparotomy is also a certain degree of risk, but this risk is not great, when we come to this area has been done to prepare, all things are readily available chaotic waves looked back and this Fan Liu Ye and Hart when two people are already aware of the message, all have come, but two people are a bit hectic, Fan Liu Ye also missing a shoe, do not know where lost in Kazakhstan no special collar line, this rigorous for him, but less common in people who see that they are now the mood is so anxious. SHEN cover her mouth to make people took over, and then very severe The decree Castle sitting there, went to the medical staff there took after anesthetic to earth injected into it, after a while with their hands only after hold up the earth, placed in long been ready for medical bed . Aoyama surprisingly good stir. But looking SHEN vision, only staring helplessly watched his eyes, but the two front paws on the ground plane has been a great two pits. SHEN this time has Without much of a role, directly squatted beside a set of Aoyama, put his hand on the head above the Castle, and Fan Liu Ye and Hart, this time only two people walked around a set . Aoyama Although Ziyaliezui expressed a bit, but then felt the power of the palm SHEN, there is its photogenic powder scratching his neck so that they feel very comfortable and at ease. couple of pounds, who this time also Without so much care and attention, Hart is an ass sitting above the wood shop in there, as Van Liu Ye is directly asked out, "how to engage in, actually will be the case ? "Hart also turn to look over. Touches SHEN Castle with his hand scratching the neck, continue to appease his emotions," This should be the reason it six varieties Castle Grandpa Do you remember when we had met Castle when it had the time or a little, but that figure has not small, but the earth though a wolf, be wolves in relatively massive, but with Aoyama comparison or a lot worse, it directed its This large head, it has been difficult enough for the earth, when he had done speaking, Hart and Fan Liu Ye two people have come to understand that when they did not consider it so much, but this time Fan Liu Ye look to those guys when it is not tired, they help was on the line less busy, no time like the other day called on several spectral throat busy, a little quasi-head at all. Anxiously waiting process. Aoyama has several times unable to bear their own emotions, but SHEN still put their hand on its neck at the end SHEN saw several people inside the tent came in successive, is finally out Miller, who actually came out to the side of the three people and a dog Vigo pick up a victory. And this time it is patted SHEN Castle, and then forced to push a bit of its ridges. Castle also jumped directly on the channeling out, just like a passing like the wind, SHEN three of them also stood up, Miller put their side of things ripped off directly after the throw next people, so they packed up to go, then looked SHEN laughing with them, said: "A total of four, very robust, the earth's situation is good, thanks to its looks more robust, otherwise really hard to say , should not have too long a time will wake up to see not?. four people quietly came to the tent next to the network beginning Aoyama also out a few times roaring sound, the sound is very low, but may later What flavor smell it, Actually, I'm going to continue to call, SHEN they looked inside the tent of the mountains, are circling around the earth in a live, occasionally also look to several kilograms of small Bu guy, but more attention more or on the earth's body. touches SHEN four of them took a direct focus on the still lying there four pounds, the little guy who, because of the tent to keep the temperature inside the well, four small guy did not gather together for warmth, but from time to time will be out of the same ow sounds like coyotes, rather than cooing sounds like kittens and this touches a bit strange, because the puppy was born when the cry of the basic Nie Nie is on the. moment and then, four people far back position, this time it was midnight, but four people are not a little sleepy. contrary are somewhat excited, or Fan Liu Ye Direct spoke and said: "I want that grimace, that belongs to me, the other I do not. SHEN looked at Miller, Miller touches Oh said: "Three and one female, are very robust. Seem combines the advantages of the Castle and the earth, it is the second line of grimace child, the mother is the last one out , looks more like Aoyama little more bigger than the other three on some network beginning I thought of it are public. " After talking for a while, everyone's on their own to rest, but the next morning is not too long, SHEN heard the knock on the door locks, do not ask is certainly his master, the other people are not such a force, SHEN opened the door looked at his master, looked at his master looks thought out what happened, I asked to know, he just when they see Castle and the earth, but these two guys simply Not to his face, simply do not allow close, Father no option but to come SHEN it. SHEN simple to wash your own fall a bit, Jiabu Zhu beside his master always urging it to go out, but when the other SHEN saw not far from the Hart and Miller, two people, they also seemed to have just beaten up, Shen waves lifted yourself helpless fingers pointed his finger two people who caught it is their weaknesses, and they can not dare how to master on their own? This will really be a little one thing down feeling. To the place after SHEN care from there took the next thing, and slowly approached the tent, fell out of view during the Castle for a moment, then shook his head and went in, SHEN they walked softly , the earth has been sober him, saw them after a few touches directly lifted his head, some lifted his fangs, to the Castle Peak live with their big tongue licking the earth, only then finally earth to appease the mood down, but even like this, it is eyeing four people came looking. SHEN put things to put down. Look out of four pounds of food over the little guy has colostrum, the right puppy is still very helpful, four little guy slept very soundly, simply could not open my eyes, yesterday evening we see is not So carefully, and now the sun is shining, we'd carefully noted a moment that four puppies. Although the limbs, nose and other places with a hint of pink, but other places have can clearly see that the color came. Fan Liu Ye indicated that little guy grimace and minimal color very casual touches Castle. Basically been able to see a large sample came, but the other two a bit that is not clear, the color a bit strange. Just when everyone was ready to talk, but it was already eat something began to go on Castle Peak holding his head humped SHEN, for Fan Liu Ye, Hart and Miller is a bad attitude a bit, direct not live with their claws beat them, though not heavy, but show it mean it is very obvious. "This snobbery." Fan Liu Ye muffled curse, but it is the first to go out, evidently his mood is very good, from here out later, carrying his hands triumphantly went back to their home, But as early as today, will go back to their own sleep, America the way to go as SHEN own disciples, he is now considered less than him. Out SHEN Hart is being dragged to the side of a single location, "Two days ago it has not found the time to have the time right now," there are news silt wave of expression is very cold, it seems to weep with one thing only not too self-trolling "big line, like Hart gently nodded his own head." I think those guys had it certainly did not expect such a situation now. But I'd learned of their original purpose, first you grab the hand inside the young master, and then I'll give you then grab the hand inside, as Miller is a direct clear, its purpose is very clear SHEN see of a Hart, a slight smile, "You want to tell me so tell that they were simply being pushed to the front desk scapegoat only. Behind them still has a black hand, now how the situation like? there to What we have is an answer. "" Mercenaries is no country, they only care about their money, so there becomes more depressed, and I think they are now, if not battered, it will not be good to go there, a little smarter is that peace talks with us, because things habitat in the United States, not everyone will sit things like health, if a little slow, then it is to see who's more money, this will be the result of a die endlessly listening to this story , SHEN revealing a trace of a smile, from Hart and Miller, two people can look here, I know there are smart people there, the two sides go to war with each other is not impossible, at worst enemy waves after lying honest which fills in their own homes, but the other did not dare to have any action, even if it must come out before the call should be after, so the two sides at the moment can only lay down their face, but how much is still here now occupies SHEN Some advantages, Hart and Miller, two otherwise people will not come here to hide the peace and quiet. their money is not spent in vain. "what would be on our side, the other side should have their condition is, or the condition that they open too too much? "" A little too much, as if we were losers, need their alms. So I decided to cool a cool them, anyway, now that we are not in a hurry, the money I have been in accordance with the conditions of payment, and we're in the end if you do not say the words, they are not the end, this is the mercenary benefits. I feel that our conditions is not so much, but they could not pull down their face, so I have no way? . SHEN write his own head and looked at Hart. This guy could be so belly black, had it but did not see it yourself, is it because of their influence, it should not affect their right to say that he was also similar, apart from a little bandit own personality, other aspects are also pound is a good man, and will not Womens North Face Pink Ribbon Outlet be affected, absolutely not. After about a week's time, Hart and Miller, two people left the place with a big army guys have stabilized, say Hart and Miller, two people come here to have half a month's time , do not go out, things might not be very good to do, and could become a vicious thing, so two people did not make much hesitation. SHEN still or stay in this small village inside, leisure boredom will take time out to stroll Castle, with his yo-yo master Fan Liu Ye mountains, or the people inside the village helped pack up making, because it is very idle. Even Hart and Miller, when two people come back again, and he is no intention of leaving. SHEN is no intention of this aspect. Does not mean that it is no one else to think of it, the evening meal when the network does not know the horse is intentional or unintentional with his wife suddenly said: "SHEN that line, mixed kid still no news? Him out How long time? again two months may the New Year approached Hecui also some unexpected looked at his wife, and she certainly knows some news SHEN village inside dog play, this burden, nor the tune, although this is his character. "ah, very good, is recuperating with. He did not know what in the end are recuperating some of this almost a year's time, and usually it does not even have the message, do not know whether it was carried away after a simple finish, Hecui only look to his own old man "something? how suddenly remembered today for him, the things he has passed it? I can hear how some of the wind ah." "It should be nothing of it," Ma is also somewhat insincere network replied that he only recently became aware of the news, although he is also the Politburo Standing Committee, but that burden, the message is to own some of the late, Of course, this is not one person telling yourself, for others it is the same, this thing only a handful of people know that he was in time to hear the news, but also shook some ignorant. He knows this burden, darn kid certainly has its own FLAC, but do not know what he actually left a flip, when his foot when he had felt a little strange, although he's a little big loss, But that is his own money, he should not worthwhile on foot. And before he even still in the running and stayed there for so long, they know this is no wonder that the performance of such ambiguous talk of the town. The North Face Gore Tex Clearance Sale original cause of all here.
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