After hearing his words

May 23 [Thu], 2013, 12:38
> Gu Qing originally thought the relationship between himself and Gali quarrel that day will be affected, but the down days are negated the idea in his mind, Gali as if nothing happens like to talk to him, along with chat, They even get along time but also far more than the past, and in these days inside, Gu Qing also learned a lot about Gali secret. Www. quANBEn. Com passage of time always being quietly away, a blink of an eye, Gu Qing and Gali two stay here more than a week, while Gu Qing also had to leave the mind, knowing the place of detention after babe, Gu Qing heart there is an eager mood, but because of its own strength, so he was stalling for time again and again, but today, Gu Qing elementary Samsung has entered into a peak, in order to break into the distance, only one checkpoint only the. Breakthrough is needed is an opportunity, rather than blindly penance, Gu Qing convinced of this point, so he does not intend to continue to stay here, and let Gu Qing quite unexpectedly, when he put away the idea of ​​informed Gali when the other party is a direct action requirements and Gu Qing instrument, which makes Gu Qing in the heart puzzled but also some joy, after all, the strength of Gali put in that they act together to grasp the nature will certainly be much larger. "Do not you have reached the bottleneck!" Gu Qing figure out why Gali willing to leave here, where he went to rescue the babe can make Gali no strong absorption of the fire, so he can only guess so. Gali cold white Gu Qing one, then said, "I want to go where it seems the things you do with it!" "Break!" Gali say this, Gu Qing is nothing to say, he can immediately the subject chuckled, "I think you look better before the appearance, cold look really makes a bit too much!" finished,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes, Gu Qingli that burst shot out toward the hole, leaving a look Daileng Gali stand in the same place. After a long time, Gali to react, then covered with a touch of frost face appeared as bath spring-like smile, if Gu Qing here, maybe shocked silly out directly, unfortunately, someone had already left the here. .............................. "In front seems to be a village, but do not know now there is no one to live here!" Said Gu Qing look of calm, in the last days, and that he had seen too many of the bereaved, and many uprooted people because of the disaster, fortunately able to escape a few years, has become a less fortunate in a zombie, like this little village defense facilities, Gu Qing can not hold too much hope. Gali has not experienced the disaster, although she hear the words of Gu Qing hidden in sorrow, but he does not understand why this is. "We continue to see do not know!" Gali pretty simply, directly toward the villages falling away below, Gu Qing helplessly looked at each other, and can only expand the speed pursuit. They have landed not far from the village of a small forest which, at this moment, a breeze mixed with aggressive attacks towards Gu Qing suddenly burst shot from his head. Gu Qing snorted, then ghostly flicker stature,Nike Jordan 14 Shoes, one moment disappeared in the place, and when he appeared at the moment, he has found a hit their targets. "Hey!" When they find each other turned out to be a man dressed in extremely primitive when Gu Qing help stop the hands of the action, with a very strange eyes looked at each other. Gu Qing looked at each other at the same time, in front of the primitive humans too similar in a curiously looked at Gu Qing, so the two looked at each other, until the cold Gali two men broke the silence. "Are you out to the people!" In front of hominids finally could not help but asked. "Outside to the people!" Gu Qing puzzled repeated this sentence, but when you see the nod,Air Jordan 8, he could not help produce an even he could not believe the idea. Gu Qing, pointing out the deep forest, and then inquired, "You do not go over the outside!" In fact, Gu Qing said, do not know how widespread the outside, he just to be sure in my mind thinking. "Well, we are not allowed to go outside the tribe never!" In front of the primitive man replied. Heard these words, my heart is finally Gu Qing shocked, he did not think this world there is a real primitive tribes, from the conversation with this man, and that he has identified their own ideas, but he does not understand, and this place not so hidden, why so long time no one noticed it. "Malaysia, are you okay!" Just then, suddenly emerged from among the one hundred zero to number one, and take the lead in middle-aged men and Gu Qing towards the man talking to the channel. Looking at these people were wearing original tribal clothes, Gu Qing hearts curiosity was greatly piqued, these people are bows and arrows weapon, and some even just some polished edges and corners of the stick, which is not exactly original consistent with the development of tribal do? Is he really that good luck, whatever you can find such a big news, but the thought of the present world, this sense of discovery on lightly not saved. Middle-aged man also noticed Gu Qing and Gali two people, they are a group of people look immediately appeared between the color guard, Gu Qing dialogue before and the man quickly returned to the ranks, and then in the middle-aged man does not know the ear saying anything. "You are coming out!" After hearing his words, middle-aged man can not help but have some doubts asked. Although I do not know why there is this other suspect, but Gu Qing nodded. "You told me the village it!" To leave these words, middle-aged man to lead the team walked toward the distant villages, while Gu Qing and Gali, as a two-phase, but also to follow up. An old thatched cottages among three people sit around a table, dim lighting to trio brought some light. "I never thought the outside world have become so, hey!" Middle-aged man with a sigh, and looked into with a heavy sorrow of color. After entering the village, Gu Qing surprised to find that the middle-aged man who is also from the outside world, but from talking to the contents of the opinion, middle-aged man to enter into this village has been ten years time, so for now the outside world zombie He was totally unaware of rampant, and when asked why such a Gu Qing village is not even found the time to be an outsider, middle-aged man revealed to the trace of strange Gu Qing attract attention. Gu Qing's in hot pursuit under, the other is revealed the truth. "Come up on the go, how is this possible!" Aftertaste middle-aged man said these words, Gu Qing heart full of shock, only Gali looked full of disdain, apparently for saying he did not believe it. <
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