the shame and with tears

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 11:02
This sudden change, Huanglong momentary Zheng however, feel the bosom beauty Xiuwen, Huanglong throat wiggle a bit Canada Goose Livigno Parka, hands raised, to be Weitiya away, but the hand halfway stopped again, finally to patted Weitiya back.Bosom beauty mood, Huanglong understanding.When such upheaval, but Weitiya never met.Although they are, to take it away, leave days Yongsan, but now Weitiya heart only anxious, sad and be at a loss what to do.After all, the left, it would be difficult to face Oport Vitiya after the father.As for Keller, not to mention.So, Huanglong allow Weitiya vent their sadness, let it all depressed heart and not happy with tears away.After a while, Weitiya tears Huanglong chest skirt soaked a piece, but Weitiya still did not live check momentum, after a long time, the dimension of Huanglong arms and only gradually stopped crying, but still intermittent sobbing, want to feel shy, low head from the Huanglong."Everything will be the past!"Huang Long looked at Weitiya, soft eyes, then stroking Weitiya behind the long hair, Huang Long touch, feel Weitiya Jiao Qu an earthquake.Huanglong opening, seems to let the Viti Levu push remembered everything a misfortune, eyes in tears overflow, and flow out, Huanglong sees, only silence.After a while, dimension and stopped."The big brother, thank you!"Weitiya stopped, hesitated, and then said, the voice is weak, delicate and touching."Why do you thank me what, you don't hate me!"Huanglong half jokingly.After all, this time, Huanglong appear, let Weitiya and her father Oport, it would be difficult to restore, if ever two people break, Weitiya which will not hate yourself?!"No, no, the eldest brother, how could I?!"Listen to the Huanglong words, Weitiya panic but raised his head, quickly opening argues, to will be in your heart really think not Canada Goose Women Thompson Jackets, nor may hate her dragon brother to say, but the worry, to meet Huanglong smiling eyes, face immediately red."Yellow eldest brother, you Women's Air Max Classic 91 Discount!"Weitiya looked down, bite a small mouth, the shame and with tears of appearance, is very charming, compared with the God King and the seductive, otherwise a lucid and attractive.Feel the dragon eyes, Weitiya face more red, shook her small daughter, shape.Huanglong noticed Weitiya manner, it Huixing.In Huanglong look around, the sound of a pure cough sounds, saw the voice behind, space wave, fire Yang body emerged.Before two people to days Yongsan, had agreed to leave away people's direction, so the Huanglong and Viti push down mountains have no how long, Yang had to fire.Fire Yang appear, let Weitiya feel worry peeper, shame state more."Fire Yang brother, are you, how long have you been to?", Huanglong asked, but this question has no nutritional.Fire Yang eyes smile, if refers to the way: "I?I have come for a while, I'm sorry. "In order not to disturb you, so I just come out now!"Fire Yang the god-king strong, plus the Huanglong previously will focus on the Weitiya body, so the fire Yang came, and found No.Huang Long smell speech, some feel shy and coughed.Weitiya very shy, I do not know what to do, to for a while?The other is to isn't that she had to hold dragon brother?!The thought of all that fall into each other's eyes, and feel the fire Yang on eyes, Weitiya face hot."Well, since the fire Yang brother also arrived, that we leave here first, here is the Denon Hill sphere of influence!"Huang Long can only transfer the topic.Fire Yang smell speech, also didn't Huanglong and Weitiya two issue to do more entangled, nodded: "yes, we are out of here first!"Huang Long and Yang opening fire, Weitiya natural said nothing, just turn around and Huang Long two people flying away, Weitiya affectionately watched Denon mountain direction one eye, eye Youran, heart a sigh."You, do you want?"Huanglong noticed Weitiya look, and then on the Weitiya mouth road.Weitiya understand Huanglong, shook his head, said: "no, the eldest brother!"Then, in the Huanglong, with silver fox hill behind to fly away, the tears fall.Huanglong heart a sigh, said no more.Fire Yang sees, also how to choose silence.
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