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> Interrogation room. [Chinese. cn. com] Chen Feng constantly wiped his eyes with the back of accidentally leaking tears. An beef and hand and whispered: "You gave my sister and Li Ling knife thing, a lot of people know that?" Li Ling knives hanging on the outside of the package, must be very swagger. Chen Feng thought for a moment, hesitantly: "I do not know how my sister and I did not say these things ...... Li Ling ...... I saw her sisters took her a lot of small packages of the small dagger to play, there are people She borrowed a knife to cut fruit. "" That there is no one asked your sister that one? "Chen wind shadow of his face, he thought that might be thought of ACS, long before, said:" We did not say, but Li Ling know, I sent her, told her that her sister has a ...... "Long Jie asked:" She knows your sister's knife is where to put it? "" ah, I said to her, I said, sister, do not say very hard massage, and often have guests bullied, I told her to put the dagger side massage boxes, that time will frighten predators ...... "" Li Ling was what the response? "" She laughed and said there was a beautiful sister is in trouble, she said that she must not worry, the sister of a knife in self-defense weapon, she can only do display a knife. "Ann Chen Feng ground beef while watching gestures. ACS side to translate. ACS translation to the sentence that beef is very feminine. Coupled with beef slowly intonation. He could not help feel feminine Chan wind up. He is really hard to imagine. This handsome boy politely. Would a man seriously wounded. ACS thought of a question: "What time is Li Ling to learn sign language?" Chen Feng somewhat shyly: "She said that know me afterwards. Deliberately places to learn sign language." So fond of him. Also trap framed him? Is it really so fame can help people become unrecognizable? ! An beef sigh, asked: "How long have you come to Bath City?" Chen Feng thought, gesture and said: "seven months, I had to open shop in his hometown, is the younger sister to help me find a job." "Tell Li Ling what is a good time together? "" four, five months. "It seems that Li Ling pretty smart, sign language learn quickly. However. Chen Feng Although it is disabled, his handsome face and tall stature, that will make a lot of girls favored. "Li Ling, do you understand?" Long Jie asked. Chen Feng bow like a long time: "She is a very smart girl, and very strong, lively personality, to me, is also very good ......" Li Ling Chen Feng said on several occasions that he was very good. An beef could not help but ask him: "To you is how good?" "Do not mind me, she admitted that on the outside is my girlfriend, we got off the night shift, and often went for breakfast ...... well, she said later singers do, do not let me do security, and dedicated to her bodyguard. "Chen Feng look melancholy. Long Jie think, if he knew that Li Ling was just framed his words with others. He also those superficial "good", and never forget it? This time, suddenly a small police came. Conspire Panyu ear said a few words. Pan Yu Huo stand on Long Jie said: "There, we went out to speak." Chen Feng's hearing is not the problem, his face was a white, anxious gestures: "Yes my sister hurt you, you are my sister ? "But no one answered him, ACS looked Panyu face and immediately went out with him. To the interrogation room door, Panyu police on the little, said: "You just said land. Give Dragons say it again." Mama forehead sweat the small police: "We received the alarm, Li Ling's friends,Oakley Juliet clearance, a pearl is Liu Li Ling said a suicide by taking poison in her home. "ACS looking for a cold:" She knows how commit suicide? when playing telephone? "" Five minutes ago, we have already sent to the scene. "ACS with Panyu nodded:" We also go to see. "" into that Chen Feng ...... "An ACS beef looked:" I went to say, have something to ask him next time. "" ah, speed to speed back. "Chen Feng just urgent, so that security beef bear, she wanted him to say. Do not speculate on, thought it was my sister an accident - an accident is his fickle girlfriend, maybe for him emotionally to accept more. An interrogation room beef went to Chen Feng said. Chen Feng Zheng Zhu, and busy gesture: "You said in her friend's house to commit suicide?" "We're going to look at the scene." "Which friend?" "A woman called Liu pearl." Chen Feng look very surprised and bewildered: "Liu pearl?" "Do you know her?" "She is also a member of Bath City to a massage, but the relationship is not familiar with Li Ling ah ......" Dragon maneuvering they came to Liu Jie pearl rental, see Police officers have arrived early getting busy again. Panyu straight face: "When people kill?" One police officer nodded: "Dead terrible for some time. Forensic autopsy being." ACS they went. Behold, it was a small one bedroom house, in addition to a busy hall officers. There is a tousled young girls, being sat on the couch eating fingernails. A police officer, said she is alert, Liu pearls, are waiting to give testimony transcript. ACS on Panyu, said: "You do confessions before, can we ask her a few questions?" Pan Yu nodded: "OK, I went to see the scene, you ask." Long Jie Liu and Ann sat pearl beef opposite. ACS asked her: "Do you know how with Li Ling is?" Liu pearl pitiful eyes blink: "We are colleagues in a casino, she was the KTV, I was performing hall massage." "When did she come to you to?" "Last night, I go to work before she arrived,oakley sunglasses store, saying that in my home improvise one night, let me help, she said police are looking around for her,Oakley Holbrook, she can not return to their own home ......" "how about your relationship?" Liu pearl Distressed: "in general, because I live close to Bath City Recently, many sisters have played to me, she probably know me from someone who lives here, which really just across the Bath City a street, a turn on to, probably also a few minutes walk. "Since the unfamiliar, why would find you? "Liu Pearl said:" She said to stay one night, is really no place to go, just ask me for help ...... she gave me one thousand, one night, 1000, I bring her outward thing? "She seems very wronged - Monday is good - this week we focus our efforts to modify" sheep ", but an update will follow suit here, we Wunian. Introduce a bird's nest soup Friends rustle shoes new book," Need trail outsider aspect ", ISBN 1,308,486, is the main station of the book, like the outsider adventurous friends like him to join in! clicks, recommendations, collection Oh! Thank you! (whole novel network www.quanben.com) <
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