because Li Jingyuan was a rookie

August 08 [Thu], 2013, 11:25
; when the second half, you try and gatekeepers. Remember, when I saw someone shot, the first option is to hit the ball, only when absolutely sure, you can try to catch the ball. The words of A DeVoe Carter not taboo what, so now on the edge of several Li Jingyuan and his team mates with all heard this arrangement, all is revealing a side can not understand the expression. A DeVoe Carter do, also has his idea. All along, the South Korean team goalkeeper this piece is a great weakness. Mainly because of a temporary shortage, now the main goalkeeper Li Yunzai age North Face Outerwear Clearance gradually big, competitive state has begun to decline, compared to younger dragon and Jin Rongguang has not grown up, basically no exploration, so as long as Li Yunzai appeared what problem, there will be loopholes in South Korea the goalkeeper position. A DeVoe Carter also want to have a look Li Jingyuan have made the goalkeeper's potential, in his view, the reaction speed and physical quality of Li Jingyuan are much better than other people. As the two most important conditions goalkeeper is reaction and body, 98 years on the shining bald goalkeeper Butters is with second reaction had become a legend, so that A DeVoe Carter, with Li Jingyuan's condition as long as he receive a little under the action of standardized training, can be a good goalkeeper the. Hello, sir. This time Li Jingyuan is also not refuse, I have to play, which is how the manager how to chant, he just the performance of their first half is not too satisfactory, after all, not touched the ball too much, and when the front running, with him also didn't know tactics, so rather than do a striker, Li Jingyuan thinks to do not need to run a technology should also adapt to a goalkeeper. After receiving a command, staff also brought Li Jingyuan a goalkeeper clothing. This is a team training game, generally speaking, even if there is no goalkeeper clothing not impede training. But because Li Jingyuan was a rookie, in order to protect North Face Hyvent Sale him no hurt, so I changed with the protection ability of the goalkeeper. (in some parts of goalkeeper clothes with relatively thick sponge as protection, are mainly the various joints.) In the door will take place, Li Jingyuan jumped, then clapped her hands, a little experience of it with gloves feeling, and brought a football in the hand up a few, can basically meet the suit. Zhen Huange, Ji Hoon brother, now there are a few minutes, you come to help me to do the training. From the start of the second half and for a while, Li Jingyuan also do not want to waste this time, before running for half an hour, for him just a warmup, so this time he wants to advance. OK, you go to the. The two of us to shoot it, this is the most direct training. Ahn Jung-hwan for Li Jingyuan's interest is also more and more big, to see him in such a North Face Apex Bionic Outlet positive way, is readily promised down, command Li Jingyuan toward the away goal. Here, the ball I will point force, you try to hold it. The first ball, Ahn Jung-hwan is the hanging door way, football with a light curve toward the goal. This.
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