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August 05 [Mon], 2013, 10:01
> National Security Agency's departments have come forward so big, and the nation's police immediately in action up, Keller although only a small basketball star, but his influence in the United States have long been no less than U.S. President George W. Bush. wWw, QuANBEn, Com though he, as the Knicks players, a lot of people hate him, but as a basketball star, he's the idol of all Americans. Keller's family before the most uninteresting little Chris, even Bi Kaile sudden popularity even higher, many have been in contact with this girl who became competing media interviews objects. Who lived on Long Island when Korver a neighbor, Nicole? Andrew lady: "I know Chris, she is a very cute little girl, although she often mischievous, but we still like her, are treating her like a little angel, now so unfortunate things actually occur in her body, I can only say that I was really shocked, I do not understand exactly how heinous allow to dry out such a thing, I hope damn criminals can pay out as soon as Chris, he should know that he do such a thing, is simply in and throughout Long Island against! "Chris school teacher Derek? JOB Mr. Kam:" Crane Sri Lanka has never been a child like learning, but at school everyone liked her, not only because she is Keller's sister, I think the most important thing is Chris who has a kind of irresistible peers charm, of course, I mean not that respect for Chris such a thing happened, I was shocked, I hope that this matter can be resolved quickly, but I hope it will not be buried among her young mind Under the shadow, God bless her! "Chris's classmate and friend, Judy? Maike Se:" God ah! I could hardly believe such a thing would happen in Chris's body, usually when we were together, she always very powerful, even those school basketball team did not dare to bully her older children, I really very sad, she is my best friend, I have not seen her for several days, I hope she is safe , hurry back if Mr kidnappers who can hear me, I hope he can put Chris, she is a very good friend, I do not want to lose her! "Of course it feels for the most angry or New York fans, those Knicks supporters, because the kidnapping took place, so that Keller is simply careless play, in the just-concluded second contest in which Keller simply do not appear in Madison, the team lacks the soul, naturally there is no doubt the Spurs lost to the lineup neat, had a brighter outlook championship suddenly dim up. The whole game the Spurs did not give much chance the Knicks, although Thomas has done a lot in order to prepare the game, though Howard, Ron Artest and other key players in this game which performed very well, but it still did not restore the Knicks defeated destiny. Although the failure of the New York fans had already mentally prepared, but when the moment comes, they are still very difficult to accept, in their opinion as long as Keller presence, victory is actually a very easy thing, but if Keller sidelined, and that is doomsday. "I do not care who the bastard! Listen to the damn guy, you *** better let our little princess, otherwise I swear, I would definitely put you thrown inside a container filled with sulfuric acid, will you this dross dissolved. *** better pray you and your family are all safe and sound, because today you do Chris, someday will all New Yorkers back to you bastard! "loses New York fans Angry look like a channel filled with a picture of any nation, the nature of the matter is no longer a short-answer kidnapping cases, he and even the stability of the United States linked to together, who do not know if Chris really has been no news, losing the championship of New Yorkers would anger into what, to the time that trigger a massive riot is not impossible to do. After all, New Yorkers have been waiting for the championship of the time waiting for over thirty years, so long backlog for the championship with victories and desire, is likely to be a sudden outbreak, then what will happen, only that like to watch Jews ** God only knows. Perhaps God when observing the Jewish ** long needle, perhaps his spare time to meet the aspirations of people of the world a little trivial, in Korver a gradually despair, people's patience will be consumed almost dry when things finally took a dramatic turn. "Stop it!" Was originally the same like in the wake of the Manhattan police came a cry of alarm, so that everyone's heart suddenly a shrink, all eyes focused on the people who speak that. That person as if he had discovered a new continent, poke around, a few steps rushed to the front of the TV, pointing to the screen pass on a purple dress, holding a huge suitcase man, shouted: "Look! That he ! that this person, you find not, before a surveillance video of the twenty-eighth of seventeen seconds, it is the way that the corners of the camera before the period of surveillance video captured! "Then, that person again in the surveillance video of them look a mess for a long time, finally found the one he wanted videotape into another machine, open, transferred to that period he wanted. "Look! Is him, North Face Outerwear look at his hands, no luggage, and then look at his back, it was a child." Young people getting more and more excited, finally simply to stand on the table, "you still can not remember I remember, when we Women's North Face Down went to Madison, in that place there is a toilet, you think again ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "like like a young teacher, kept induce his colleagues refused to directly the answer, this time other people are attracted to this new discovery, everyone all began to use their brains. "You mean that the child is back Chris!" Finally a colleague to speak, and followed by everyone all become smart. "He went into the bathroom, and then put that big Chris into his suitcase!" "This is everything he planned! That he had long ago made up his mind, and even crime tools are ready ! "" The devil! must be him, this thing must be his doing, no wonder we have been in the surveillance video can not find Chris's shadow, and now all straightened out, is his! "" Great , finally found the bastard! "one time dead than a few days in Manhattan police station once again became noisy, everyone cheers sent bursts, these days they can be given this matter victimized every day To stare at those surveillance video, the eyes should be spent, not only that, they have to bear the pressure from the community. Public who called them assholes, above the heads also put them as a Jiunangfandai, now, everything is finally taking shape. Secretary also appears sub-excited, roared: "Children! Put video back down, let's see how long this bastard what looks like a face, I swear to catch this guy, I certainly want his head crack, so that he can taste the bitter taste! "But when the tape is back down after all they are all disappointed, because the TV screen, that they have been locked into the offender's face with a man Keller mask. Really want to have big, big disappointment there, just still elated people all sat slumped in a chair, and finally found the clues, the results failed to see that the offender's face. "This Men's North Face Hoodie Clearance damn fox!" Mr. Secretary ferocious cursing, but unfortunately useless for him to do so, but he soon had a new idea, "the gate of the surveillance video to find out, I mean the approach When video of the guy when not in an approach took the mask, just find the men wear purple clothes, everything will come to light! "Next time everything was all back to square one, everyone and all as before, patiently watching the surveillance video, hoping to find the criminals wear purple clothes, until late at night fell, they still found nothing. No one really took the mask is printed Keller Facebook, but the same man not wearing purple clothes. "Damn!" Secretary rage again, and he felt that he was playing, and in this position for over ten years time, only he playing those criminals, when it was his turn to be the same people as mice tease. "Do not worry! Sir!" That began to find a clue to the most one young police officer stood up and said, "Maybe this time we should ask for help all the Knicks fans, that guy must be changed before entering the stands clothes, he thought we would find him, so will change clothes before entering the arena, and in order to avoid their own way to attract people's attention, he was in the stands watching the game, certainly not with the masks, wear purple clothes man, I want to sit there will be people around him impression! "Finally, there has been cracked puzzle clues, people's heart finally relaxed a little, or, for Knicks fans to help this thing they do not think is difficult, so the situation is now Knicks fans Keller urgent need to come back, as long as the return is Keller help things, I believe everyone will be willing to cooperate, as long as people think that there is a criminal, Then everything will all hear about it. PS: seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! Seeking a reward! {{W {<
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