little captain also some grievance

June 15 [Sat], 2013, 18:12
> Unfortunately, there is indeed a lot of these young people have seen Xue Zhong, but they are afraid of this "brilliant" little captain kick ass, so do not dare say. Www! QUaNBEN! COM see some young people are already dislike This little captain, so do not point out, let him offend Xue Zhong. Team leader did not get an answer, more determined mind their own ideas,Oakley Sunglasses Penny, Xue Zhong hum: "You are the captain of war Church pig? If you are the Church war pigs team captain, and I'm like church mice battle captain should be long adults! "Xue Zhong gas trembling, if it is pulled to regret, I am afraid to break through to the little captain could beat the storm. He was so angry sitting in front of the car no longer speak. He knew that the team leader has sounded the alarm, I'm afraid to help in the near future will be driven out of the brethren, that time unnatural easily justified. See the little captain Xue Zhong did not speak, but also to the King, Debating and said: "You say you are fighting our church who? Haha, you can not even help in the rules that we have heard not want into the mix? Worth mentioning, I come Let me tell you, beating you die on that point, we fight together with twelve squads, of which the first six teams qualify Qinglang with you to help fight, after six squad just spare it and you want to pretend that they have got ah posing before the six teams. "janitor captain a little after six teams acted so despise? Xue Zhong suddenly could not stand it, angrily: "You This kid is really senseless, my team after six upright which is not a good man? Back? Your kid even back are unable to enter!" That little captain was incensed , suddenly drawn up in front of a crossbow, raising his hand is shot: "razor's henchman, see I do not shoot you!" Although they are not of this era guns crossbow equipment, but compared to ordinary bows but many stronger, plus iron rubbed the poison arrow, its power is no less than a martial quanliyiji four products. "Call ~" a gleaming arrow swoop to, draw a subtle piercing voice. But the face of such a powerful stone, Xue Zhong did not dodge, he one can see, this arrow quasi-head has been shifted several meters! His eyes swept Daoguang actions, and will cut off the reins of a horse behind. "Rip ~" as Hanmang arrow piercing a sudden the horses back, shook the huge inertia of the horses stepped back. Horses eat pain, Yangti scream, cast legs to run. Fortunately, however, the reins of this horse who has been Xue Zhong cut, so it did not bring shock to the entire fleet. This already half dead tired horse horses, neighing ran tens of meters away, then no effort, great body slowly fell to the wayside, mouth out of a trace of black blood, the whole body is still twitching. Pair of small screen is simply whither the captain's face fiercely pumping a slap in the face, and he threatened to shoot Xue Zhong, but shot a horse, which is unprecedented in the archery. Xue Zhong spent a little help in the ax years, and head-stone thing is first encountered, the horses looked constantly twitching, his heart was finally ignited explosives drums, shouted: "Boy, you court death ! "Archery Why? Who would not be? Xue Zhong out from behind a longbow, a Lingyu changjon ride on the bow, suddenly broke out on Lingyu changjon a glaring rays, turned into a glittering, ferocious momentum sky. Meanwhile, the little captain had fired a second arrow, arrows flashing dense iron coldness, a touch of death breath blowing. "Give me a break!" Xue Zhong without fear, shouted, half-moon Longbow hands suddenly relaxed, and a bright light piercing away, went up to that sticks straight iron arrow. "Bang!" Two extraordinary power changjon meet in the air, suddenly burst into the crashing sound, Xue Zhong Ling Yu changjon iron arrowhead was broken, and the iron arrowhead was also poured into force crushed Xue Zhong, chemical is a small piece of iron, crisp air. Terror ah! Young stunned the congregation, they have heard the legend Xue Zhong marksman, but Xue Zhong actually wanted to talk tough to the point, and that iron arrows flying how quickly? He not only to capture the iron arrow flight track, also abruptly launched into your own piece of track Lingyu changjon go. To regret look pale, Xue Zhong archery he has seen, and indeed a marksman. But the little captain face was flushed, his first loss of the quasi-head arrows, arrows and suffered a second blow, let him Jiyu yells humiliation, but do not wait for him to speak, longbow Xue Zhong hands again relaxation, and an eye-catching changjon leap out, went straight to the little captain away. "Be ye stunned with what? Kill him!" Little captain alarmed, he did not so strong ability Xue Zhong, see Xue Zhong cold stone, was immediately frightened, body hastily dive down, hide within the thick walls. The youth who knew Xue Zhong, dare to offend? One by one, such as Leng Leng standing pillars, refused to move. "Call out!" Full of atmosphere of terror fiercely pierced stone gazebo on top of the walls, straight from that little captain flying overhead,Outlet Oakley Oil Rig, biting his momentum neat hair ruffled, incidentally, also cut off His strands of hair on the scalp cool feeling to let him Xiunao stricken. Xue Zhong croon heard, this is his mercy intentional actions, otherwise, it would certainly since Arrows team leader's throat through! "This is how it? Who sounded the alarm bells?" Just Xue Zhong Nock ready to shoot when the temperature anger and a commanding voice sounded from the entrance to town. The crowd looked more fortunate, I saw the exit of town was pouring a large ax gang members, a middle-aged man most prominent magnificent, He had a national character large face, eyes deep, Huyao Bear back, combative, to see that this is not a good mess with the master. His eyes like an eagle, the first time to see the gazebo outside help that support Qinglang fleet, look slightly surprised, but instead to reveal three clear of color, because he saw Xue Zhong and two children. If they see that little captain suddenly Qindie like, middle-aged man on the TV drama shouted: "Lo elders, your old fits the bill, quickly kill these arrogant henchman." That Luo elders looked at the name of team leader, said : "You wake-up call?" "Yes, yes ah Luo elders, they are Qinglang to help people, but also put just shot me, but for my dodge quickly, probably were killed at this time have it. "That little captain also some grievance. Ignarro elders look a cold, said: "You say these people are Qinglang help people, that help Qinglang surprise, so sounded the warning bell?" "Yes, ah Luo elders, you see, that people still take crossbow aim at me you old quickly shot it. "small heart after feeling the cool captain, Xue Zhong hands changjon let him hair stood. "Well, not long eye dog thing, you see clearly, but you get the arrow pointing to the battle hall of the people, you tore him into Qinglang help people recognize." Luo elders Leng Heng said. Luo Elder like a bolt from the blue, shook the small captain instantly absence, his face rapid transformation, sweat fly. "This is, how is this possible? Luo elders, you will not admit it?" Little captain face of expectations, he wished for Luo elders mistaken. "Well, to be'll talk to you afterwards." Luo elders glared at him, then right Xue Zhong shouted: "small bell,oakley sunglasses sale, came to speak." Little Captain instant white face, his eyes found around the corner there are several Youth are lucky, the thud of his brain, and finally wake up, but it was too late. "Old ...... Luo elders ......" Xue Zhong lost in the hands of the longbow, the face of bitter. Ps: Yesterday too busy, too few time codeword, so the number of words in this chapter somewhat less, forgive me. <
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