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May 23 [Thu], 2013, 17:18
> December 12 on both sides are busy and stressful day. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm across the Pacific, the U.S. government held overnight Supreme National Security Council, armed forces chief of staff meetings contact. In ** top management has not been idle, the missile hit out later, then led Han Qin Qin Fenghua helicopter to return the capital, the military held an emergency meeting. Generals mind is clear, according to the schedule, the first step, the second step has been successfully taken to go! Americans are not expected will follow the path of Han Qin the cards, just one night can know seen. United States is war and, generals must Liangshou plan, deploy forces, develop operational plans, busy pleasure it. Returned to the capital after Korea was placed in the CMC General Office tangled hostel to rest. Office Director Li Han Qinan specifically to row two lieutenant bodyguards, to ensure the safety of the Qin Han, said that according to Major General level walking. Han Qin a grin, who else can be a threat to his safety! This two tall valiant lieutenant, mainly for him to monitor it! Han Qin himself clearly, he's proposal, in the absence of measures to deal with the Americans learned before, imagine the pressure the military to take the necessary precautions, you can understand. In order not to give the military a headache, Han Qin into the hostel after the break began behind closed doors. The next morning, Qin Fenghua to the hostel to visit Han Qin. Night, far from the old general had bloodshot eyes. All three armed soldiers entered the alert status, he this supreme commander, both nervous and excited! Decades have not commanded a combat! When the southern self-defense war, when Qin Fenghua just the main group head, it is now in that little mold war, Qin Fenghua began to emerge, showing extraordinary military talent. Three decades of years, Qin Fenghua officer from a grassroots level, the Republic three million troops embarked on a real high command positions! Murder but the first point, as a professional soldier, Qin Fenghua not afraid of war, and even bones desire war. Three years later, Qin Fenghua from the prime lad, became gray and old, he witnessed the development process of the Republic's army. Compared with the southern defense War, the Chinese army Whether guiding strategy or weapons, have been quite different, with qualitative improvement. But the old general is also very clear, in ** team still has a huge flaw! Decades of peace day, grassroots officers and soldiers have not seen the real war, did not experience the baptism of blood and fire, so that the army, once the war imposed on others on your head, is not with defending the homeland ability? World First Army's name, not just lip service. Rescue hero, military exercises pacesetter, without battlefields of temper, only flashy. And our opponents, at the same time as the world's policeman, centuries from the interruption of war, the world prestige of their training grounds, not only tested on the battlefield weapons, but also exercise the officers and soldiers of combat capability. Do not say that military research institutions, even commanders at all levels, there is no battlefield testing, any strategy and tactics can only be on top of Tan soldiers! War is not terrible, the most difficult is to wait and wait for the opponent's reaction! Whole night, Qin Fenghua CMC operational command without leaving room, always concerned about the development of the situation changes, listen to American intelligence agencies about the latest trends. Any time to adjust the layout of our military to deal with the U.S. military without declaring war, massive surprise attack. Five days ago, the General Armament Department of the Korean super long beam step plan submitted to the CMC after the Qin, Qin Fenghua eyes suddenly a shell, many days furrowed brow finally unfold! U.S. aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea to drill open, although there are high seas, where the Chinese people's minds is their inland sea! Although the Americans repeatedly claimed that the exercise is not directed against any country, but sinister is obvious! This is obviously a blow to China. As three million Chinese army's supreme commander, facing Americans at home get the gun dance bars, claws, face enraged people, only to come forward foreign ministries verbal protest, over and over again negotiations, while the military side has had to remain silent! His family property himself clearly, there is no conveniently guy, what means and Yankees contest! Really Houshengkewei ah! This solution seems absurd, but bears superhuman courage and extraordinary political wisdom is to deal with the international rogue killer copper! Presided over the work of the Central Military Commission since the Qin Fenghua U.S. troops are also very thorough research, as long as our missiles can really reach this level, the Americans only eat Yaba Kui, your nose to swallow this tone! Since then, they think of calculating China, but also weigh stick our hands. Get live results after Qin Fenghua night the report submitted to the highest decision-making leadership. Such a major thing, Qin Fenghua naturally not be said that a small youth put forward, but very solemnly embrace the responsibility to himself! Qin Fenghua to the central set a military order, and if something goes wrong, he will commit suicide in order to thank the people, and use the head to block the mouth of the Americans! Qin and Han Qin Fenghua courtesy a few thoughtfully said: "Xiao Han, I just received the latest report, according to my intelligence satellite reconnaissance, the U.S." The New York number. Aircraft carrier battle group this morning began to return. According to their analysis of course, is likely to return to Hawaii naval base. From this indications, Americans probably do not really have guts of force. ,. "New York" aircraft carrier was hit by a missile, the warhead to tens of meters long aircraft carrier to poke a big hole, attached to pierce two ship positions, was stuck in there! Missiles in the place, it is the center of the carrier air deck, where ten meters pestle with a large pillars, carrier-based aircraft could not take off and land. Even Americans have war with China, "the New York number" no war capability, you must return service! After returning from the Second Artillery Corps base, Han Qin has been no closure assist system, so beautiful secretary always monitor the movement of high-level U.S. government. In OLMA President issued an order at the same time, beautiful secretary also put the information fed back. "The New York number. Carrier return message, Han Qin an hour ago had been informed. Han Qin indifferent smiles:" General, I have been analyzed in detail in the report, as long as we are able to accurately hit a missile in their Pentagon Crafts aerodromes, is equivalent to the bayonet inserted in the heart of the Americans, they would have terrorized the courage, go to war with China is absolutely no guts! Bully and robbers, the most realistic option! ,. Americans responded soon find out, Han Qin Qin Fenghua want to eat a reassurance, let him relax. From the Qin Fenghua look can see, these days time, the old general's nerves must have been stretched to the limit. Qin Fenghua see Han Qin, eloquently said: "Xiao Han, I Qin Fenghua not militants, but I'm hoping with this face to face old rivals nudged! Right people are concerned, the war is a disaster, But the world situation is not our good people the final say! According to my analysis to determine the long term, the war is inevitable, sooner or later, and the size of the problem! gold world astronomical military spending, not at home there too home play! arms traffickers and vested cover group,Air Jordan Outlet, will not let you go on so narrowly! our troops for decades without war, the enemy is a battle veterans! pounding on the battlefield, look at our troops, allow soldiers to see blood and fire, not a bad thing! "Han Qin did not take the old general's crop, this issue has risen to the height of politicians to consider, is a very difficult to grasp the problem. Han Qin to the military department to provide super shield around, modified ICBMs, let them steal the show, mainly to the Great Wall company's development. Although promising broad civilian technology, but not able to bear fruit overnight. The development of military prestige large customers, with quick access to the Great Wall company large number of orders, leapt to a new level. To be honest, from a personal point of Han Qin, resentment for the Americans, not as small, fry so strong! For those streets, oppress the people of small fry, as long as the offense in the hands of Han Qin, definitely not soft, extermination, murder and then quickly! These punks that mutation of cancer cells, even go to prison, but also no reformed possible, only let them go gold, become vicious old bully. The intercontinental missile hit the Pentagon's leather apron, Han Qin is the arrogance of the Americans could not understand, let them experience what Chinese people means that we are not so good bully! Han Qin pinch Yankees seven inches long, the amount of courage they did not go to war! Of course, Han Qin also left FLAC, if Americans really Bushitaiju, try to turn the war imposed on Chinese people's head, so that they Chi Diankui, long point memory, good for everyone! Now, with the help of auxiliary lines around Han Qin can sloppily, gold is not finished look in the eyes of the world police! Subconscious, Han Qin and Qin Fenghua idea almost looking forward to this war even started one! In the afternoon, the U.S. ambassador to Qiaosi Dan asked to see Chinese State Councilor Wei Dexing, to convey the meaning of the United States Government. The development of things, according to Han Qin finished gold anticipate ways to scare, step by step down. Received a note to the U.S. government, senior promptly notify the military. Qin Fenghua top leaders personally call to recognize the military thinking bold, solid intelligence, technological advances, to the party and the country fight the light, I hope the military will make unremitting efforts my defense technology to a new level, to defend the country make new contributions. From the top leadership's tone, Qin Fenghua obviously you can hear it, high-rise very satisfied! These days, the U.S. aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea, to get the top as Jiao in the throat! If you do not make a strong counter-measures, so the Yankees Shunshundangdang come in, the reality of anger in public sentiment, the image of the party and the leader of a serious prestige. In the international community, if the Chinese government's aggressive face the Yankees and helpless, but also make international allies disappointed. Tomorrow is the U.S. and South Korea begin Multimodal speech time, the world's eyes will be focused on over the Yellow Sea, the focus of attention is naturally "New York number" aircraft carrier. In full view, the U.S. government decided to "The New York number. Midway return, no longer participate in the exercise, always give the world's media and air." New York "aircraft carrier flight deck by Chinese missile hit, two-ship positions piercing , carrier-based aircraft can take off and land, had to return to base for repair. If such news leaked out, the U.S. government's face what the Americans are not fools, nature will not tell the truth. As for what kind of excuse for U.S. officials to say, there is no need to consider through the brain, mouth can find an excuse no matter how high-sounding excuse for the Americans, the Chinese government after the test-firing intercontinental strategic weapons, the Americans immediately declared that "New York" aircraft carrier launch military exercises, which has given us set aside enough room for imagination! China, "the Dongfeng 35." scare the U.S. aircraft carrier, which is the most likely to think the topic. evening, Qin Fenghua celebration will be held at the Jingxi Hotel. Chinese intercontinental missile hit the Pentagon thing, stakes, top secret in the absence of implementation before, only more decision-making Politburo did not know the specific programs, even the military, and only members are eligible to participate in the planning CMC This program has yielded satisfactory Wei Gong, in the future and a fairly long period of time, or certainly two sides of the top-secret information. insider few people who attended the celebration of the few naturally addition Qin Fenghua outside the total length of the four PLA Second Artillery Commander gigs at the CMC General Office, Han Qin has already met with four total length, but also with the Second Artillery commander in the "moon" base daily life day and night. Everyone Granville acquaintances, after meeting each other and shake hands to celebrate! Han Qin As a protagonist, owned by generals clump in the middle, even the well-trained staff who can not help but beautiful eyebrows, guess what this guy is identity, allowing these military chiefs so love! let Han Qin surprised that, Bai Jingming actually also attended the celebration. Bai Jingming Although the military intelligence department around is a midfielder, is the nature of dark horse dark horse figure, but a small, small capitals Secretary, in front of these military chiefs, on some insignificant! according to Bai Jingming level, he was not qualified to know this thing. Bai Jingming able to attend the celebration, certainly another reason. Jing Ming Han Qin passionately hold hands, laughed: "Xiao Han, dry Yes, really proud ah! Congratulations! "Three days ago, Bai Jingming just had dinner together and Han Qin, Han Qin also consulted him over the military exercises the United States Han Huanghai views. Bai Jingming expert's identity was given to the Qin and Han Zhou Tianyang a detailed introduction. did not think this guy actually involved in such a huge thing, even he that spy chief was informed in advance are not eligible now to see Han Qin, Bai Jingming even feel a little embarrassed. Han Qin Bai Jingming side and chatted, Bai Jingming glanced starched uniform of a general, golden epaulettes above, one more golden little star. Han Qin said: "White Board, a promotion! Warm congratulations. "Bai Jingming Han Qin pat on the shoulder, said modestly: accounting, Xiao Han, as long as you are willing to enter the military department around, you can now hang the star. Ability with your kid, will soon overtake me!. After Qin Fenghua an introduction, Han Qin finally understand, Bai Jingming promoted to lieutenant general in addition to, but also promoted the General Staff two ministers in charge of the Golden Army intelligence. Bai Jingming as Lieutenant budding, although a lower position, in charge of military intelligence task due plus is found Han Qin horses, point to participate in the celebration by Qin Fenghua. Han Qin glanced sitting next to the generals, the military chiefs among these, four presidents and the Second Artillery commander, though they are Admiral Admiral Twinkle brochures, they are not high positions in the party, is the largest Central Committee alternate, only Qin Fenghua member of the Politburo, presided over the daily work of the Central Military Commission. according to Han Qin considerations, the state has made such a major diplomatic achievements, there should be a higher level of leadership appear right until the celebration begins, Han Qin did not see a higher level of leadership appears. slightest contemplation, Han Qin also understand 7788, is definitely wearing military leave his intellectual property. military while the adoption of his proposal, and reported to the Politburo, but did not mention the name of the Qin Han Han Qin assembly up as technical experts to complete their work this, although some are not satisfied, Han Qin himself clear that in such a major issue, the military will not put a reserve lieutenant colonel pushed directly to the senior officer in front to go, which makes military chiefs feel then! Han Qin generals look Rongguang Huan hair, so large a credit, can not let the military an advantage in vain, in the transfer of technology, be sure to kill them mercilessly knife. spirit of cool people every happy event, relieve the pressure, Qin Fenghua spirits high, again and again, and Han Qin clink. Army generals are good drink knight, under the leadership of the Qin Fenghua, we are trying to Han Qinjing wine Maotai provided Jingxi Hotel, although there is no sign of the white bottle, absolutely authentic licensed, and market Sales of so-called genuine Maotai is not in a grade. Food and Wine, Han Qin had a good drinker, the generals, led by Han Qin generosity, but also with a bit tipsy. Han Qin Qin Fenghua sitting next to half a catty Maotai sinks, ruddy old general, a few days to sweep away the fatigue. Thai elegance excitedly said: "Xiao Han, with your super shield system developed around this, we mean that the missile can hit it, and the world invincible! That what,,, Xiao Han, the carrier side, you are not able to play it? "Listen Qin Fenghua say this, Han Qin knowing smile, the carrier became a military knot! Around it for auxiliary lines, building a world-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier ahead is simply a piece of cake. Simply, Han Dayuan secretary has now been enough to show his face,Poppy Collection Coach, this plan although very attractive, certainly earn a lot of money, but again blanket to the military build aircraft carriers, Korea became a big secretary super semi-divine animals! Han Qin See generals in his salute, hoping to hear an uplifting message. Han Qinqian virtual laughed: "Qin President, as you know, the carrier involved in many scientific fields,Oakley Scalpel, my specialty is in electronics For machinery, engines I know nothing about. However, as long as the country has this need, the Great Wall company in electronic communications, radar warning provide the most advanced technology, the level of what, at least more than the United States, people's missiles will never be inserted in the deck. "<
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