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> Can not leave the ninety-ninth chapter of the fetters (under), "No, me and Gaia different. WwW, QunabEN, coM I do not want you to put me and it par" perhaps because repressed for too long in the face ' Father ', the Liou Na first raised his head and face with Martin? Hervey's eyes: "You have been telling me anything right? tell me what is born? whether I am not your daughter? "" ...... "Martin? Hervey did not think has been very docile in front of their own daughter would actually make such questioning their own, are not scared Hubei looked Liou Na. "Tell me ~ You really think I am what?" Invisible waves roaring with Liou Na overflowing open, but like the power of the storm was in Martin? Hervey Kankan stationary front, not far , a ghostly figure appears and stared coldly pale Liou Na. Back of the body unto the Tao figure gently waved, Martin? Hervey sighed, as if the old look like a frail old asked: "Do you ...... have found?" "Yes, as early as three years ago, I you know me and other people do not like. However, even if I really is manufactured, and I do not care, I only care about whether you really think of me as a person? in your eyes, my existence is just a piece tool only you? "" So you already know ...... "Martin? Hervey wry smile shaking his head, muttering:" Yes, you are now the Republic of the best biologists, I should have known would be Such an outcome. "" Dad ~ "see Martin? Hervey has been reluctant to answer their questions, Liou Na anxiously holding his skinny arm. "The real result is not what you might expect, this is what I can say to you now As ...... As for you ......" Martin? Hervey in a hope looked at the Liou Na: "You are not I have the tools you have inherited all my people and I can not put you regard as my daughter, it is because I will think of you as a continuation of my life. "" ...... "feel Martin? Hervey discourse sincere, Liou Na can not help but froze. She could feel his father was not lying to himself, but his words was mixed with too much so she could not understand the meaning, which made her become more confused than before it. And Martin? Hervey seems to see Liou Na perplexities, shook his head and said: "If you really want to find the answer, then it went to Hoffman Empire That is where it all started, where you can find all the answers you confused answers, but before that, I hope you can finally do one thing for me. "" You ...... "aware of Martin? Hervey tone of strange, Liou Na looked shocked . "Do you know the Tigers camp do?" Shocked eyes did not bother Liou Na, Martin? Hervey mentioned in a nostalgic tone, four years ago, he single-handedly built up in the Tigers camp. And talk about the Tigers camp, Liou Na Robin could not help thinking, as well as a brief period of time. "300 people Tigers camp, three hundred remarkable potential of young people ......" Martin? Hervey empty eyes looking out to sea: "Two years ago, they left my foot on the battlefield training camp and now, but only The remaining seven people ...... "" Seven people ...... "has been engrossed in the study Liou Na did not know what happened outside, but do not know now once again faced with the Federal Republic of military invasion. Heard such bad news at the moment,Oakley M FRAME Sunglasses, she almost blurted out the question: "What Robin ......" "Robin?" Martin? Hervey curious look Liou Na: "Do you know him?" "......" Remember Lot Bin on their hated Liou Na can be ambiguous answer: "Be it ......" "Robin Luo children ......" Think of that year was a young graduate student in geology, Martin ? Hervey hint of nostalgia smile. Low table beside him from the chair out of seven copies of the information on the front eleven Liou Na display open. "Robin, Zoro, Xia Zuo, Michelle, Dan Ding, Carmen, Claude ......" read out the names of the seven people, Martin? Hervey's eyes as if they emerged out of seven eleven young face. "Claude is currently in the third special operations battalion comprehensive fleet service, Xiazuo and Michelle are under the command of the gendarmerie disciplined strategic agents, three of them are currently in the Pluto system war." Appropriated while the trio of information, Martin? Hervey extremely tangled with eyes picked up two other information: "Dan Ding, my best students, who are most likely to touch my eyes to the holy order of the candidates, but ...... his heart was inhabited by a beast. I thought that Carmen could bind him, but unfortunately I was wrong ...... "From Martin? Hervey's tone, Liou Na feel something, tentatively asked:" They ...... "" They betrayed, just today seven in the morning, Xia Zuo personally convey the news to me. "silently closed his eyes, Martin? Hervey seems to have lost all the effort collapsed in a chair like:" As for Robin and Zoro ...... them in six months Kuiper ring prior to the acquisition task execution rare substance disappeared while in their disappearance ago, they sent back to Marcel space fortress of the Federal army invaded message, and then I lost contact ...... "" ...... "forcibly restrained hearts shocked, Liou Na trembling voice asked: "He's dead?" "Not yet confirmed." thoughtfully glanced Liou Na, Martin? Hervey smiled shook his head and said: "They have military column fallen into the list, but I think they are not dead. Robin the boy although limited talent, but he was always able to open up the West come up with some unique path idea, so he was always able to find in desperation out a way out, this is his unique talent. "paused, Martin? Hervey Dan Ding will contain four copies of the information and Robin pushed to the front of Liou Na:" Dan Ding and Carmen will go to Raymond German Federation, as Robin and Zoro ...... I have a feeling, I think they were there, so I want you to find them. "silently away four copies of the information on the table, Liou Na softly asked:" Once found, you need me to bring them back? "," how to deal with, you can decide by yourself, and your life ...... Since then it belongs only to you ...... "empty eyes looking out to sea, Martin? Hervey slowly close your eyes, and his indomitable life fire finally extinguished with the fall sunset. Horizon, a meteor across the sky. Looking sinking fleeting meteor, Liou Na gentle as 'father' cold body covered with blankets. Tears, silent drip drop ...... Meanwhile, distant Proxima Centauri domains. Robin gently Duanqichabei be as crisp crunch, his glass was cracked open to the unexpected, suddenly, the flavor of the tea from splashing out, 'dripping' is splashed on the table on. "......" Silently looking at the hands of the broken cup, as if aware of what Robin shoved general raised his head and look to the patch of sky where the solar system. The heart suddenly filled with an indescribable heartache and loss. "Boss?" Nishizawa around to see Robin froze a moment, could not help gently pushed him. The action was awakened by Nishizawa, Robin hastily wiped with a napkin tea trace contaminated clothes and Nishizawa also play gooseberry to Robin wipe the table, put on a new tea set. Take a deep breath, Robin brain aside speculation that mess once again to focus on the opposite side that looked a little disturbed man who speculate. The man is described by Caesar came, with Caesar's description of this man named Wagner sneak in six years ago to Raymond Federation. In smuggling, he was Marcel space of a frontier fortress, after arrival at the federal Dare Mond, he found a job on a cargo ship, and children. Until this massive pirate attacks before he was due to the identity of the Freedmen vessel dismissed. "You Jiuxing Republic border guards in what position?" The other person's information in the brain filtered again, Robin lukewarm asked. Because the other side is a deserter status, the hearts of disgust tone when speaking to Robin is not friendly, plus Robin showing the natural kind of pressure, so this is called Robin Wagner man sitting in front of only a moment already was sweating profusely. "Logistics ...... mechanic ......" Wagner replied humble bow. "Do you have children?" "Yes ...... Yes ......" Wagner raised his head pins and needles: "I have a son,Oakley Sunglasses Hijinx, only three years old, he and his wife lived together in my Hermes spaceport in as I was born child ago, my wife was a streetwalker, so we did not go through any formalities ...... "The combination between freemen often very unstable, except for a few freedmen will follow the federal law for marriage formalities, most of the free China basic family belong temporary home. So, in this case Wagner freemen belonging fairly common thing. "Do you know the route into Ott nebula mine?" Slightly paused, Robin began to cut to the chase. "Yes, before being hired vessels, I have been following a freeman spaceship Ott confusion within the nebula of mine are in the vessel hired, I will find some spare time, follow the Freedmen Space boat to make some extra money mine in the north star field, like me, people who know how to ship maintenance is very popular. "" I heard you in the Republic of stowaways in Jiuxing influential? "" This ...... I had just arrived here to help some stowaways republic, so they usually will listen to some of my suggestions ...... "" I understand. "interrupted Robin Wagner, then pointed to the side of Caesar:" The Caesar's sake I will not because you would like to comment, to be honest, for a first met them, I can not completely trust him. "" Sir - I swear I'll keep a secret, as long as you can give us on living materials help, you let me do anything can be. "see Robin seems to have refused to talk down the meaning of Wagner's eyes look quickly with help Nishizawa. And touched Wagner begging eyes, Nishizawa a soft heart, he tried to persuade said: "The boss ...... Wagner can indeed trust, which I can guarantee." "Do you?" Robin looked askance Nishizawa, pretending the embarrassed look on Wagner said: "You should know who I am, and what I would do, while bloody Harry ......" "I hate bloody than anyone Harry, I had already begun to enjoy the calm, a better life,Oakley Fast Jacket, but he treated ruined everything. Mr. Nishizawa if it is Martina lady, my wife and kids would have starved to death, while my other companion is the same, so I swear to you You can trust me. "Wagner's eyes stared, his eyes have confirmed the firm, Robin finally showing genial smile. "Well, I choose to believe you now, I need you to go to Ott Freedmen mechanic identity confusion within the nebula of all, the whole process, I need you to keep in touch with me at any time, and, I also need another Some people familiar with Ott nebula waterway. During this period, I will make sure you and your partner's family has enough living materials, space police harassment that they will not go ...... "<
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