The Terran when out a master it

February 03 [Sun], 2013, 15:44
The ancient flying with golden spirit ape Yuan Hong war.Bubble book.* he was mighty Yin and Yang Qi, Qi to the extreme, a hand gestures, all cause a great sensation, showing no horse power.King Wu powerful body to the extreme, and Yuan Hong yinghan, this is the most direct contest of strength, no fancy, force strong wins.The whole valley is broken, the earth in turmoil, atmosphere of terror swept the eight party, far spread, disturbed all creatures whole region.This is the spirit of a deep in the mountains, there are many powerful demon race here in practice, many powerful brute beasts in the walk, all to war atmosphere of the demon clan with brute beast all rushed out."Shua!"A green light from the mountains into the sky, to a nearby field, green, wrapped in a green hair old man, strong Qi in the mighty.The old man is a great demon."Who, who would dare to touch the God apes?"Green hair old man eyes naked flicker, and go to the front of saccades, when he met with Yuan Hong war in the way the figure together when, it is a surprise."The Terran when out a master it?"The old man to oneself, not as if thinking of sth..Heaven, is not the world, demon clan, race, even Buddhism has the strong rise in heaven, the heaven, 100 family heyday, the race will not dominate the heaven, become a celestial supreme.In addition to the old, the other direction there are strong flavor, has the strong be alerted, come to watch the battle.Xiaoqing, Krishna, Barron et al noticed near the region's strange, can not help secretly scared, not in this unknown mountains, was lurking there is so much stronger.In fact, Xiaoqing they do not know, this mountain, is not what nameless mountain."Touch!" Air Max Classic Mens;"Boom!"To be sonorous.Goofy fight with Yuan Hong hand, palm and fist constant collision, nine day star sword and gold wand to touch a little spark, gold and iron to blare of voice harsh.Two people for the detonation ten palm, before their backward inverted out, standing in the void, though only for a moment of the time, but two people have played not thousands of times.In melee, dangerous, even if the fly and Yuan Hong is not the opposite of life and death, a life for a life, but one not careful, will be hit the flesh air max uk."You are very strong!"Yuan Hong didn't say much, but very direct."You are strong!"The ancient flying looked at Yuan Hong, a look of calm, heart can not help but secretly admire, to his King Wu of tough, are not entirely under this head God apes, apes and golden spirit a metamorphosis."Come again!"Two people do not enjoy, and then rushed together, it is almost like two statues of God in the battle, the brute force monstrous, rocked the world.There is no strong God, no terrorist technique to kill, but it is far better than the average battle to be dangerous, a sword flicks, directly from vanity, a rod drop, void collapse.Two people have strong body, have endless power, two sides and walked, the place visited, the mountains crumble, River fracture, crushing everything.Nothing can make them stop.Yuan Hong flew more than the ancient heart, strong body golden spirit ape family proud, even in this human fights, does not take any advantage.You know, gold spirit animal flesh ape family, powerful, most from the talent, gold's hardened flesh, in the spirit of the great ape gold, flesh, than to Saint soldiers to.To be sonorous.Gold God stick and nine day star sword once severely impact together, Yuan Hong wrist suddenly was shattered, golden God oozing out."Hum!"Gold God rod vibration in Yuan Hong's hand, almost dropped from his hand.While the ancient flying sword hand feel a tingling, the hands of the nine stars in the sky sword almost be shaken to fly out, wrist a numb."Good God apes, King Wu body good!"Night to see this scene, secretly surprised, even in their ancient fly and Yuan Hong of this age, I'm afraid also Buguoruci, especially ancient flying, show potential, enough with the young Wu Zu par Air Max Skyline UK."Boom!"
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