one of the old gold se direct

August 13 [Tue], 2013, 12:45
; the little girl, you know a fart ah, that is my family's main gold not here, if I come to your clan, the wind Qing the goods se, that is our chief rivals, the Ryukyu golden Jucheng, our chief also disdain. One North Face Apex Bionic gold family man worried retort. Say no more, the two of you is it right? Waste, work can be proved. Wind Lin direct cooling channel. From the beginning of her words, the smell of gunpowder is more and more intense, both sides no longer speak, just cold gaze, waiting for the opportunity of practice. Longchen there speechless, he planned to have booked, watching the snow Yi will Wu Shen Bei figure loose it, didn't expect the two gold family man. The snow Yi again if the Valkyrie monument diagram, is bound to be attacked, so for a time unable to touch the Valkyrie monument diagram, as for other people wind family, in front of the wind Lin in the class master, they seem to not help. The longchen these pure spectators, more needless to say. The smell of gunpowder filled the atmosphere, at this time the wind Lin fully lit. The two gold elders stood a superior look, let the very not habit, the other party has not started yet, she directly: since come don't wriggle, knowing that to fight, don't waste the world, say what is bullshit, finally decided to home or strength, snow Yi, us one by one, to see who kill the opponent! Then, she spoke the opportunity not to each other, form a variable, light green se dress waving, the clouds, suddenly came to the two golden family Musha eyes! Miss. For this proud princess, snow Yi is some helpless, she hurriedly follow wind Lin's footsteps, also came to another man before! As for the rest of the wind clan, then guard in Wu Shen tablet before, prevent other thieves at this time. Two gold family man looked at each other, they laughed, instant apart, divided into two teams directly toward the wind and snow Yi Lin. Wind Men's North Face Apex Bionic Clearance Lin wrong body away, to the other side, the battle of the ground air to snow Yi, one of the old gold se direct grimly toward her chase. The Snow Bunting Sale little girl son, your grandfather actually let you came here to do, he was willing to, then I can accompany you have fun. Look at the exquisite green Chun vibrant Jiao Qu, the old man some restless. Wind Lin snorted a laugh, smile, filled with cruelty. Such people, he read. You really fight, he would be for his words and regret. After two people after a short confrontation, soon began, we couldn't help gas is that the gold old man. His brother is not and cirie hands-on, he will begin. Two people are close to two hundred years of twin brothers, to each other's heart had quite understand. The snow Yi is the wind and a very famous person, strength in Wu exit eighth which also belongs to that kind of prominent, it is very difficult to deal with. In their view, the wind Lin is a young girl, should better deal with much, as long as holding the wind Lin, u get that threat, Wu Shen Bei diagram is very simple. So, in one of the wind Lin hands-on, another and.
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