in the land of origin

November 08 [Thu], 2012, 14:25

> Volume VI of the sea ... Tuo choice minority outside settled Friends of diameter car at least a dozen of the whole island, four it lasts four or five kilometers, his head and looked into the sky, the event is not surrounded by the sea,Aosta Bomber Canada Goose, but it is and a unique landscape of peaks almost. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM carefully looked at, Long Chen found, actually above this dark of islands the patron standing with dense housing construction and road, the waters surrounding the islands near the coast of the bottom anchor a large number of boats, The sky fly all kinds Royal Air mysterious and flying mounts. Obviously here is not the remote wilderness of the contrary, quite a lot of people living here, and also very popular with the mysterious great importance, presumably in the land of origin, I am afraid it is regarded as a well-known place. Looking at the scenery, Long Chen mind can not help but recall the the blood the Yuan shortage Ridge Sanfeng Island, because the people there is also such a Linhai and survival, the surrounding environment is also very much the same, the difference is just the color of the ocean may vary. Not know Po old Vice 岛主 days How think of sambong Island, Long Chen natural hard to forget that scruffy old man to help him regain ban Code, this is not enough to more than three years, He now also has a high-end cases of grade realm, you will return to the patch of death, he is also a full grasp of security through the Marshes, but unfortunately there is no idle time, otherwise he'd wanted to go back to visit. See SANG Ming had started, Longchen naturally immediately follow up. The the originally vacant in both left aquamarine Feizhou, fixed Feizhou of turned into a hint of Blu-ray, and chase to the Asahi the Tuo where the location, but the speed is not fast, just to be able to boot Long Chen, SANG Ming went Xu Tuo convergence. Long Chen and SANG Ming follow behind in of aquamarine Feizhou turned into a Blu-ray, Yufeng flight lasts five or six minutes later, the front of the Blu-ray suddenly straight turn downward toward the island mountain beneath one backed by cliffs. the considerable scale Manor fell down. Black tree? Revoked Yufeng fall the manor door extraoral the stone trail, watching the strange big trees of several strains of the leaves dark doorway species, Longchen this suddenly come to understand, the original just in his own eyes dark in The island, in fact, give the illusion of a lot of growth on the island mountain black trees. fruit dark trees, remember the old man said, the land of origin of a strange trees, its wood is an excellent choice for manufacturing mysterious soldiers Hyun after melting able to cast a black dust iron and the fruit of those mysterious buff, in ancient times was once one of the masters refining array Lian-made immortality indispensable spice. the forward months pregnant, ran off the side of his face directed at the outside of the Long Chen and SANG Ming respectful smile shouted. This person seems to be the steward of the manor, and let Longchen a bit of a surprise, is such an eye dull, obvious the satyric excessive fine gas shortage seems to have got away from the mysterious Road Manor housekeeper, even with high realm of order Zun level. Long Chen and SANG Ming after the introduction of the manor, the steward immediately announce themselves up. Longchen really not expected, the obese middle-aged man surnamed Ni name wide indeed philatelic Park housekeeper, but in the Asahi Tuo in which family, among the positions also only third class steward of the outer door. This also allows the Longchen some mixed feelings, an outer door is the third-class steward high-end Venerable, this inference up, Asahi home outside the door first class steward at least the strength of the case level, while Asahi home inside the door to those The steward, Zhi Buding is the bunch of mid-range and high-end were the strong level. Areas of the city in the days, a loud noise, were enough to be the elders of the six people, large high-end cases by the elders, the manner in which the origin of, it is estimated that the Emperor's strength, but even the lowest level of the elders when not . As for the elders, want to come also must have the strength of the Emperor by. All the way into the manor, Ni surname housekeeper mouth never stopped, great eloquence, also quite respectful attitude, perhaps because of the Asahi Tuo long been explained to this very curious Long Chen and SANG Ming antecedents , but did not dare to use any words to inquire into the identity of two background. However, in the mouth from the Ni housekeeper Longchen touches to get some of this do not know the information, also is Xu Tuo identity. Said on behalf of the original Asahi Tuo's been claiming to be Although NI surname housekeeper and did not alone explain the the Asahi family members and other order status, but by these known information, the heart of Long Chen down with a bottom The origin of the three, also is Asahi home, yanjia, Chu, the highest status, that is, my lord, also known as the master of the house. Then there is the will also continue the family name. Times the public, basically a different family names mysterious Three great members of the system who can surmount the highest status, not just an honorific that simple view of the from Longchen known information linking a Dengbu a public reading a bit stomach, in origin! The earth throughout the year the great weights mouth: listen to the control of a large area, as the monarch of the home and the continent in general. Long Chen Xu Tuo control areas do not know how,Canada Goose Camrose Sale, and specifically where, but he did know that great powers Xu Tuo hands! Xu Tuo has a permit or reject the land of origin we. Any one mysterious to the powers of the days of the areas of the city! This power, in fact, does not exclusively belong to the Asahi home, but Xu, Yan, Chu three people per decade rotation once each Lord's house to get this power will assigned to one of times public hands inside. Learned the information, the Longchen original heart inside some doubts also will be dissipated. No wonder these years, as far as he knew. It was only the Asahi Tuo,Canada Goose Lodge Outlet, and that Lvpao juvenile from origins land to the days of the City field, but not heard else Timor-class in those mysterious, not because of the long and dangerous, not day City field nothing to attract the mysterious land of origin, but Xu Tuo a hold right of way between the two places it Longchen down is not unexpected, because that name appeared to backfire on the land of the test in the forbidden Code Yan Xing Nvzai obviously is in the exercise of another belongs to the three everyone Thus, in addition to the two The origin of three, I am afraid there are many privilege in hand, can be just as the master of the house gave large tracts of territory, completely unlike the city six days of all those elders, just days the city has the official residence of the year for each official's salary so simple. residence, do not know the two are satisfied,UGG Jimmy Choo Siobhan On Sale? Who are not satisfied. Two simply request Beizhi immediately handed down that Ni housekeeper Long Chen and SANG Ming introduced the manor after the court a very delicate appearance. The inside decorated very luxurious and elegant two-tier attic small bent body a look of humility smile inquired. exchange a few words can also learn more about the places under the origin of information, just because of their own dress, and can not disclose the identity of age, he is only posturing something. have meals delivered later, the two feel substandard appetite, big people can change. In addition, if you have what it takes to make people notice Beizhi is Jianlong Chen some lukewarm, that Ni housekeeper also grinning no longer say, Road End will have turned to recede. , That Ni butler froze for a moment, then The kowtow Tried without Complaint: Such a Ni butler, Lane, Long Chen is a bit dumbfounded, Hsin Tao is to forget the things you need it so much fuss it? Think again, Longchen pretty able to understand this Ni housekeeper afraid not and SANG Ming, but Xu Tuo. Times the public, in the land of origin, can be described as one of over one million people under higher ground, not to mention annoyed kill one bite, third class steward of the outer door of the capitalists, even look who is not pleasing to the eye, readily take ordinary , nor the lives of high-end cases impossible. No wonder Xu Tuo temper so foul, so big rack. To that position, they have that kind of strength, the world really did a few dare to touch its Ni Lin? mercy! Beizhi back given not do it again! a first here at ease rest day to be tomorrow at noon, Xu public the self will Laixun two. Long Chen nodded and waved, and that Ni butler bowed low, after hurriedly departed, fear provoke Longchen unhappy, his negligence fault Xu Tuo know general. Be Ni housekeeper after the the Longchen this turned around, look to a room upstairs to view returning SANG Ming. Only to find SANG Ming look on his face seems to be something wrong. The Longchen immediately puzzled and said: You use it to seemingly engaged in the annual award. On the home page of the book Introduction will be able to see the red option of voting, each user has a few free tickets to trouble friends support under it, As to spend money. Or forget, as a direct hit Shanggei I, ha ha, (to be continued) ~! . . <

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