but definitely not less than

August 12 [Mon], 2013, 16:39
Will the dragon; Chen back to the dawn alliance, Zhao Tianfang went to busy with their own things. And that I saw The North Face Outlet Zhao Tianfang indifferent God se, showing a hint at the expected sneer. Help yourself. And say, it is a, to catch the longchen go. From Zhao Tianfang's face se, she knew, longchen absorption of Lei Yanjing, is the most one, and she Ao, also can merge a, harder, perhaps also can reach two! This means that, before Zhao Tianfang on long Chen's invitation, completely meaningless. Is not a waste? Still dare to pretend to be a genius, is ridiculous! In dragon e behind, Ao repeatedly sneered. If she knew, you can merge Lei Yanjing, far more North Face Hybird than this number, do not know her face, which is how Jing color. The longchen ears Ling Xi sword, Ling Xi laughed. Xiao Xi, we'll go outside. Now, it is already dusk, night comes, that's when you get, or I left foreleg, his rear foot is lost, we suspect is too high. The Ao, long Chen only sneer. However, he did not mind the people care about and. Soon, long Chen in the Ao contempt eyes out of the alliance, turn a few street, looking for a quiet teahouse, tea products for a while, I wonder now body. As long as the integration of ten mine Yanjing, it can form a ray Yanzhan body, become the thunder Yanwu? Longchen feel the body, it can flow, let him feel numb and weak force. The thunder and fire, this is one of the most violent two things between heaven and earth force. Indeed, but, the thunder Yanzhan body, is hierarchical, fusion of the ten mine Yanjing, achievement is a ray Yanzhan body, then, there should be two class thunder Yanzhan body, and the highest level three Lei Yanzhan body! To Lei North Face Windstopper Outlet Yanjing, I was not very clear, but definitely not less than ten! What about me, can fuse more Lei Yanjing? Longchen look asked. Lei Yanjing's fusion, the first is concerned with the constitution, you are the dragon warrior in the nature, most of it contains, the power of the dragon, the body also is almost equal to the dragon shape, so in the physique, you absolutely overwhelmed Lei Yanjing, there is a. On the other hand, also has a relationship with you the amount you Qi Qi, the amount is enough, the body has a long breath Qi, we called the Dragon Qi, dragon Qi is stronger, then can suppress the control of Lei Yanjing more, Lei Yanjing contains thunder Yanzhi force, you just keep dragon Qi strong than peaksight force, it can...... Said so much, also do not know can not get the thunder Yanjing. Thought of here, long Chen helpless smile. The thunder Yanjing, not only can play a powerful role in quenching body, can be in the air, increasing ray Yanzhi force, long Chen really jealous. At the outset, have dragon turned, his * * strength increased, basically reach the Yellow order higher chain body and body, cannot reach the standard. This is just the inheritance of Jing blood of 1/1000 only, so when the match is more and more strong, also has the chain body, body and other powerful combat skills, long Chen feel inadequate. The inheritance of Jing blood, want to.
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