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Chapter 50: deterrence audience! Can not afford to rent a room, just to find someone seeking nurturing go call seeking monthly! ! ! ! ...... "Dead!" Cold voice, from the mouth of the leaf morning bland to say, on death row issued a ruling of the trial, his figure a move, they put in front of ordinary soldiers broke down the ordinary soldiers such as ants shake the tree, in his 150 physique, a collision, they all fly sweep. www QUaNBEN COM brush! Brush! Brush! Shank blades from the back of the leaf morning Pilai with a sharp Daojin. Ye Chen completely ignored, straight knife unto the man walked blades fall back boa snake skin scales, slightly dàng, is fanzhen back, scratches on the skin scales nothing left. A hint of the eyes of several attack shocked, did not think they quanliyiji, not even leaves morning Leather are unable to break open the skin scales how powerful defense? Bang! Bang! Bang! Fired several bullets from the distant housing soared shè the over, condescending, hit to the head of the leaf morning. Ye Chen God sè calm, the footsteps suddenly speed up a bit,Coach Totes Outlet, avoid fired several bullets, then swept away the sword, dàng opened in front of people, came to the man in front of the arm flick knife head-splitting next. "Superman state!" This man saw leaves morning to face surrounded by hundreds of people still out of the tight encirclement, could not help but the face sè a change, quickly open the Superman state, I saw his forehead slowly grow a tentacles, the skin becomes a little dark, pure black eyes, step by step out, the ground burst open. Feel the surge of power in the body, this man staring at the arrogance of the leaf morning, sneered: "Do you think you can also running amok in the base city do? If you dare to open the Superman state, waiting to go die , such as Superman state, you slag is not! I big deal and you die! "Ye Chen coldly looked at him, this man turned out to be ant Superman, most of the force of thousands! However, the ants just to increase strength and physical strength it is still very weak in terms of speed. There is no specific leaf morning a better understanding of the weaknesses of the ants Superman! His mouth bent a touch of cruel radians figure suddenly a move, go, run backwards, and the people around thought he wanted to escape, quickly surrounded by the man sneer, a dynamic figure, morning Bianxiang leaves to chase. "Die!" This man pull out the swords behind, head-split to go to the leaf morning. Ye Chen did not Yingkang, the quality of this man's swords can not cut his skin scales bad, but in his strong, but the body will be concussion immediately footsteps pinch, avoid the knife . The man in the eyes of a trace of anger, this knife if hit, he was confident to hack leaf morning, but did not hit! Light effort, strikes against opponents! Ye Chen avoid fingers with bombs, two impulsive soared shè the out cohesion became Liangbing xiǎo of gas sword, shè to this man's eyes. This man only 40 of the constitution, the ants Superman does not enhance vision, he sank into a the original Ye Chen kill blood-toothed tiger distress state. Invisible opponent mobile! Had leaves morning with ears to hear the wind to tell the position, because too much blood toothed tiger figure, run up extremely scary wind driven sand lift to fly, the wind-driven leaf morning run xiǎo he identified to the knife cut to his neck. The most important thing is, leaf morning Qi Jin! No sè invisible, no awakening talent, the invisible Qi Jin pneumatic! In spite of himself! Suddenly, the two winds blow on the face, this man was shocked, and quickly reached for Block, but one step too late, eyes suddenly a pain, as if torn the same. "Ah ......" This man lay your hand upon your eyes, shrill screams, at this moment, Ye Chen figure skimming, they came to the side of this man, hands of swords crosscutting, and not driven by the wind, jī like a light! Click! This man's head thrown high fly, Xueshuan ejected from the neck, scattered trail of blood on the metal floor, shocking. Dead? The audience was silent. An ant Superman strong, could be so easily leaves morning to the massacre? By ah! This is the Superman of the storm system, unlike mosquito beast Superman and then fragile, even a knife seconds? Superman strong, are huā fee numerous yào matter, from a people have a chance of awakening success in such harsh conditions, each Superman strong baby! But he was leaf morning like cut the cucumber to cut! The whole street lane, slightly open mouth, stare at the headless body, I saw the body straight down on the ground, blood trickling from a broken neck outflow of ground red one. Ye Chen figure stood still, holding a three-meter-blood red swords, black hair fluttering in the breeze, forehead under the eyes as two Han Xing, without a trace of emotion, the temperature around him seems to be freezing up. Originally surrounded around to prevent the escape of leaf morning, have sluggish throat as if to strangle say anything. Leaf morning cold and stared at the burly man, step by step he walked. Barefoot in the metal on the ground, subtle sound back dàng the the ears of all those present, so that the heart of a lot of people are jumping up. Block me, kill! "Ye Chen stared at the burly man. This burly men face sluggish, Leng Leng looked at the floor next to the man go down, the body could not help trembling slightly, just think of the provocation to speak, life did the most daring thing I'm afraid it than this, dare such a horrible monster provocative, this is not court death, but suicide! The his spine emergence of cold sweat, seeing the leaves morning holding swords the way, dropping blood on the tip his heart thrown a Senhan, two tuǐ tremble slightly, help to get out of step. Only one step, his momentum would be completely weak down the people behind him have been blown away by the leaves coercion morning, originally would like to barely hold on, but to see him get out quickly clued in on both sides. Leaves the morning God sè indifference, eyes staring at the front, far from the crowded streets, have get out from the middle lù a xiǎo Road, leaves morning after a burly man around, this burly men have risen to heart throat, breathing with bated breath to live, and only passing and leaves morning, his body cold sweat oozes from,air jordan store, the soft máo Leather internal wet. Such as leaf morning after his side, the heart of the burly man was slowly falling, palpitations, looking at the back of the leaf morning, sort of fear in the eyes, "It was horrible, there is no human breath, almost, almost like a prehistoric pretty beast! "behind him the 78 xiǎo Association representative figure of his eyes, looked fearfully leaf morning, an illusion, as if the slightest misconduct throat will immediately Nieduan! "A good rich evil spirits!" Whether he killed many people, such a terrible murderous! "Kill the monster and not cultivate murderous, killing talents can be cultivated, like a massacre of hundreds of jī the ducks fùnv and killer incapable , killed a man, the mind is completely the same, resulting in eyes, temperament will significantly change. Morning the body from the leaves, they do not feel any emotions anger and Lengao, is entirely biting cold! As if in the eyes of this man, everyone is ants can kill! Ye Chen dragged his blood-red swords, wearing a headscarf, walked down the street to the distance, gathered thousands of people on the streets, even silence, silence, only occasionally see someone stayed the hands of something out of the ground voice, Ye Chen footsteps ...... step! Step! Go away! Actually, no one came out to intercept him! Such as leaf morning at the street corner disappeared in the crowd's attention, burly men not only did not immediately ordered to kill, but relieved to feel a bit fortunate, Ye Chen slaughter, the field only fear a run away! "Boss, do not kill it?" A young scrape up a bit of hesitation. Burly man turned around and glared at him, curse and said: "you do not mind, right? Did not see Superman strong he knifed? You nǎinǎi, but ants Superman strong, is not he opponent to kill? kill your sister! "said the young Samsam nodded back down. This burly men just following orders, an insight into the forces of terror of leaf morning, which dare to go kill a big deal to go back because of the negative things,Coach OP Art USA, has been criticized meal is better than given away xiǎo life! "Hey, Long féi!" Next to a seemingly extraordinary temperament men looking to leave the back of the leaf morning, after quite a while, suddenly thought of something, this the burly man suspected huò Road: "Why did he which direction to take? "burly man startled, immediately remembered what face drastic change sè, agony and said:" Oh! that is our association's headquarters location! "people around, looked at each other, there is a trace of consternation. Association headquarters? Is this madman wanted, but also immediate concern each other headquarters? ... Leaves the morning dragged swords, went to the Dragon Association headquarters. Along the way, surrounded by many figure pointing in four weeks, many people see the leaves morning eyeball almost fell out, could not resist some consternation, if not personally seen, I'm afraid to break the head can not think this is the whole city wanted by the moment even strutted on the street. Some people want the front to challenge leaf morning, but saw in his hand and three-meter-long blood-red swords, they stopped in her tracks. "This is not the villain it?" He was still in town, he, he was not afraid of those guilds to kill him what? "Everyone felt a little shocked and speechless, quickly away from the leaf morning, standing in the distance pointing, as jiāo head ear talking about. Ye Chen ignored. Would also intend the death team identity, do secretly corrupted the human thing Association Summit assassination, did not expect identity so quickly debunked. "Leaf morning made me sigh, after the arrest warrant bulletin board, readily toss, blood-red swords swept out! In spite of himself! The bulletin board is cut off, push the prices down. Buzz around have a static, and then see the leaves morning and there are no major action was assured down quietly followed behind him, wanted to see whether the devil to do? Message soon spread, a mass ten, one hundred, and many other places are still selling skins, eat and drink in the hotel, the smell of the message, have consternation, with over quickly, and even some swing to spread the see the guests are gone, and quickly put away the stall, now come and watch. In this way, not long before the leaf morning to follow later will reach hundreds of thousands, a dark mass, flooding dozens of streets, such as ants, swarming over. <
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