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November 08 [Thu], 2012, 12:22

Bovine bb novel Read recommended for you and equally good-looking the road of the warlords Heaven heritage entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal Princess () Obviously, the inside of this castle, there is a good thing, then, that is scary stuff! And, no doubt, these ninety-nine eighty-one Castle can be connected together, then wind purple weep can say such a thing, it must follow the connected channels, go to a more magical place! To see more amazing things! Apart from anything else, GuoPu can no matter what the thirty-seven twenty, can be good for little money, that is not his character! But can not tamper with, did not see just simply come up with the specter of the first, almost a shelling dead! Clearly, however, the castle of the F star cannon and a variety of defense, are basically out of a failed state, the gun the reaction of just the F star, according to Guo 小妖 say, is the automatic defense mechanism! Went to the castle that huge door GuoPu saw the ground backwards many corpses to pieces! Careful to wait until he saw now, these corpse, but the wreckage of the robot! But in the middle of the wreckage of the robot, but mixed with some clothes and general stuff! More than ten thousand years, robots do not know what metal manufacturing, not bad also not surprising, but these clothes, obviously is wearing in the human body, and then after the corpse rotting stay! He went up a curious look, this look but it does not matter, and threaten him daylights! This dress is actually some familiar! Vest! Days Meng Boyi? Guo Pu is a cold lump! Vest clothes, it was his from the Japanese hands snatch that day the Ikara treasure clothing! The styles are almost exactly the same! Seems ...... on the ground a lot ah! Mother earth! Guo Pu can not help but swore! This is the original uniforms! Obviously, this is the master of the castle's Imperial Guard clothes! And there is no doubt that the days Ikara Boyi role, not only can resist infuriating as simple as that Bailey Bow UGGs Boots, otherwise, why here? Bo Huang Star masters around the Palace Guard to wore something that is top of the ancient Chinese civilization produced something! The Guo 小妖 have not seen! Looked the these days Ikara Boyi GuoPu silence! Must have to find out what this stuff! Along the magnificent and unparalleled door, GuoPu followed the wind purple weep silent, and walked toward the core position of the castle! Star in Bo Huang addition a secret House door, the blue robe elderly and sloppy elderly behind each with a thousand, God-class master of the pinnacle, and composition of the two side team, began the mighty castle into toward the front of the same grand unparalleled ! Two behind, is the cold Qisha and Heliantieshu with a team of people to walk in together! all packed down, then it is to live up to our high regard! sickening disappointment! But the wave, but it is so strange, even the cold Qisha and the people around him Canada Goose Banff Sale, even in front of the scruffy old man did not know the people of the house of God, seem to follow their lead and occupy absolutely favorable position ! Of course, the gap between the Pantheon and the Presbyterian, they will never fully trust each other, these masters of the Presbyterian, but it does not seem to now they have been caught up in a wonderful surrounded by the middle! Although both strength is not comparable, even at this time If Pantheon want to do something, is a lose-lose, but the most important is that raunchy elderly and cold Qisha of, but do not understand here, ah! Months of down time, between the Pantheon and the Presbyterian Church of the crowd, in preparedness Yorkville Bomber Canada Goose, but not conscious, alert to reduce a lot! The same at the entrance of the castle, some great size robot to pieces fell to the ground, and more into the castle deeper, these robots wreckage more! And inside some of the wreckage of the robot, actually height reached one hundred meters high! Of course, along the way they also see those days without rotting Ikara Boyi! This for Shrine and anyone Presbyterian UGGs Waverly Boots, which are treasures! So they are not polite, direct everyone picked up the first one, and everything As much wasted no revenue! Who is not a family ah! Say the Pantheon and the Presbyterian Church there are still so many people! Such amazing things to get back, but have a long way! In this way, a large team led by blue robe for the elderly and the raunchy elderly, the middle of the castle searched for nearly seven days, everyone pours! Finally, it can not be satisfied with such droves blue robe for the elderly, and slovenly the elderly there cold Qisha and Heliantieshu et al, get together to discuss a bit, they each divided into four in a group, the two The master of the temple with the master of the two Presbyterian, so separate scattered exploration ancient castle. Of course, they are also each other a good agreement, if it is what treasures, who was not allowed misappropriated twenty-one Tim for five! Dangerous, every squad with communications equipment, once encountered what unpredictable danger, it is mutual rescue! All said, more than five hundred team, began to move in all directions of the castle away! Scruffy elderly a blue robe elderly and cold Qisha of,, there Heliantieshu four individuals, is composed of a team, they rushed toward the core position of the castle! More than a dozen of years, in their view, the prohibition of all afraid have lost effectiveness, or have all been scrapped, come after, but did not encounter any danger! And a few days in the past! Each of the four people get a lot of strange things! They also do not have the time to study these things in the end what is the role, but they all know that this is necessarily a good thing it wants! Then, four people cautiously came to the core of a palace in the middle of the castle! Scruffy old man strode forward, a blue robe elderly behind him suddenly laughed: Scruffy old man without turning hum: the scruffy elderly and cold Qisha of react, blue robe elderly palm a true Thunder general blasted, the Heliantieshu is also so facilities for two powerful substantially all of the light beam, immediately will raunchy elderly and cold Qisha of palm looks straight flying out of a hundred meters away! Then the two, such as the attached bone of gangrene, pounced again! A sloppy elderly and cold Qisha of, there's no strength to fight back! Horror they waddle staggered a few steps, fell to the ground heavily: before grinning and said: gowns elderly indifferent smile, said: flashing teeth are almost chew! , but I did not expect, and finally lost! This time, not who big who the little things! Presbyterian, do not exist! Angry Are you sure that secret? The blue robe elderly sneered and said: The temple of my God, now what there is, spar, spar here enough to eat the entire people of the Holy Empire, weapons? Resources Classic Mini UGGs Boots? Even that secret! Oh Oh! You never know how you lose! Of course, before you die, I will call you understand! Merry Missy

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